LG produces planšetnik with Windows 7 the end of the year?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LG probably prepares to launch a tablet computer that can be sold at the end of the year.On the site of the American Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has a record of gadget called H1000B.

According to the report, a device that FCC calls "portable computer is running Windows 7. Technical specifications are not painted, however, it is known that plan?etnik connects to a wireless network adapter with Wi-Fi b/g/n.

Touch screen is probably supports "mul?tita?".To other devices via Bluetooth, LG H1000B connects and expanded memory will be implemented through THE SD format card.

LG Representatives approached the Commission to keep a secret plan?etnika within 45 days, so this information is obtained through a leak and, thus, is equated with the rumours.This period showed that gadget to hit the market later this year or will be presented at the exhibition CES 2011.

Early last month, the company also reported that carries out a tablet computer running Android before you receive the best for this form factor version of the OPERATING SYSTEM from Google.