New biometric software identifies users by their ears

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Biometric sensors are well known from film and books, frames with equipment, eye retina scanning or fingerprints are almost in every other science fiction works.

In turn, the reality is much more unusual: imagine a biometric scanner that reads the picture of the auricle users. Software that allows you to use this method of identification was developed by scientists from the University of Southampton.

At this point the sensor based on this technology is still underway.However, already at this stage, the creators of new technologies to achieve a level of precision reaching 99.6%. As a material for testing software has been used 252 pictures of human heads.

According to Professor Mark Nixon (Mark Nixon) from the University of Southampton, the ears are an excellent indicator, because their form is unique and they are not much change in the process of aging, or as a result of the experience of people some emotions.