Nikon is preparing a mysterious surprise

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In anticipation of the exhibition Photokina 2010, opening next week in Cologne, Germany, the company Nikon, may be preparing a surprise fans of photography. Profiling resource Nikon Rumors, writing about everything that is relevant to the well-known Japanese manufacturer of photo equipment, issued a pair of images acquired from some anonymous source.

One of the photos, apparently taken at some event, visible to the stylized English letter "Q" on a dark background and below the logo, Nikon, and the second reviewed the outlines of a certain camera and in the foreground - all the same stylized letter "Q". No explanation, that all this might mean is not given, which opens a wide field for all sorts of assumptions.

It is known that in 50 years of the last century, Nikon released the objectives of series Q, however, to put it mildly, it is doubtful that these pictures were taken 60 years ago, and now this "hello from the past" to reach us. Much more likely to look like the version that the Japanese manufacturer is preparing a new lens mount system, possibly intended for a mysterious camera format EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder with Interchangable Lens), rumored to be developed in the laboratories of Nikon. Indeed, such a standard (mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens) is now gaining popularity and more manufacturers enter this segment with its products.