Functional GPS navigator Treelogic TL-7001BGF AV with 7-inch screen

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Treelogic company introduced a new GPS navigator Treelogic TL-7001BGF AV. The main feature of the car navigator Treelogic TL-7001BGF AV is a bright 7-inch TFT display high-definition resolution of 800x480 pixels and an anti-reflective coating. Built-in Bluetooth-module with support for DUN protocol allows not only to use the device as a phone headset hands-free, and receive information about traffic jams, and browse the web.

With AV input on your model supports wired and wireless rearview camera. In addition, the novelty is equipped with FM transmitter, which allows you to play audio recordings, films and audio tracks voice prompts to navigate through the unit over the air

Mediatek Processor 3351 with a frequency of 468 MHz, 64 MB RAM, as well as high-sensitivity 66-channel GPS-receiver provides a good navigator performance. Positioning accuracy under optimal conditions of signal reception from satellites is less than 3 meters, but even under adverse conditions, it does not exceed 10 meters. GPS-navigator Treelogic TL-7001BGF AV is now available for sale.