TomTom Via - Navigation midrange with voice control

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The company introduced a series of TomTom satellite navigators TomTom Via. This model, the average level of 4,3 or 5-inch touch screen. They support the voice control function Voice Control. The models TomTom Via 120 and 125 also have the opportunity speakerphone (hands-free) when you connect to the mobile device through a wireless interface, Bluetooth. In addition, the navigator can optionally equipped with a special disc mount on the windshield, which will turn the device 180 degrees.

Navigators TomTom Via software supports TomTom IQ Routes, which allows you to calculate a route with high accuracy on the basis of speed on a particular section of road subject to the restrictions and other factors. TomTom continuously collects the data. Another feature innovations - is the support for TomTom Speed Cameras, information about the location of surveillance cameras, recording the speed, which helps drivers to drive without violations. Navigators TomTom Via will be available in the coming months.