Electronic Spy Camera T-shirt or everyday style of James Bond

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Even the famous 007 are weekends or holidays, and therefore it is not hard to imagine a situation in which the hero is no spy Tuxedo.However, jackets with multiple pockets and a hidden Office – it's not the only clothes in which to hide spyware installations, and proof of this is our present a novelty.

Probably based design t-shirts for electronic Spy Camera T-shirt was based on the idea that hide things you need most. Such camera hidden surveillance in nowinka is just for a camera in his hand a typical type of secret agent.

Novelty is capable of capturing and storing 150 color photographs with a resolution of 640 x 480. You can also use it to shoot video. To reset the material in any media in the drive is A USB cable.In turn, control over the filming is a small remote control that is easy to burrow into the pockets of trousers.Devays with compatible with any operating systems, including Mac, Linux and Windows. All electronic components Electronic Spy Camera you can take a very T-shirt BTW, if you need to wash t-shirt.

New cost buyers in $ 39 99 cents, but consider that this amount does not include the cost of three AAA batteries needed to operate the camera.