Led device for pain

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LED Pain RelieverIf doing work or sports, you often have to deal with such injuries, bruises, sprains muscle and so on, instead of constantly buy pharmacy Fastum gel "," you can purchase such a device once as LED Pain Reliever.

This devays with developed for NASA astronauts to treatment, 60 LEDs that produce infrared radiation, which stimulates blood circulation, reduces swelling in the joints and relaxes muscle compression. Infrared radiation is deeply penetrates the body tissues, ensuring safe disposal of muscular pains.

LED Pain Reliever is easy to use – it should be kept at a distance of about 60 mm from sick.For the power adapter. The device has a size of 2 cm and weighs 19h7h3 around 140 grams.

Pain Reliever you can order the LED in the e-store Hammacher Schlemmer costs 160 USD United States.


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