Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 and Laptop Speaker Z305 - advanced acoustics for Notebooks

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Logitech has announced the speakers Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 and Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305. Wireless speakers Wireless Speaker Z515 will provide great sound for a laptop, netbook, iPad or iPhone. Model Laptop Speaker Z305 has a compact design and allows you to get the omni-directional sound when using a laptop.

Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 frees users from annoying wires and allows the speakers at a distance of 15 meters from the laptop, Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 uses wireless technology to transfer sound at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Installing the device is simple - just insert the USB wireless adapter portnoutbuka included in the package. To connect the iPad or iPhone is not required and USB adapter. It is necessary to put the device in a mode of detection, and Logitech Z515 speakers connect to the gadget through a wireless connection. As the producer, two built-in 2-inch speaker provide full stereo sound and good bass. New convenient to take with you on the road with built-in battery that provides the device without charge to 10 hours.

Lightweight and compact speakers Logitech Laptop Speaker Z305 with USB provide omni-directional sound audio files on the laptop. Model securely fixed on the top of the screen, so that it does not interfere with the user. Plus - the column is very light - about 226 grams. For added convenience, USB-cable neatly hidden behind the speakers, so that they look a complete and accurate.