Palm is preparing a rival iPad

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Palm Company intends to show his vision of the Tablet PC similar iPad at CES 2011. The model is called Topaz, and running the operating system webOS 2.5.1. News Agency of Fox News reports that the company will show just three models that have minor differences among themselves. All three will be named PalmPad, but one of them is oriented to the house and has a connector miniHDMI, as well as built-in WiMAX.

Also, the plans include a fourth model, which is designed for students. It will feature a "built-in learning software, as well as the possibility of modifying the characteristics to wholesalers. Supposedly it can also vary at a diagonal screen. In the sale of "student" plate will go no earlier than autumn 2011.

The plates have a design similar to the HP Slate, but also a significant difference - they do not use the platform Intel Atom, which should have a positive impact on their energy consumption. Screen model will be 9.7 inches diagonal, and the weight will be no more than 570 grams. Moreover, as noted, that the thickness is less than that iPad. Available ports USB 3.0, 1.3-megapixel front and main 3-megapixel camera and a system of multi-switch, similar to that used in Palm Pre. Operating System webOS 2.5.1 is the version of OS webOS 2.0 adapted to run on Tablet devices.