Toshiba Hard Disk Drives are capable of samozachistku

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Japan, Toshiba officially introduced one of its latest developments in the field of secure information storage. New technology called Wipe and allows users to branded hard drives from Toshiba feature samoshifrovaniya Data (SED) to feel an even greater security and peace of mind for the security recorded on the HDD of important information (including personal data).
With the help of technology Wipe hard drives with the function samoshifrovaniya able to safely erase data stored on them in case of system shutdown or remove HDD from the computer. The new Toshiba solution may also be useful for the destruction of user information before returning the leased computer, or in the case of decommissioning or conversion system.

This prevents the possibility of entering personal information into the wrong hands. Wipe technology will also be useful in case of lost or stolen laptop, which is very often the case during travel. It can automatically invalidate the security key hard drive, making the stored data indecipherable. We add that the first HDD-enabled Wipe Steel announced in July, 2.5-inch model, the Toshiba 7200 rpm.