Portrait of a crystal 8-core chip and AMD Orochi plate Llano

Friday, September 3, 2010

At the conference, Global Technology Conference, which held the company GlobalFoundries, vice president of AMD Technology Group, presented an image of a crystal of the future 8-core processor Orochi. The second solution AMD, based on 32 nm process technology, Orochi is based on the architecture Bulldozer (the first model of the family). This powerful chip is made in the case AM3 and features an integrated memory controller, DDR3.

Processor AMD Orochi market-oriented desktops and servers, it is expected to release for sale next year. In addition to the image of a crystal 32 nm processors AMD Orochi on one of the slide presentation, the conference was the photograph of the plate crystals Llano in the hands of the leaders of AMD and GlobalFoundries (snapshot rather vague). Processors Llano for desktop computers will come next year. This line of representatives of Fusion - APU, they have architecture that is different from the existing, where the processor cores and an integrated GPU are located on a single chip.