Bionic a wrench – universal wrench

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Gadget, which will be discussed, but rather can be attributed to the tools, but it is no less interesting.If you find it hard to determine, whether the key is a 10 or 12, or just don't want to keep a dozen key, which you can replace the entire three convenient tools, original wrench Bionic a wrench – what you need.

As shown in the illustration to the text, a wrench is a hybrid Bionic wrench and needle-nose pliers, and s?imanii handgrip captures six flat sides nuts. This not only allows you to use one tool for nuts in different sizes, but also greatly facilitates the work.

Bionic a wrench is sold in three versions – 6.8 and 10 inches, each of which covers a range of sizes.These 6-inch Variant can be used as a key for 7-14 mm, 8-inch covers size 11-20 mm and 10-inch can function as key on 19-30 millimeters.

Key Cost will be $ 24.95, $ 28.95 or $ 32.95, depending on the size of the tool.More details can be found on product page and order them here possible.