HKC 9001D - a universal housing for a compact but powerful system

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Enter Russian Market computer casing HKC 9001D. The new camera will appeal to those who are not willing to sacrifice power for the sake of miniaturization, computer components, but still wants to build a compact system. Simple but nice design with black glossy surfaces and red accents like lovers classics - the same design will look good both in the office and at home.

The front of the HKC 9001D has compartments for two external devices 5,25, a 3,5 "(plus three internal bays for 3.5" hard drive). This also removed the additional connectors USB 2.0, audio ports for headphones or a microphone and large round power button. The body provides seating for the installation of fans. For extra cooling on the back of HKC 9001D located just two brackets for 80 mm fans, and the front panel, there is one universal place for 80/90/120 mm fan. Additional supply of cold air through the duct 80 mm in the lateral wall of the body.

Features HKC 9001D - seamed edges for safe assembly easily removed for slots on the periphery of the back wall, the ability to install the lock from the rear side to ensure the safety of components.