Canon PowerShot SX30 IS - 35-fold optical zoom in a compact

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Canon has expanded the range of compact cameras with ultra zoom model PowerShot SX30 IS. This high-performance camera with wide-angle 24 mm lens and 35-fold optical zoom. The new model replaces the PowerShot SX20 IS.

Matrix 14.1 megapixels lets you print posters A2 size. The range of lens focal length with 35-fold optical zoom ranges from 24 mm to 840 mm (equivalent to the range of 35-mm film). Canon has equipped model effective optical image stabilizer (IS) to ensure the stabilization of the 4,5 level. The movable lens group to effectively fights blurring when shooting with high magnification and when using fast shutter speed possible. Camera PowerShot SX30 IS is also equipped with ultrasonic motor (USM) and a motor with a coil actuator (VCM) for fast, accurate and silent, zooming and focusing, which, like optical image stabilization, can be used for the photography and video recording.

The new aid for cropping with zoom (Zoom Framing Assist) helps keep the frame removed or moving objects when shooting with high magnification. After clicking the special button shortcuts Zoom Framing Assist quickly brings the lens into one of three preset positions, the user can better address the scene on the screen and find the desired subject, and notes the original rectangle area approximation. Once again, the user finds the desired subject and puts it in a rectangular frame, the button can be released - and the lens returns to a given position zoom, allowing you to retain the original framing of the picture.

PowerShot SX30 IS allows you to shoot high-definition video at 720p and stereo sound with full optical zoom, while switch between photo and video by simply pressing a button. Focus and exposure can be fixed or adjusted during the video recording, and a special mode Dynamic IS helps to reduce camera shake when shooting moving to a more realistic and sustainable image. The results of the survey can be viewed in high quality by connecting the camera via a mini-HDMI connector to HDTV-screen.

LCD TVs 6,8 cm (2.7 inches) with a variable angle PureColor II with a resolution of 230,000 pixels allows for flexibility when shooting different types of scenes. In the model PowerShot SX30 IS a slot "hot shoe" for connecting accessories, such as outbreaks of EX Speedlite. The camera supports SDHC memory cards and SDXC.