The thinnest external hard drive g-Drive Slim

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

G-Drive Slim Known Hitachi has release a new product from the category of "best".This time, the manufacturer introduced hard drive g-Drive Slim, which proudly called the world's thinnest external hard drive.

Internal thinnest (only 9.9 mm) shells hidden Travelstar hard drive 320 GB Z5K320 and weight G-Drive Slim is only 140 grams.

The new drive is designed specifically for use with Apple's Macbook Air laptop, its solid aluminium casing protects the hard drive with shock and fall, and also acts as a passive radiator, transferring heat occurs when the disk.

Novelty uses USB 2.0 and will soon be available for sale at a price of around $ 100 United States.


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