Mouse Microsoft Metro - BlueTrack Technology for $ 20

Saturday, September 18, 2010

World Wide Web has information on the new computer mouse, supposedly now being developed by Microsoft. Novelty called Metro for the first time "lit up" in the Russian share, but later information about it has been removed from the portal. However, prompt users had crap screenshots.

Based on available data, Microsoft Metro has a design suitable to work with it both right and left hand. It is unclear how many color options, this will have a computer mouse, but presented in a picture version, obviously, must come to taste the beautiful half of humanity.

However, the main feature of Microsoft Metro is the presence of technology BlueTrack, which allows the mouse to work successfully on almost any surface, whether it be polished table or room carpet. It must be noted that the cost of Metro, according to data presented is only $ 20, making it the most affordable Microsoft mouse with the support of BlueTrack, but in the sale of this interesting product becomes available in March.