Samsung PS50C490 - the most accessible 3D model of plasma TV

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Samsung Electronics Company announced the sales on the Russian market of the new 3D plasma TV PS50C490 50-inch. According to the manufacturer, to date PS50C490 - is the most affordable 3D-TV company.

Quality as a two-dimensional and 3D-images in HD format has been achieved through the use of technologies such as Clear Image Panel, 600Hz Subfield Motion and DNLe. DNIe processor in this model supports 3D-signal in Full HD-resolution, while the technology 600 Hz Subfield Motion to avoid problems with displaying movements in dynamic scenes. It provides up to 12 subpoley each frame, making the contours sharper and sharper text.

Clear Image Panel - Samsung technology in the production of plasma panels. It involves the use of a panel design ultrathin film filter instead of glass, traditional for the products of other manufacturers. Clear Image Panel eliminates double reflection and provides excellent picture clarity and color for almost any viewing angle. Technology Clear Image Panel by using the thin filter also helped reduce the overall thickness of the shell.

Another new solution in 3D TV technology has PS50C490 Cinema Smooth tumble Movie Mode. It provides bright and clear picture, approximate to the original format, as in this theater.

Having supplied 3D television 490th series technology BD Wise, Samsung took care of the owners as Blu-Ray player, and about users who have not been able to acquire them. Designed for players that use the HDMI connection, the technology automatically determines the optimal solution for playing video and best tunes the image on the TV screen. A technology ConnectShare Movie (USB 2.0) allows you to view various multimedia content directly from a flash drive, external hard drive, digital camera or any other medium that supports USB connection. Also, TV has three HDMI inputs, which provide simple and convenient connection of various compatible audio and video devices. Standard HDMI provides an opportunity to import any content without compressing the data from digital camcorders and multimedia computers for playback on widescreen TV.

Anynet feature allows you to use one console to manage devices connected to your TV via HDMI.