3D camera Minox PX3D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Minox PX3DThe company has decided to withdraw the Minox popular nowadays market 3D products and in collaboration with 3D Competence is working on a 3D camera PX3D that currently is in a stage of concept.

Minox PX3D has 4 lens mounted one under another, each of which has a focal distance of 9 mm and allows you to make a 5-megapixel images. For each of the four images, you can set your own values focus and exposure.

A total of 3D image that is stored in AVI format, you can see it without special glasses.It is also possible to save each of the four images in a JPEG file.

It is expected that released Minox PX3D appears in 2011, and the estimated price of this camera would be approximately 700 dollars.


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Each lens is equipped with sensors and cameras. The design was developed by Volkswagen. Producers have promised to launch the product in mid-2011.