Check the status of the heart with the aid of Web cameras

Sunday, October 10, 2010

As a rule, in order to ensure that your health, or to find out what exactly is the cause of the poor state of health is required to pay a visit to the doctor, perhaps, not one.

Obviously, the number of visits is reduced, because new technologies will help people decide to modify their physical condition. One of the applications: AROS is getting such a future, a system of verification of the heart, the graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

Significant advantages of this system is that it is based on an ordinary webcam-the patient should not wear any additional sensors or donate analyses. According to the author of the design, device can "explore" individual user and to measure the minor changes its color from blood under the skin.The biggest challenge at design time, it was to distinguish between changes in brightness, due to physiological factors of change relating to the quality of generated images.

Although at first glance, this principle does not inspire confidence, in practice it turned out that novelty is not inferior to some devices approved by the Commission on monitoring the drugs and nutrients (FDA).However, owing to the simplicity of design and accessibility features, the new system may soon appear both in hospitals and homes.


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