Video Card NVIDIA based on two chips GF106 debut in November

Friday, September 17, 2010

We have already mentioned the rumors of alleged release of the video card NVIDIA GeForce 400 series, which will form the basis of two GPU generations Fermi. Previously available information, that such a graphics card can be built based on a pair of 40 nm chips GF104, (recall that GPU has become the basis for model GeForce GTX 460). Moreover, even mentioned the name of this "graphic monster" - GeForce GTX 490, but so far there is no evidence of preparing such an adapter.

But the resource KitGuru recently reported that NVIDIA is really is working on creating a family of dual-GPU accelerator Fermi, in fact, in the basis of this video should be no longer GF104, a 40 nm chip GF106, has a more moderate performance and, consequently, lower levels of TDP . The source says that on his speed this adapter will be is close to the two graphics cards GeForce GTS 450 running in SLI mode, there will be approximately in the same category with the GeForce GTX 470.

The TDP level of the accelerator based on two chips GF106 should be equal to approximately 200 watts, and its value could reach $ 250. With regard to the timing of issuance of this decision, it is assumed that his debut could take place in November, that is about the same time with the expected announcement of the first models of AMD Radeon HD 6000. Will a decision NVIDIA anything to counter the competition, and will be decided whether the company out of Santa Clara, in principle, to market a similar product, time will tell.