Zalman ZM-SF3 - cabinet fan with "Shark fins

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The range of computer cooling systems company Zalman, is a recognized expert in the field, added another interesting development. New feature called ZM-SF3, and a cabinet fan diameter of 120 mm, whose blades are made in the form of shark fins.

This solution allows to increase the air flow pumped and simultaneously reduce turbulence, thereby reducing noise and vibration. In addition, there is a special bearing ELQ (Ever Lasting Quiet) with an estimated time of service at 150 000 hours, and silicone pads to help reduce vibration to a minimum.

Speed Zalman ZM-SF3 varies from 900 to 1500 revolutions per minute, and the level of the outgoing noise in this case is from 18 to 23 acoustic decibels. Complete with a new chassis fan supplied silicone fixing pins on the cost and date of appearance in the sale of this decision has not yet reported.