Terabyte optical disk from TDK

Monday, October 11, 2010

And one more news from CEATEC exhibitions already concluded.The company is publicly presented TDK optical disc that can store 1 terabyte of information.

The novelty is not yet ready for commercialization, and possibly its virtuous 200 GB drives of the same company, established in 2006, but the developers hope that this time the product still reaches consumers.

Diameter of novelty does not differ from a standard Blu-ray disc, and other settings suggest that the drive can be used by many technologies, working with Blu-ray. What differentiates a drive, it's 16 sections, each of which can store 32 gigabytes of information on each side.It received 32 layer to 32 gigabytes in total of exactly one terabyte.

The only serious issue that prevented the widespread use of hardware, is the thickness of the disc.The layer on which you record the new 260 nanometers thick, while the Blu-ray Disc specification, it must be 100 nanometres or smaller.

TDK Representatives stated that the "commercialization depends on manufacturers of discs" so that there is a chance to see these drives not only in the specialized exhibitions.