5-megapixel lens with IR correction marks and ARA for Fujinon CCTV Day / Night

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Armo-Systems will present a 5-megapixel lenses HF35SR4A-(SA) 1 and HF50SR4A-(SA) 1 Mark Fujinon. In a new line of 5-megapixel Fujinon optics include lenses with fixed focal length of 35 mm and 50 mm, and each model is a modification to the manual (HF35SR4A-1 and HF50SR4A-1) or automatic (HF35SR4A-SA1 and HF50SR4A-SA1) iris lens administered by the signal DC (Direct Drive) through the standard 4-pin connector. The choice of a model depends on the site of the cameras and the lighting conditions at the facility. Thus, lenses with manual iris lenses are recommended for installation on the camera, working in areas with minor modifications, lighting, and models with DC control - to work with variable illumination, including in outdoor conditions.

New items are designed to work with cameras having a resolution of up to 5 megapixels and a matrix format 1 / 2, 1 / 3 and 2 / 3 inches. The horizontal viewing angle of each lens series can reach 15 ° 36 'with the aspect ratio of 16:9. To ensure high-definition video over the entire field of view, these lenses are used Fujinon glass optical system with lenses of fine grinding and high precision assembly. Therefore, all modifications HF35SR4A/HF50SR4A let you create video of decent quality, not only for visual control of the situation at the facility, but also for use in intelligent processing of images.

Just set the parameters of each 5-megapixel model with a fixed focal length can be increased by adjusting the rings when the lens with the camera installed at the facility surveillance. To improve the quality of video HF35SR4A-1/HF50SR4A-1 and optics with ARD HF35SR4A-SA1/HF50SR4A-SA1 allow necessary to apply optional filters. For this purpose lenses equipped with standard thread M35/M40 for screwing the filter. For example, in outdoor conditions video to compensate for the excess brightness of the sky, with the active sun is advisable to use a gradient filter, which allows not only to balance the illumination of the scene, but also to prevent flare matrix cameras.

To ensure correct operation of the lens series of HF35 (1950) SR4A with cameras such as "day / night" allows infrared (IR) correction filter, which is a special multi-layer coating applied on the lens. Unlike conventional optics without IR correction, which is unable to compensate for the different wavelengths of the day and night lighting and leads to a shift in focus when switching camera modes between "day" and "night", the new lenses correct this deficiency, preventing defocusing the image. This is especially important for video surveillance, high-resolution, where a slight shift of focus would lead to loss of informative videos, and the impossibility of its use for identification of state. numbers of machines and other important tasks.

Robust new products reduces their sensitivity to vibration, shock and temperature fluctuations from -10 to 50 ° C, and C-metal thread securely attaches the lens to the cameras from manufacturers such as Arecont Vision, AXIS, Pelco, Sanyo and others . In this new lens will work effectively in a video security, recognition, license plate vehicles, including, in poor visibility and high flow rates, in systems Learning cargo, surveillance complex technological processes, as well as in machine vision systems.

New 5-megapixel long lens with IR correction HF35SR4A-(SA) 1 and HF50SR4A-(SA) a company Fujinon already arrived at the warehouse company ARMO-Systems, and their retail price is 733 and 833 dollars respectively.