Inflatable Photo Gallery

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Portable Photo Studio. Not too familiar phrases and usually it is a spacious tent with an impressive number of equipment.But if the space for such large tents in the trunk is no longer, then inflattable version can always be used.

Inflatable Photographic Studio, called simply the Photo Studio, Inflatable can collapse to fit 60h60h120 centimeters that relatively few. The inflated condition it can be 3,6 x 2, 1 x 3 meters or 6?3, 6 x 6 metres.

On the outside of the Studio will be similar to the one of inflatable amusement, unless of course ignore black impermeable inside, and two doors on fasteners. As with the rides, to maintain a State of Studio in inflated regular pump/blower, so have to think about power supply for it.

Why might such a Studio?Options can be long, but very simple – it can afford to save on rent. The cost of air studios will be $ 330 or $ 400 depending on size.Pump not included.Learn more and order a new product can be official site product.