MTS has successfully tested the roaming networks LTE

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Operator MTS has announced that MTS Group organized an international roaming on LTE technology between the MTS-Uzbekistan "and" VivaCell-MTS (Armenia). Of MTS Uzbekistan "and" VivaCell-MTS (Armenia), members of the MTS Group, conducted a successful test of roaming services in their networks, LTE and signed a memorandum of understanding setting out the aims and functions of operators in the framework of the organization of mutual LTE-roaming.

According to the protocol of intentions, "MTS-Uzbekistan" and "VivaCell-MTS cooperate on business and technical level to organize the processes necessary to support the international LTE-roaming and provide support for LTE-roaming facilities operators.

In the framework of its subsidiaries into Armenia and Uzbekistan are used standards, specifications and templates for the LTE-roaming, developed by the International partnerships Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), is an association in 2008 adopted LTE as the next after the UMTS standard broadband mobile communication. LTE-roaming work in networks of LTE «MTS-Uzbekistan" and "VivaCell-MTS in the frequency range of 2.6 GHz. When testing services are used by modems Samsung GT B3710 and Huawei E398.