iriver Cover Story - Reader with touch screen and lid

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Company iriver has announced the Russian market the device for reading electronic books iriver Cover Story. 6-inch touch screen display allows you to work as a stylus, and without it - typing on a virtual QWERTY keyboard is convenient finger, and draw and make handwritten notes more comfortable using the stylus. The screen is protected from damage and dirt cover. The device is equipped with G-sensor that automatically rotates the screen image up to 360 degrees (this feature can be disabled).

Browse pages can be a button on the sidebar, and a finger over the surface of the screen. This device will even play audio over the leaves. While reading the user with a single touch to the screen "cause" headers, which will display the page number, total number of pages, the author and book title, and battery charge status and the most popular menu options.

iriver Cover Story supports popular text formats - TXT, FB2, PDF, DJVU, EPUB, as well as files Microsoft Office (DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX) and several image formats (JPEG, GIF, BMP).

The only key is located on the body, can return to the menu, go to the main page or browse pages in read mode. Users can choose from two options for reporting home page. "Bookshelf" contains 3 last open book and a list of the main folders, which are graded work.

In addition, the reader is predetermined one of the classic English Dictionary Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Music player, which is equipped with a device that allows you to listen to music, switch tracks and adjust volume levels, not closing the book. Another has a voice recorder that can record up to 5 hours of audio in MP3.

Specifications of iriver Cover Story:

    * Display - 6-inch e-ink, 600 x 800 pixels, 8 levels of gray
    * Memory - 2 GB, slot SD / SDHC up to 32 GB
    * Email Formats. Books - TXT, FB2, EPUB, PDF, DJVU
    * Format of MS Office - DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX
    * Formats Comic - JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF
    * Audio formats - MP3, OGG, WMA
    * Dictionary - Oxford Learner's Advanced
    * Recorder - recording format MP3, 3 variants of the recording quality
    * Connecting to a PC - USB 2.0
    * Battery - Lithium-Polymer 1800 mAh
    * Dimensions - 126x162, 8x9, 5 mm
    * Weight - 230 grams