Controller for flight simulators HOTAS Warthog from Thrustmaster

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Company Thrustmaster years working at the market of gaming peripherals, and has established itself with a good hand. Controllers for flight simulators Thrustmaster boldly is one of the best.However, the new system HOTAS Warthog that appears at the end of the month can be a real masterpiece.

The system consists of a joystick and another engaged. System was named by the American attack aircraft a-10 Warthog, since it is an exact copy of the controls of the aircraft.

The system has 36 programmable buttons.Toggle switch can also be programmed by giving it a value. It has a number of tabs, and a special magnetic resistance system adds game realism. Toggle switch itself has 17 buttons.

On the stick posted 19 programmable buttons, and the traffic is regulated by the magnetic system sensitivity. Button on the controller are located in the same way as in the plane.Handle the joystick is detached from the ground and can be used in smaller models HOTAS Cougar.

Price simulation system controllers for years after the release will be $ 500.