The official screenshots of MeeGo OS for smartphones - a hybrid of Android and webOS

Saturday, September 4, 2010

There are new screenshots of the operating system MeeGo for smartphones, they are taken from the blog MeeGo and demonstrate the interface of the software platform, which is currently under development. Apparently, this is screenshots from the pre-assembly MeeGo. The interface resembles a sort of hybrid of Android and webOS. Interestingly, some screenshots of the interface is made in different styles, even the icons look different. It is likely that this indicates the possibility to change the theme at any time.

In addition, MeeGo implemented multitasking - this function clearly appears as a "carousel. Windows applications are superimposed on each other and the parameters of how it looks like you can customize: the size of windows, overlays, zoom and speed "carousel". But there is another way to display multiple running applications for the use of multitasking features, such as Maemo 5 in the form of a simple "grid". That is, the smaller versions of the programs are arranged in rows.

Lock screen can be read: "drag the" key lock in the bottom space beneath the clock. To unlock it you must return to the place. In addition, there MeeGo launcher to launch applications, whose appearance can also be changed. Finally, the interface of the new OS has the following features: such as Maemo 5, when the focus is any part of the screen, the remaining space is becoming blurred.