New Sony Reader Pocket Edition, Touch Edition and Daily Edition - thin, lightweight and with touchscreen

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sony has introduced three new electronic books - Sony Reader PRS-350 (Reader Pocket Edition), PRS-650 (Reader Touch Edition) and the PRS-950 (Reader Daily Edition). The first models, the most simple and inexpensive ($ 179), equipped with a 5-inch touch screen-based electronic paper. She does not have wireless capabilities, but has 2 GB of internal memory and card slot for SD. Sony Reader PRS-350 will be available in silver or pink colors.
BookArmor (tm) Delta 5 Edition Travel Case for Sony PRS-350 or PRS-300 Pocket Edition eBook Reader
The second device - Sony Reader PRS-650 - is already $ 229. This is the average reader with a 6-inch touchscreen. He has the same 2 GB of internal memory, plus slots for SD cards and MemoryStick Pro. The device also can play audio files MP3 and AAC. Available colors of this model - black and red. And finally, Sony Reader PRS-950 - eBook elder with 7-inch touch screen, wireless adapters Wi-Fi and 3G (in the U.S. - AT & T). 2 GB of internal memory and slots for the cards - also available.

Model Sony Reader PRS-950 will cost $ 299 and will be released only in November, in contrast to already released the younger readers. Sony also noted that the new items - lighter and thinner than his predecessors and enclosed in aluminum housing. In addition, they received high-contrast displays E Ink Pearl, which realize a clear image thanks to an improved sensor technology is Sony, which is not "blurred" picture under the touchpad.