Stylish radiophone teXet TX-D4800A

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Company Electronic Systems Alkotel reported that the range of DECT phones brand teXet added another novelty. Stylish design model teXet TX-D4800A executed in black gloss. Black glass inverted display in the same plane with the front surface of the tube. Velvety to the touch, rubberized buttons on your form repeat correct geometry of the tube and the base unit. In the center of the keyboard - a round navigation button silver.

A simple logical menus - in Russian. Notebook 50 names also in Russian. In addition, in the arsenal of new items - AON Russian standard, speakerphone, a clock, alarm clock, polyphonic ring tones.

Characteristics of TX-D4800A:

    * Contrast inverse display
    * Menu in Russian
    * Phonebook for 50 names and numbers
    * Calling Line Identification (Caller ID) memory 40 rooms
    * Automatic number identification (ANI): Displays the name of the subscriber, if it is listed in the phone book, on and off caller ID, set number of the calling signals from up to determine the number and choice of characters subscriber number, date and time indication of incoming call
    * Speakerphone (speakerphone)
    * Repeat the last 10 dialed numbers
    * 10 melodies ringing handset, including 5 polyphonic
    * 5 levels of volume and ringing off the tube
    * 5 levels of volume in the tube
    * 5 melodies ringing the base unit
    * 5 levels of volume and ringing off the base unit
    * Time display, timer, alarm clock
    * Key lock, mute, pause, search tube
    * Range up to 50 meters indoors and up to 300 m in open terrain
    * Ability to connect up to five handsets (wireless PBX)