Clock with E-ink display Phosphor show world clock

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

E-ink Technology is becoming more and more popular. Except, of course, ?italok, screens based on e-paper watch manufacturers are increasingly used, as we have already written several times.New clock that displays provide the firm Phosphor.

Hours, World Time versions of E Ink Watch obviously can show all time zones.There are five different options for display, which can set owner. The background color to black or white, and therefore exhibit opposite colors.

Screen clock folded for comfort, taking the form of a wrist.The clock is 9.3 millimetres Thick.Also available in three versions of polyurethane strap: black and white or colour. In addition, you can purchase a watch with stainless steel bracelet.

Order watches World Time versions of E Ink, you can here Watch and their price is 150, 165 and 195 dollars depending on the material strap or bracelet.

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