Solar-powered Wireless keyboard from Logitech

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Very bad, I would even say annoying feature of the wireless keyboard is the fact that the battery can sit down at a time when you do a knock on keys, trying not to lose the inspiration and not to stray thoughts.

Muse – piece naughty and, as a rule, by the time the battery problem solved, it manages to completely disappear. However, not all so sad, because the next novelty from Logitech promises to put an end to the suffering of amateur wireless keyboard.

From unique new keyboard K750 distinguishes two solar panels. According to the manufacturer, to replenish energy K750 can serve not only the Sun, but also the artificial light sources, such as table lamps.If you have the habit of cleaning the keyboard when it disappears need worry about health news will still not have: according to Logitech, K750 will work even after three months spent in pitch darkness.

In addition to the unusual energy solutions in nowinka attracts attention and design. Thanks to the brand keys Incurve print using K750 will be much more convenient, because their shape facilitates intuitive from falling on the desired characters.

In order to enjoy the novelty was even easier, Logitech has developed an application that tracks the performance of solar cells and help you optimally position the keyboard toward the light source.In addition, the application will notify the user about the low level of charge. By the way, to perform the same functions in the K750 and led indicator.Applications will be available from November 15.

The keyboard, then buy it will be soon.Cost of approximately $ 80 novelties.