Lamp Bang! from Bitplay-murderous interior detail

Thursday, November 4, 2010

You would like to have a lamp that could shut down while in the other end of the room?Of course, there are plenty of such equipment, which is why the desire to find something really unusual seems justified – agree, old lamps, switchable by clapping is a scarf.

New product offered by Japanese Studio design bitplay far more original. New lamp produces just a killer – obviously, hence the unusual name "Bang!". Novelty will be bundled with a remote control is performed in a gun.In order to extinguish the light must aim up and shoot – the Lampshade Bang! skositsâ downhill as though its really pronzila bullet.

At this point it is difficult to tell whether new lamp to purchase and how much it will cost.However, this information appears on bitplay site soon.