iPod touch has the function shakes with video call

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not so long ago, Apple announced a new model of media player iPod touch. One of its major innovations have front camera and the camera on the back side with a video recording 720p. The user can communicate with their friends on video chat FaceTime via wireless Wi-Fi. And now it became known that the iPod touch now has a vibrating alert. Vibration will be accompanied by an incoming call by FaceTime - this is mentioned on this site Apple.

At first, when the page was found, the discoverers suggested that the text - just insert to the page with a description of opportunities communicator iPhone. However, usually such errors are corrected, if information about them at odds on the world network, but the page iPod touch has remained unchanged. Curious fans of Apple decided to find out exactly whether or not the new iPod touch and vibration motor is carefully studied the documentation on the website of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The photo of the new components of the iPod touch has been found that very vibro motors.

We recall, among other innovations, the media player - Display Retina c-resolution 960x640 pixels, the processor Apple A4 and a very small thickness - a little more than 7 mm. His deliveries have already begun.