Samsung F4EG - eco-friendly hard drive to 2 TB for high-performance home PC

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. unveiled a new eco-friendly hard drive for home computers F4EG with a maximum recording density and lower power consumption. Hard disk EcoGreen F4EG 2 TB and 667 GB recording density per platter, unlike the previous model (F3EG) has just three platters, which significantly reduces power consumption. Despite this, he is able to accommodate up to 880 hours of video as a DVD or more than 500 000 songs in MP3.

As the producer, through the use of new technologies F4EG has only three plates, so that its energy consumption 19% lower in the standby mode and 23% lower in the read / write mode than the model F3EG, with four plates. Use of environmentally friendly components without the use of halogen compounds and brominated flame retardants can meet stringent international standards. The new model HDD Samsung F4EG uses proprietary technologies to reduce noise SilentSeek and NoiseGuard.

Samsung F4EG interface is SATA 3 Gb / s, the function of NCQ (Native Command Queuing), buffer 32 MB and comes in two variants: with memory 1,5 and 2 TB.