Luxury phones series Spyder Series from Tonino Lamborghini

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tonino Lamborghini's New product, followed by a series CULV notebooks, luxury mobile phones.Of course, the attitude of consumers to these kinds of innovations is appropriate may be somewhat skeptical, but as the saying goes, don't argue about taste.

Release of new phones held in Hong Kong. New line includes six models, S-600, S-610-620, S, S-670, S and s-680-685, each of which will be presented in a special case and accompanied by Tonino Lamborghini branded headset.

As is the case with this kind of news, this line will be placed on the exclusivity and the external data rather than functional. All phones Spyder will be awarded in case of steel 316 l, also known as jewelry steel. Each component of the novelties of the manually;In addition, polishing is also a result of manual work. Model S-670, S and s-680-685 belonging to the higher price categories will receive gold plating. In addition, the new phones will be expensive materials, in particular, the rear panel (s)-670, S and S-680-685 will be decorated with leather.

The functional characteristics, the novelties are unlikely to please the functionality and performance. Spyder series models receive 2.2-inch screens with a resolution of 240 x 320 and 3-megapixel camera that supports the ability to record video in VGA quality.Phones will support GSM/EDGE, but not 3 g.The cost will vary from 1781 to dollar 2813 dollars.