Tianhe-1A-the fastest supercomputer in the world

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tianhe-1ARecent HPC Conference 2010 in China China showed a new supercomputer, which record petaflop performance 2507 dough LINPACK, making it the fastest today computer systems both in China and around the world.

Computer Tianhe-1A uses 77168 graphics processors (GPU) NVIDIA Tesla M2050 and 14336 universal multi-core processors (CPU). Use THE GPU can significantly improve performance by reducing the size and power consumption supercomputer.For example, to achieve full Teraflop performance 2507 without GPU, THE CPU would have to use 50000, doubling the space and power consumption increased in 3 times from 4.04 to 12 megawatts.For comparison: the amount of energy enough to provide electricity to over 5000 homes for a year.

Tianhe-1A, a Chinese National University of Defense technology (National University of Defense Technology) and the national Supercomputer Center is located in the city Tiand?in.

At Mt. Everest's retreating glaciers appeared online

If you accidentally (and likely, especially) are on Mt. Everest's retreating glaciers, know: from now on, you can report it to your friends, acquaintances, relatives and folovery directly from the roof of the world.

Ncell Company, which is a subsidiary of TeliaSonera Sweden, found near the top 3 g-station, and 6 stations are nearby. Thanks to the new high-speed service, you can use social networks directly on top of, and carry out video calls.

The highest station is located at the last base camp at an altitude of 5300 metres. This last point, where the peaks are conquerors until such time as you climb the highest mountain on Earth.Internet on top can be used before, but this would have to lug a heavy satellite equipment.

Night Earth Globe

Everyone who is interested in seeing that the astronauts from space at night when on Earth bonfires, you are able to see it first hand.And these are not images published on the Internet, and on a 3D Globe night Earth Globe City Lights that can buy.

Rotating globe will know what are the biggest cities of our planet at night. The globe has a well-lit location in Eastern Europe and North America, Russia and Africa are much less illuminated.

City Lights light up automatically when the globe is in darkness, and turns off when it gets light. The largest country, city and water surface caused by name. Multicolor political map will distinguish between a State and a major administrative units within them.

Diameter of the globe – 10 inches. It automatically rotates to the mirror database, which is Antarctica and water around the white continent.Batteries for the globe are not needed, it works from the electrical outlet.You can Buy in the store Hammacher Schlemmer ninety dollars.

Flexible 6-inch AMOLED display

?????? amoled ??????? The Taiwan Research Institute ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) has created a flexible 6-inch AMOLED color display technology, also developed by FlexUPD walls of this institution.

New display from ITRI has a thickness of only 0.01 inches and is able to show images, even when minimized to the tube with a radius of 5 cm or less. Developers reported that undergo such a procedure to display at least 15000 times without compromising efficiency.

ITRI argues that technology FlexUPD is the easiest and cheapest way of mass production for today screens similar to the paper.It is expected that the new development from ITRI as soon as it comes to Rails, so very soon we will be able to see it-based solutions from companies that AUO plans to produce flexible ?italok for electronic books.

Tablet Novatech nTablet – costly compromise between Android and Windows 7

If you are looking for a tablet, but can't decide what OS preference, then the company has a Novatech shall devays with interest to you.New Tablet PC, the producer nTablet can boot with Android and Windows 7-so instead of having to choose the platform, Novatech has decided to leave the choice for consumers.

Novelty is reminiscent of devices such as Tegatech Tega v2 and Viewsonic ViewPad 100. Unfortunately, the advantage of choosing between operating systems on a single devajse will cost consumers quite expensive.Without a preinstalled OS nTablet will cost $ 552.In turn, the version with Windows 7 Home Premium and professional, you have to pay $ and $ 740 693 respectively.

Specifications include the Intel Atom Processor N455 1.66 GHz, 1 GB of DDR3 memory, solid-state drive, 32 GB, 10.1-inch capacitive mul?tita? display with a resolution of 1024 x 600, battery capacity, 4200 MAH, two USB ports, 1.3 megapixel camera and Wi-Fi b/g/n.

VIOlight spare mobile devays with from germs

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Autumn brought a seasonal flu epidemic, which means it's time to think about how to protect your health. Probably few places particular importance on how microbes every appears on the mobile gadget, but their number may not be enough to spoil you with a couple of days so unpleasant things as cold and fever.If all these troubles are not part of your plans, you may find interesting prospect have gadget like VIOlight.

In order to get rid of germs and other malicious things VIOlight equipment UV lamp. Novelty may contain devices such as Smartphones, portable players and Bluetooth headsets.According to developers, novelty can kill 99% of germs and bacteria. The cleaning process takes no more than five minutes.

Because UV treatment method is used in many hospitals and other similar establishments, the very idea that it seems quite reasonable.As far as its value, it is 50 dollars and acquire VIOlight can now.

Mini Flash Verbatim Store ‘ n’ Go

Friday, October 29, 2010

Specifically for owners of laptops and netbooks, Verbatim has released a compact USB-stick Store ‘ n’ Go, which is one of the smallest USB flash drives.



Ruler flashes Store ‘ n’ Go includes models with 8, 16 and 32 GB, and dimensions of this little one is 17,15 h14 85 x 7 mm, weight 2 grams.After the installation in USB mini Flash stands out at 5 mm.

According to the manufacturer's minimum read speed of data with the stick is 10 MB/s and write speed: 3 MB/s.

Lowest price on Compact Flash cards Store ‘ n’ Go is $ 17.

EKING S700-electronic Notepad

Apparently, the Chinese company China Shenzhen Guangxuntong Communication Technology managed to miss the emergence on the market of Apple iPad and created its own development as the first electronic notebook in the world.

Novelty is EKING S700 and is aimed at customers who spends most of his time away from home or work.Notepad is a double data entry mode, lock, sensory input, and built-in 3 g receiver, so you always stay in touch, whatever the backwoods you do not qualify.

While EKING S700 looks like a paper notebook, it is equipped with 7-inch display, support for Wi-Fi networks and 3-megapixel camera with autofocus, able to dilute your paint pictures.

At this time unknown or where an electronic Notepad EKING S700 will sell or what would be its value.

Unusual 3D mouse Axsotic

If you are developing a 3D models or just love new technology, unusual 3D mouse you'll have to Axsotic.And even if it is not yet available, the very possibility of its first appearance merit.

As you can see in the illustration on the left, the mouse is a balloon that can rotate in any direction that may be shifted. This allows not only very convenient spin model editors, but use the approximation/delete objects and move them in virtual space.

The question of compatibility with the software manufacturer also promises to fix is pretty simple. To connect to a system running Windows and Macintosh computers do not need a separate driver, and for specialized applications will require plug-ins that you can download from official site or create your own using the SDK.So far "out of the box" supported Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Cinema4D and Maxon Maxon BodyPaint.

In order to learn about new products on sale, you can register on the official site.You can find more information about the mouse Axsotic.

Online slideshow creator Sagem Binder

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Company Sagem Wireless began selling electronic reader Binder, which is approximately 2 times smaller than a standard sheet of paper A4, and features include support for 3 g wireless technology and Wi-Fi.

Sagem Binder

Gadget accessories 6-inch capacitive touch screen monochrome display Sipix-based e-paper, and the built-in memory is 2 GB.

Dimensions: Sagem Binder – 152h123h10 mm weight approx. 240 grams. Gadget is equipped with a slot for microSD memory cards up to 32 GB and allows you to read electronic documents formats .TXT, Epub, PDF, HTML, display JPEG, PNG, BMP, and play MP3 audio files.

At the moment the device is available for subscribers at a French operator SFR 199 Euros and soon on sale in Italy from Telecom Italia.

Notion Ink Tablet – Adam with 15 hours of battery life

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Releases a new Notion Tablet pen Ink Adam ever closer, and with it gradually clarifies some of the features of the device. Learned that his battery lasts 15 hours of continuous work, that is, in theory, can survive even more. And this cannot but impress.Especially considering that with more powerful battery, the device can easily develop 20 hours.

But these numbers correspond to the model for $ 498;cheaper 399-dollar model LCD is unlikely to exhibit similar indicators. By the way, both models are equipped with Wi-Fi modules and 3 g, as well as speakers.

Using the USB ports of the Tablet, you can view video category 1080p directly from USB drive without first copying the memory device. Using the same port you can connect the keyboard to the novelty and other peripherals.Well, that Notion Ink Tablet – surprisingly stylish Adam tablet, you can not talk.

Nook Color – hybrid planšetnika and free readers

The company introduced the world & Barnes Noble Nook Color – hybrid plan?etnika and free readers, which should take the baton from less successful free readers Nook at almost 20% of the market ?italok.As it turned out, the anonymous source, information on spoke about his new game last week, was right.

Slideshow Creator Nook Color is equipped with 7-inch touchscreen LCD display with a resolution of 1024h600 and 16 million colors. To minimize glare on the screen, complete as soon as a special film to the screen.The new network connects via Wi-Fi 802 .11b/g/n (3 g not yet, but it would be logical to expect to enable this feature in future versions), and store data on an 8 GB internal memory. If this is not enough – you can always use the microSD card slot for which is also available.

Shell thickness Color just Nook 1.2 centimeters and weights – 442 g.Battery with the Wi-Fi – only 8 hours.

Works is running specially designed interface based on the OPERATING SYSTEM Android, and Barnes and Noble promise soon launch for developers called Nook Developer. "Out of the box" Nook Color will support integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Price hybrid plan?etnika and free readers will be $ 249, and already opened predzakaz official site.Delivery of ordered gadgets will begin November 19.

Western Digital New Media Center with terabytes of memory

Western Digital has released a new multifunctional WD TV Live media Hub with a storage capacity of 1 terabyte.The device has a number of features, including support services, Netflix, Blockbuster on Demand, Pandora and YouTube.

Naturally, the TV hub can be used as a video player.In the list of supported file formats include MPEG4, Xvid, MKV, h.264, and MOV. Connect to the Internet through a network card, and if you want you can additionally order adapter for Wi-Fi.

Other devices are connected to two port mediacentru USB2.0 and HDMI port.TV hub supports DLNA and UPnP technology, which allows you to fill it with information from computers running Windows and Macs, and Smartphones.

It goes without saying that using WD TV Live Hub you can view pictures of various formats and listen to audio files.You can buy a device to official site Western Digital for $ 200.

Paper PATCH wristwatches

The Geneva company Altanus known as manufacturer of high quality and expensive watches in gold and steel recently approached several non-standard material – the new PATCH made of paper.

According to the creators, the PATCH is an environmentally friendly clock, which became a source of inspiration for the Carnival in Viareggio with its platform and masks from papier-mâché. In order to achieve maximum safety for the environment, Altanus decided to use biodegradable paper to create the outer shell.

Actually, the fact that a new products made of paper, does not mean that it is a one-time or insufficiently reliable products.Watches have hypoallergenic flooring and even can boast some degree of resistance to water, as well as superficial damage.

New weigh 11 grams and have led display – of course, this development is far more interesting to see the electronic paper, but obviously it's much added value to PATCH.A word about price: paper clocks promise to get customers in 24 euros.

The smallest FullHD LCD

The company introduced its latest development of Ortus – the world's smallest display with FullHD resolution 1920h1080 pixel diagonal novelties – 4.8, dot density on the screen is 458 pixels per inch.

????? ????????? FullHD-???????

Ortus promises that the new high resolution displays can display 6.8 million colours, a viewing angle of 160 degrees will be.

For comparison: the display of the Retina used in iPhone 4 has diagonal 3.5 and permits 960h640 pixels, i.e. the density, total 326 pixels per inch.

The manufacturer expects high definition mini displays will be widely used in security system.

Started the Wi-Fi certified devices Direct

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A little over a year ago, the developers of Wi-Fi announced Alliance is a new specification standard Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct and promised her entrance in 2010.Well, you can put in their punctuality example many others – yesterday was officially announced begin certification of devices for compliance against the standard Wi-Fi Direct.

The main feature of devices supporting Wi-Fi Direct will be able to create a connection without the need to connect to home or work network, just as now use Bluetooth.

Another good news for owners of devices supporting Wi-Fi is the new standard will enable devices certified to connect to a Wi-Fi gadgets without Direct support for Wi-Fi.While some manufacturers may even offer a software update to start a new standard (on site, Wi-Fi Alliance stated that the new technology there is no need to upgrade hardware).

Currently certified Wi-Fi Direct has the following products:
• NIC Atheros XSPAN Dual-band 802 .11n PCIe Mini Card (AR928x)
• Wireless adapters (draft) Broadcom BCM43224 Dual-Band 802 .11n 2 × 2 MIMO Half PCIe Mini Card
• Network card Intel Centrino Advanced N-6200
• Ralink MIMObility network card 802 .11n Half-life 2 x 2 PCIe Mini Card
• NIC Realtek RTL8192CE-VA4 HM92C00 PCIe mini card

MSI graphics card AMD introduced and R6870 R6850

Once the market offers new graphics processors from AMD will come as no surprise that more and more manufacturers offer graphics with these chips.MSI introduces two graphics cards – R6850 and R6870.

Two new graphics cards support the 3D image and work on the multiple displays Eyefinity technology.To adjust the speed of the fan blades and units stored profiles is an exclusive software MSI Afterburner. All solid state capacitors for video cards and adapters are designed to be used in full.

The video card installed ports DisplayPort v1.2 and HDMI 1 .4A and both models support semikanal?n sound. In addition, model 6850 has 9 cm fan and cooling system with Direct Heatpipe heatsink for improved.Price video cards and other features are not yet known.

Smart Receiver for Internet radio

Replacing conventional television has gradually come to digital counterparts, and radio already fairly well can be changed to webcasts and online radio stations.Well, replace the antenna, consoles and radios are small gadgets that performs the same function.

The company reported yesterday "Sagemcom radio" RM50 to listen to Internet radio stations with equal ease, the sooner you listened to a normal radio. However, the gadget supports and FM.

Connected to the network via a secure channel Wi-Fi (WPS), you can control the novelty buttons beneath the LCD screen or remote control. If you, like me, always confusing variety of stations in the network (choose one among the thousands available is not simple), then you can use the "smart" Random ", which automatically creates a channel that corresponds to the genre of those stations that you listen to most often.

Selling novelty should appear in the UK until the end of the month, and its recommended cost will be $ 156.

Playground equipment in the style of Starcraft 2 by Razer

Monday, October 25, 2010

«Starcraft fans probably appreciate Knights news release new gaming equipment from Razer made in Starcraft 2.The new set of peripherals, Razer, mice, keyboards and headsets.

Razer Spectre is a lightweight five-button model equipped with an optical sensor Razer Precision 3 g with a resolution of 600 dpi resolution and polling frequency with an impressive 1000 Hz (technology Ultrapolling) with a response time of 1ms.

Novelty also boasts a new display backlight indicator of APM systems (Actions-Per-Minute) that reacts to the player by changing colour LEDs. For optimal control of gameplay that strength pushing buttons and balance of speed can be adjusted.Cost, Spectre in Europe at 80 euros.

Keyboard, Razer Marauder will also display backlight indicator APM system.THE price will be 120 euros.

Like the previous device, new Razer gaming headset will be equipped with Banshee, APM, reacting to the gamer.In addition, new offers a high degree of sound insulation, maximum comfort, as well as the ability to customize the equalizer, key and the volume according to individual preferences.The cost of a new headphones with a microphone will be 120 euros.

Android Tablet for $ 99

Maylong M-150Tablet PC-based OPERATING SYSTEM Android is not only the lazy launches today, with the producer, as the NetBook, almost all of them have identical characteristics, so interest are usually either a strong model, or just really inexpensive, such as Maylong M-150, which can be purchased for just $ 99.

This plan?etnik running operating system Android version 6, use processor ARM9 (VM8505 +) and 256 MB of RAM DDR, Additionally there are wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, built-in speakers and a slot for SD memory cards.

Resistive touchscreen Gadget equipment display 7 inches, resolution of 800h480 pixels.The device Weighs 340 grams and order it here you on the price at $ 99 United States.

3D glasses for people with sight problems

Fashion for 3D video is clearly not going to take place, but there are modern technologies and certain disadvantages.And if you are not all right eye, and you have tried to watch the new film in 3D, you surely know.

It seems that soon all those who, for whatever reason, wears glasses, will be able to enjoy 3D effects without the inconvenience of 3D glasses dress over ordinary. Samsung has announced an initiative to create a 3D-glasses with the possibility of adjusting the view.

Prescription glasses are Manufactured within a week.The first novelty will be able to try out the Koreans, but we can hope that soon the in-between and in other countries.

Mouse Speedlink CUE – "Apple Magic Mouse analogue

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Many PC users have begun to experience some envy the happy owners of Macs since Apple released the new mouse Magic Mouse.However, nothing in the world of computer technology doesn't stand still and the first competitor of Magic Mouse, mouse Arc Touch from Microsoft is not long to wait.

In turn, recently presented by Speedlink mouse CUE touchscreen surface. New supports and enables diverse mul?tita? operation intuitively using gestures.

The device is equipped with high-precision optical sensor and connects to your computer through the compact receiver with range up to 8 meters. While Touch touchscreen surface Arc is in its place a scroll wheel, touchpad in CUE, Magic Mouse, replaces all of the controls.

Software included with Speedlink CUE to adapt different commands in accordance with the wishes of the user.Novelty is capable of working in power save mode; In addition, in order to extend battery life, it is equipped with physical button on/off.

New mouse will be available in November at a price of 40 euros.CUE will be offered in several colors including black, white, red and silver.

Headphones Teague 20/20 with automatic configuration, size and shape

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Modern headphones more and more often have unusual characteristics.Whether it's vast array of seemingly seemingly unnecessary features or appearance, distinguishing them from other headphones, earphones are attracting increasing attention.

Is not an exception and Teague, which is not an exaggeration to call one of the most unusual headphone (until they are at the stage of concept). They are equipped with special mechanisms to automatically customize headphones under the size and shape of the head for maximum convenience.

Headphones will take the form as soon as they are wearing. The form will change each time once they would wear on the head.

Teague 20/20 have a Tensegrity. This property is a design that combines both flexible and stiff elements to find the balance between tension and compression.Designer Dan Krieger said that the basic concept is to combine Tensegrity structures prototype and customize forms headphones.

The concept will be brought to mind and realized in commercial products can only guess.

Wireless audiopoduška

???????????? ????????????We once spoke about audiopodu?ku Sound Asleep Pillow, which can help those who cannot go to sleep, not listening to your music before going to sleep or Audiobook.

And here's the Mp3 and iPod pillow Wireless Sound Pillow is a good development of the idea.Using the FM transmitter, it allows you to wirelessly connect to virtually any audio source and not disturbing others enjoy before bedtime music or your favorite TV programs.

Wireless module is compatible with standard 3.5 mm audio jacks, and its RADIUS is about 10 meters, broadcasted 107.9 MHz.

Size audiopodu?ki is 74h48 cm, are used as power supply 2 batteries type AA.Advance bookings for Wireless Mp3 and iPod Sound a pillow here are priced at £ 25, and the sale of its start on 5 November 2007.

Notebook for the soul

???????? ?????? ??? ???? Have with you is that when you take a shower, your head suddenly shines for Flash of inspiration?If Yes, then you should know that came suddenly thought you need to quickly write because sverknuv? idea can quickly disappear from the head.

Use plain paper and a pen, in this case, of course, fail, but if you are a brilliant ideas in mind constantly, it is worth to purchase waterproof notebook, such as Waterproof shower-Notebook.

This miracle-notebook has 80 vouchers and using a special pen lets you write under high humidity, near water or even under water.Waterproof Waterproof shower-Notebook phonebook is 14,6 ?8, 9 cm and buy here can just 13 United States dollars.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Recently, the company Xtreme Mac completed two new dock for smarfony and player from Apple. Submitted by the manufacturer of products called Luna SST and 3 in Microdock 1. Models are positioned as alarm clocks with dock for devices.

??? ????? ???? ??? iPhone ? iPod ?? Xtreme Mac

Sony Walkman cassette players ceases production

Another era behind.After more than 30 years after the first cassette player, Walkman, Sony announced that its production is stopped, and in the Japanese market in official sales will no longer be necessary.

The first cluster Sony Walkman TPS-L 2 was released in Japan on 1 July 1979. Over time, the players have been improved and amended.Since there are 400 million sold players more than half are cluster model. Latest shipment was delivered in April of this year, and now someone has bought the last Cassette Walkman.

On the other hand, the fact that Japan had ceased to produce and distribute a cassette player Walkman does not mean that you cannot buy at all.China continues to operate licensed production and markets for Chinese manufacturers in Asia and the Middle East.

Sony continues the production of other models Walkman: CD and MD-version will be the same as before.In April 2010 Sony ceased to produce floppy disks.

OTECH F1 – phone supporting four SIM card

  Phones with two connectors for the SIM card is not so rare these days, but what would you say about a device that supports four SIM card? Probably, many would agree that it is Robin.However, the developers of the company is certainly not OTECH think, because the manufacturer has recently been submitted cellphone F1, which is support for four SIM card.

According to OTECH, all SIM cards in F1 can remain active. Unfortunately, the rest of the specifications are encouraged by the much smaller.In particular, among the technologies of mobile communication, compatible with novelty, refers only to GPRS. On the other hand, a little skra?ivaet situation camera 12 1 MP.

New phone also has a 2.4-inch touchscreen, built-in TV tuner (PAL/NTSC/SECAM) as well as FM radio and Bluetooth.The design of new products, it's hard not to notice some similarities with a BlackBerry. Information about when the new phone will be available, so far has been reported.As silent and on their estimated cost.

Full-color slideshow creator from Barnes & Noble for next week?

Next week the company Barnes & Noble promised to share with the world some significant news. This Event should take place on 26 October in New York, but now there is the most likely version possible ad company. Although 100% confidence in the truth of the rumored, everything points to the presentation of a new generation of Nook.The new product will have a color display and called the Nook Color.

The first comer became domain registration. But if this is the only domain that may not necessarily be associated with the product, the second news came from CNET editor David Kènroâ (David Canroy), asserting that information comes from the source already has proved that it is trustworthy.

So, according to the rumors we expect hybrid free readers with plan?etnik called Nook Color. Running novelty with 7-inch screen would be running Android and its cost will be $ 249.Of course, hardly filling device with such prices would be able to compete with a Tablet PC, but that doesn't make the gadget more attractive.

There is a significant probability that a colored screen Nook Color is created Mirasol technology, but rumors claim that preference will touch THE LCD screen.On the other hand, nobody bothers use and proven design with two screens, one based Mirasol and LCD.

The sale of novelty will most likely early 2011.However, all this so far only rumours and certainly we know only 26 October.Follow the news.

Bone Horn Stand – retro amplifier for the iPhone

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bone Horn Stand is no ordinary compact amplifier built-in speakers or Apple Smartphone. Obviously, the appearance of new products should like amateurs retro.Moreover, in addition to the original design, the new device drew and unusual constructive solutions.

New accessory works the same way as the good old Horn speakers – the sound of the iPhone's built-in speakers, with the help of a small voice. In spite of its simplicity, it promises to be a pretty effective: according to the manufacturer, the speaker should add devays with Smartphone to 12 decibels – not too bad, especially considering that the novelty does not need electricity, and therefore does not affect battery iPhone.

Another nice trifle is Bone Horn Stand to work as a stand for the Smartphone.The iPhone can be placed in both landscape and portrait orientation. In addition, novelty stores access "home" button.And finally, a good impression and pricelist Bone Horn Stand: 25 dollars seem acceptable price for this simple and fun accessory.

Inflatable Photo Gallery

Portable Photo Studio. Not too familiar phrases and usually it is a spacious tent with an impressive number of equipment.But if the space for such large tents in the trunk is no longer, then inflattable version can always be used.

Inflatable Photographic Studio, called simply the Photo Studio, Inflatable can collapse to fit 60h60h120 centimeters that relatively few. The inflated condition it can be 3,6 x 2, 1 x 3 meters or 6?3, 6 x 6 metres.

On the outside of the Studio will be similar to the one of inflatable amusement, unless of course ignore black impermeable inside, and two doors on fasteners. As with the rides, to maintain a State of Studio in inflated regular pump/blower, so have to think about power supply for it.

Why might such a Studio?Options can be long, but very simple – it can afford to save on rent. The cost of air studios will be $ 330 or $ 400 depending on size.Pump not included.Learn more and order a new product can be official site product.

Apple introduced two new subnoutbuka

At a meeting yesterday in Cupertino events Back to the Mac, Apple, Steve Jobs Disney presented the latest netbooks MacBook Air ruler.

As stated in a press release Apple 13.3 and 11.6 computers will be the first next-generation notebooks, in which mechanical hard drives and optical drives are replaced with Internet services and solid state Flash drives.

Also notes that the next generation of notebooks will be faster, more reliable, much lighter and much smaller in size.

Model 11.6 in basic configuration is equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4 gigahertz, two gigabytes of RAM and solid state drive 64 GB.This computer will be sold in the u.s. Apple stores for $ 999. 1199 dollars will cost model with 128 GB of memory.

New 13.6-inch MacBook Air laptops based on Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 gigahertz, has 2 GB of RAM and 128 GB solid state drive. Its price is $ 1299, and on the drive with doubled-$ 1599.

Users can order 11.6-inch model with processor 1.6 gigahertz and 13.3 computer you can buy an 2.13 gigahertz.Optionally, both models for additional money will provide four gigabytes of RAM, as well as Mini DP and HDMI adapters.New computers have already been sold.

Verykool R80-durable phone with excellent design

Typically lasting phones do not always have a refined design, are not required – the main thing is that the handset as stated in the fire is not burned and not sink in water.However, as regards the R80 Verykool mobile phone not only reliably protected against external influences, but it looks like the design model.

Verykool R80

Verykool R80 is a 4-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM device with 2.4-inch display, dimensions which are 118h53h15, 8 mm, weight: 114 g. It has a built-in 2-megapixel camera, FM radio, GPS receiver, electronic compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, pedometer, UV detector can be used as a flashlight and optionally allows you to work with two SIM-cards.

Your phone supports Bluetooth wireless technology Bluetooth data transmission, equipped with 30 MB internal memory expandable via card type t-Flash up to 32 GB.Optionally Verykool R80 can act as a Web camera.

The phone Housing is securely protected against the effects of shocks and moisture and the battery delivers up to 4 hours talk time or up to 10 days of standby time.

Unfortunately, the cost of the handset to official site is not specified.

«AAXA Technologies Mikroproektor "

Despite the fact that today's novelty not Pocket, like some other models, the new mikroproektor Ultimate Micro Projector still seem tiny.Besides, unlike "Pico-analogues, this device really looks quite acceptable and functional solutions which contribute to, first, a few more power and, second, the lesser value.

First of all, novelty stands out thanks to a greater flux: while in Pico-Projector brightness usually does not exceed 40 lumens, the same indicator in the Ultimate Micro Projector reaches 75 lumens in maximum performance mode and 66 lumen in standard mode. Thus, even with well-lit room picture quality will remain relatively good.

Mikroproektor supports 800 x 600 and the size of a picture just over 100 inches in a dark room and up to 40 inches in lit – again, not too bad for it portable format.Also know that the device receives an aluminum enclosure, 1 GB of memory and built-in Reader for SD cards. Projector functions via touch proposes elements, but to make it easier to install, there is a miniature tripod.

Value of new products is 299 dollars and buy it now.

The world's smallest waterproof camcorder CamBall

If you need a tiny video camera that can be used to capture a wide variety of video, CamBall is exactly what you're looking for.This waterproof gadget the size of a golf ball, you can carry with them and install it on various surfaces.

CamBall is the smallest camera manufacturer claims.It can also be used in domestic surveillance: she began writing once sensors zasekut movements. Video with a resolution of the device records the 320 x 240 pixels at 25 frames per second.

The camera can also make photographs, has an integrated microphone and 128 megs of RAM. Using the SD-c lot for memory cards can be expanded up to 16 gigabytes. The camera has a built-in MP3 player and the device are supplied with headphones.

The battery lasts 2.5 hours or 12 hours in power-saving mode.The battery is charged via the USB port.Conventional video camera you can buy at official site for 150 dollars, and the camera for monitoring system for 200 dollars.

Pantone Capsure-eyedropper in real life

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pantone CapsureEveryone who has ever run on your computer any graphic editor, surely familiar with this tool, like the Eyedropper to sample a color from anywhere on the screen.

It turns out that such a tool exists in the real world – it's called Pantone Capsure and is a compact gadget allows you to take a sample colors from the surface, and check that the color samples are stored in memory.

The device receives information about the color with three cameras located at different angles so that you can get rid of unwanted shadows and other interferences and to obtain accurate color cast.Capsure removes color image every 27 1.6 seconds.

The gadget is able to store in memory up to 100 withdrawal swatches and has a small screen that colors can be seen.In the device memory is also stored library model shades from Pantone colors with around 8000.

Order this gadget is definitely useful for any designer, you can website and its price is $ 650 United States.

Concept camera with two lenses movable

In my home Photo Gallery little pictures with me. But this is not surprising, since most of the stuff I was doing, and therefore was the other side of the lens.Perhaps the same injustices and speculation Jono Ellison (Johno Ellison) at the idea of creating a concept camera Scarab.

The main highlight of the concept that it is equipped with two movable lens.Each of the lenses can be designed differently and therefore you can get different versions of imagery. From just two images to panoramas or composite frame "front and rear" on which there is a place for the photographer.

Of course, you can use the delay filming or simply someone ask you to take photos, but still interesting idea Scarab.Here you can see the detailed image concept.

Announced WebOS v2.0

HP today announced a new version of its operating system WebOS.As it turned out, many "spy shots" of the novelties introduced in the network, some time ago, proved to be quite honest.

Announcement of the WebOS v2.0 was done together with the presentation of a new product-the Palm Pre 2. However, contrary to the "hardware" novelties are not so many: memory has been increased from 8 up to 16 GB, 3 megapixel camera with up to 5 has been improved.According to unconfirmed reports, processor brand will work on a frequency of 1 GHz, RAM of 512 MB will be. In the rest of the Pre 2 is almost identical to the previous model, which means that the focus has been placed on THE OS.

Particularly noteworthy innovations: technology "Just Type". The bottom line is that if you want to type text, regardless of the purpose is simply to start typing (special box at the top of the screen) and then choose to use it to send a message to a friend or update status in FaceBook.

Interesting novelty will be the "Exhibition" mode, which can be turned on when you install a device in the dock. In this mode, the crane will be a fresh photo data from calendar, or other information, the developers and users.In the primary OS versions this feature will not be, but its promise to include in the first update.

Isn't disdained developers and multitasking.However, this is not about background tasks, and many of them stop and switching, as implemented in Android and iOS. By the way, switching is done quite original – the concept of "card", already familiar to users, has created the "deck", grouped by task.

Another familiar to tight integration with social networks, now has a new name, and obviously some improvement. Now it's called HP Synergy.Also promise to support Adobe Flash Plugin is 10.1? and HTML5.

Pre 2 with WebOS v2.0 on Board will be on sale this Friday in France.Issue in the United States and Canada promise "in the coming months".More information on the WebOS 2.0 's official site, ibid., there are a few videos demonstrating the new features of THE OS.

Gaming laptop Lesance GSN801GAW – power of first

For people looking for market gaming laptops, might give the impression that the laptop to the aesthetic aspect of attention.Is no exception to this rule and a new laptop for gamers GSN801GAW offered by Lesance: novelty has considerable power, but its design is hardly spectacular.

However, to whom a case is design when you get really high performance gaming solutions?New laptop has 18.4-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, supports HD graphics and are running Windows 7 Home Premium.

"Under the hood" GSN801GAW has 4-core Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 940XM 1.73 GHz and 2-gigabajtovoe graphics solution FROM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M, which optionally can be replaced with two ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870, working in tandem with CrossFire.

RAM DDR3 memory in the new laptop is 160 GB. The space to store the data, it is a solid state drive capacity GSN801GAW 160 GB. Other features include reader for memory cards, HDMI, DVI, built-in WiFi, Ethernet and integrated webcam. In addition, a new Blu-ray drive.

Of course, significant power implies some inconvenience.First, enjoy the new laptop would likely be better near outlet for his own battery barely half an hour.Secondly, new weighs almost 5.5 kilograms.And, of course, like other gaming PC, GSN801GAW is cheap: its price will be approximately $ 5420.

Announced WebOS v2.0

HP today announced a new version of its operating system WebOS.As it turned out, many "spy shots" of the novelties introduced in the network, some time ago, proved to be quite honest.

Announcement of the WebOS v2.0 was done together with the presentation of a new product-the Palm Pre 2. However, contrary to the "hardware" novelties are not so many: memory has been increased from 8 up to 16 GB, 3 megapixel camera with up to 5 has been improved.According to unconfirmed reports, processor brand will work on a frequency of 1 GHz, RAM of 512 MB will be. In the rest of the Pre 2 is almost identical to the previous model, which means that the focus has been placed on THE OS.

Particularly noteworthy innovations: technology "Just Type". The bottom line is that if you want to type text, regardless of the purpose is simply to start typing (special box at the top of the screen) and then choose to use it to send a message to a friend or update status in FaceBook.

Interesting novelty will be the "Exhibition" mode, which can be turned on when you install a device in the dock. In this mode, the crane will be a fresh photo data from calendar, or other information, the developers and users.In the primary OS versions this feature will not be, but its promise to include in the first update.

Isn't disdained developers and multitasking.However, this is not about background tasks, and many of them stop and switching, as implemented in Android and iOS. By the way, switching is done quite original – the concept of "card", already familiar to users, has created the "deck", grouped by task.

Another familiar to tight integration with social networks, now has a new name, and obviously some improvement. Now it's called HP Synergy.Also promise to support Adobe Flash Plugin is 10.1? and HTML5.

Pre 2 with WebOS v2.0 on Board will be on sale this Friday in France.Issue in the United States and Canada promise "in the coming months".More information on the WebOS 2.0 's official site, ibid., there are a few videos demonstrating the new features of THE OS.

Transparent cellphone iida X-Ray

Monday, October 18, 2010

Japanese firm iida provided mobile phone-camp x-ray.Its main feature is to design: phone is made of transparent material, so that you can see the "inside".

According to the manufacturer, leaf design served as a basis, which was formed under the laws of nature. And x-ray demonstrates genuine, natural state of the mobile phone.

The phone is equipped with an external LED-display size 7 x 102 points designed for X-Ray. It shows time, incoming mail, as well as the name of the caller. Inside the phone – your primary display, which performs several functions.

Phone in red, black and blue colors.Size: 49 x 110 x 15.7 mm and weighs 123 grams. Battery life is enough to 210 minutes or 270 hours of standby time.Mobile phone is equipped with 8-megapixel camera with video recording capability.

The date of marketing and price phone iida X-Ray has not yet been reported.