Mouse Speedlink CUE – "Apple Magic Mouse analogue

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Many PC users have begun to experience some envy the happy owners of Macs since Apple released the new mouse Magic Mouse.However, nothing in the world of computer technology doesn't stand still and the first competitor of Magic Mouse, mouse Arc Touch from Microsoft is not long to wait.

In turn, recently presented by Speedlink mouse CUE touchscreen surface. New supports and enables diverse mul?tita? operation intuitively using gestures.

The device is equipped with high-precision optical sensor and connects to your computer through the compact receiver with range up to 8 meters. While Touch touchscreen surface Arc is in its place a scroll wheel, touchpad in CUE, Magic Mouse, replaces all of the controls.

Software included with Speedlink CUE to adapt different commands in accordance with the wishes of the user.Novelty is capable of working in power save mode; In addition, in order to extend battery life, it is equipped with physical button on/off.

New mouse will be available in November at a price of 40 euros.CUE will be offered in several colors including black, white, red and silver.