Telephone Harvest Palm - elegant satellite tablet

Friday, August 13, 2010

Palm Company has patented his latest design - a miniature cell phone, which is housed in the casing of portable computer (eg, tablet). This elegant solution is as follows: a compact slim phone, which only allows voice communication, is inserted into the body of the tablet. The project - an alternative to modern smartphones and communicators, which are becoming more functional, but at the same time, and cumbersome.

In addition, now more and more distributed tablets. And the company Palm, apparently decided that a tablet with a large touch screen can be handy for viewing videos, internet surfing and so on. And to simply call the phone quite unpretentious small size. And the bad thing, if these two devices can be combined as one and divided. It is hoped that the Palm in one form or another realizes this development. Incidentally, it is a tablet (or has already purchased the it HP?), Rumored to be preparing.