iPhone Omnio WOWKeys – keyboard for iPhone

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

iPhone Omnio WOWKeys If you are reading our blog, you already probably know about the gadget, like the Asus Eee Keyboard PC, a full-fledged computer with a small display, hidden in plain sight with the keyboard.

Something similar design offers us its keyboard company Omnio-WOWKeys Eee Keyboard PC superficially resembles that used the iPhone screen.This allows not only to recharge WOWKey phone and sync it with your computer, but use multi-sensory features of the iPhone to control your computer.For example, the phone can serve as a numeric keypad, or for access to frequently used functions.

WOWKey offers 15 additional functions that provide sharing of iPhone and PC, in addition, application developers will be able to offer additional features.

Cost keyboard WOWKey in Korea is approximately 105 dollars, and that's when we will see in our stores, it is still unknown.

Omnio WOWKeys2

Omnio WOWKeys3

Omnio WOWKeys4