Student planšetnik from Kno will sell by the end of the year

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tablet PC for students from Kno that company promised release before the end of 2010, seem to be really will go on sale.Today are prices for the two versions plan?etnika and plans for its dissemination.

The company announced that the sale will be two versions: a version with one plan?etniky screen version with two screens.In both cases, the touch screen 14.1. Gadgets are already widespread in 2011, but at least one device will be on sale until the new year.

Prices for new $ 899 for version with two screens and $ 599 for version with one screen. But if these prices seem high, the company announced that they will pay off for students for three semesters due to significantly lower the cost of electronic versions of textbooks.

Shop eBooks to Kno opens today at predzakaz opens today to 10 campuses (as yet unknown in any educational institutions).The first delivery of the ordered gadgets is planned for the middle-end of December of this year.Details about the new game will soon be available in the official site.