CES 2010: NVIDIA promises to show the video card based on GF100 (Fermi)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Several days are left until the moment when in Las Vegas opens its doors and traditional technological exhibition CES 2010. Hundreds of companies are going to present at this exhibition, which will be held from 7 to 10 January, its latest products and innovative technology. Of course, such a large producer of graphics, like NVIDIA, and will not remain aloof from CES 2010. Moreover, in his New Year greeting to the page Twitter company invites all of its exhibition hall, which promises to demonstrate the long-awaited video card based on chip GF100, created on the basis of architecture Fermi.

Such a demonstration would bolster the hopes of fans of products NVIDIA, many of which are almost desperate to wait for release graphics cards based on Fermi. Indeed, the release of these adapters, which previously was held in November last year, now postponed, at least until March. Recall, NVIDIA has already demonstrated its first rulings on the architecture of Fermi, but they were maps Tesla, intended for professional computing.

The NVIDIA based GF100 (Fermi) should be similar to the preliminary design, images of which we also published in the past year. According to unconfirmed reports, the length of the accelerator should be about 267 mm, it must be equipped with a 512 core with support for CUDA, 384-bit memory bus, and supports DirectX 11 and the mode of SLI.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge - laptops for medium-sized businesses with 3G and WiMAX

The company announced a new series of Lenovo notebooks - ThinkPad Edge, we have already mentioned about it in the news. In the line will include models with a diagonal display 13, 14 and 15 inches. Notebooks Lenovo ThinkPad Edge designed specifically for medium business segment. 13.3-inch-series Edge is built on dual-core processors, AMD Turion and Athlon Neo, other models will have processors Intel CULV Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Duo processor with a standard power.

Also laptops Lenovo ThinkPad Edge have broad communications capabilities: Standard features include a wireless adapter Wi-Fi, and offers optional Bluetooth, WiMAX and 3G. Among the characteristics of notebook manufacturer also mentions a touchpad that supports multi-touch, backlit keyboard (on larger models), as well as special software for backup and restore files, including system. 13-inch Lenovo ThinkPad Edge is already on sale, its price starts at $ 549. Models with 14 and 15-inch displays will go on sale in the second quarter of this year.

Case Thermaltake Element V NVIDIA Edition - "Fifth Element" for video cards based on the Fermi

Thermaltake company prepares to announce at CES 2010, which will be held from 7 to 10 January in Las Vegas, the new computer case Element V NVIDIA Edition. New "fifth element" was developed in close cooperation with specialists from the California graphic giant and is compatible with future graphics cards based on chips Fermi. It stated that the Corps is able to accommodate multiple graphics cards based on Fermi. New made in the form factor Full Tower and has a special green accents, repeating corporate color NVIDIA. Housing has dimensions of 532 x 220 x 537 mm, weighs about 14 kg and supports the placement of motherboards formats mini-ATX, Full ATX and Extended ATX.

In addition, the housing Element V NVIDIA Edition is equipped with an additional channel, developed jointly by engineers Thermaltake and NVIDIA for ventilation of the location of graphics cards based on Fermi, united in a triangular configuration of SLI mode or Quad SLI.

Housing is also equipped with eleven 5.25 "bays which can be adapted for placement of six 3.5-inch hard drives, as well as compartment size 2.5 inches under the HDD / SDD drives. Upstairs there is a panel with four-port USB 2.0, one eSATA port and audio jacks.

In addition, the housing Element V NVIDIA Edition has a special holes for liquid cooling system assembly and an integrated controller to control the fans. This is supported by mounting up to eight fans, including two 120 mm fan can be installed in the front, one 230 mm - on the side panels and two 200 mm - on top. As for the rear side of the casing, where you can put one 120 mm and two 50 mm fan.

Computer case Thermaltake Element V NVIDIA Edition is designed primarily for the community of gamers and enthusiasts. Price and release date of this interesting case has not yet made public, but it is clear that further details about it will be known very soon to show Consumer Electronic Show.

Motorola Droid Devour - third Android smartphone Verizon

Resource Boy Genius Report has published new data on the characteristics of a smartphone Motorola Droid Devour, which will be sold in U.S. operator Verizon. He apparently will be his third model running Android. Previously, the device was codenamed Calgary, it is a slider with touch screen and QWERTY keyboard.

Motorola Droid Devour designed for cellular networks, CDMA / EV-DO and running the operating system Android 2.1 and interface MOTOBLUR. Also it has a 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS receiver and a slot for memory cards format microSD. Wireless communications, in turn, are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition, the source refers to 3,5 mm audio jack and battery capacity of 1420 mAh. Boy Genius Report has also deployed a new snapshot of the device in a silver casing.

Lenovo ThinkPad T410s, T410, T510 and W510 - laptops based on Intel Core i5 and i7

Lenovo is introduced 4 new notebook - ThinkPad T410s, T410, T510 and W510, they will be sold on January 7, just for the start of the exhibition CES 2010. These notebooks use the latest processors Intel Core i5 and the Core i7. 14-inch Lenovo ThinkPad T410s, for example, is based on the processor Intel Core i5-520M or i5-540M, supports up to 8 GB of RAM and can be equipped with hard disk or solid state drive of different size. In addition, this notebook has wireless adapters are Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, plus optional Bluetooth, 3G and WiMAX.

Models Lenovo ThinkPad T410 and T510 with 14 and 15-inch display, respectively, have similar characteristics T410s (except for the additional wireless options), but also one of complete sets based on the processor Intel Core i7-620M. 15.6-inch notebook, Lenovo ThinkPad W510, in turn, is a powerful mobile workstation based on Intel Core i7-720QM, Core i7-820Q or Core 2 Extreme i7-920XM, with the maximum amount of RAM and 16 GB and the optional video card NVIDIA Quadro FX 880M. All new products are running operating system, Windows 7. Cost Lenovo ThinkPad T410s starts from $ 1399, T410 and T510 - from $ 999, and W510 - from $ 1599.

Xigmatek Utgard - "mythological" computer case in black

Taiwanese company Xigmatek is preparing to submit its third computer case, whose name was taken from Scandinavian mythology. The new building was designated Utgard (U'tgar?ar) that, according to Germany and the Scandinavian beliefs meant outlying area of land in which they live demons and giants.

Housing Xigmatek Utgard is made entirely in black and complies with the form factor of Mid-Tower. He has nine 5.25 "bays, an integrated controller to control the fan and located in the front panel, which includes two audio jacks, two eSATA ports and four ports USB 2.0.

In the absence of a more or less certain information can be assumed that the Corps Xigmatek Utgard is equipped with an exhaust fan located in the back, supports the installation of two side fans and one fan in the front and two - at the top. There is a lock for the power supply, located at the bottom, and for the installation of optical drives and expansion cards will probably not require any tools. Perhaps the announcement of computer case Xigmatek Utgard held at CES 2010.

Sony is preparing a new laptop Vaio Y11, S11, and F11

The site of the Greek retailer Compuland have new laptops Sony - Vaio Y11, S11 and F11, a Dutch Laptopshop has already started selling the updated models of Sony Vaio Z and CW. Laptop Sony Vaio Y11 is based on energy-efficient Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 with a frequency of 1.3 GHz. This 13.3-inch model with quite a list of standard features, including - 4 GB of RAM DDR3, HDD 320 GB and an integrated graphics Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD. Sony Vaio S11, in turn, is also equipped with 13.3-inch display, but is based on the processor Intel Core i3-330M. RAM and hard drive had the same.

Laptop Sony Vaio F11 is equipped with a screen diagonal of 16 inches. It is built on a processor Intel Core i5-520M. This same chip is received and updated models of the series Z. And laptops Sony Vaio CW in the updated version based on Intel Core i3-330M. Price Sony Vaio Y11, S11 and F11 in Compuland of 803, 1002 and 1103 euros, respectively. Sony Vaio Z and CW, in turn, can be purchased at Laptopshop for 1699 and 899 euros respectively.

Notebooks HP, Toshiba and Gateway based on Intel Core i3 - already in the online sale

Several online retailers began selling notebooks on the basis of the new processors Intel Core i3. Many of these models, obviously, will be showcased at the nearest the Consumer Electronics Show 2010. Based on the information on the sites of retailers, notebooks based on Core i3, basically, quite inexpensive. eCost, for example, sells a 15.6-inch laptop series HP Pavilion for $ 865. Canadian retailer Future Shop, in turn, exhibited a model from Gateway worth 730 Canadian dollars or 694 U.S. dollars. It is also a 15.6-inch model, but instead of integrated Intel graphics, it uses has not yet announced Adapter ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470. A 16-inch notebook Toshiba Satellite PSLS6C-00F005, which is also available in Future Shop, worth 799 Canadian or 763 U.S. dollars.

Features of HP Pavilion WA786UA # ABA from eCost:

* Windows 7 Professional
* 2.13 GHz Intel Core i3-330m
* Graphics Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator HD
* 15.6-inch display
* 320 GB hard drive (7200 rpm)
* Optical Drive DVD-RW
* Card Reader 5-in-1
* Wireless Adapters Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth
* 6-cell battery
* Color - Black

Panasonic and Sony promises to bring the capacity of Blu-ray disc to 67 GB

Japanese corporations Panasonic and Sony have developed a technology that allows for one-third increase capacity Blu-ray discs. Recall now the capacity of a single layer Blu-ray Disc is 25 GB, dual-layer disc, respectively - 50 GB. Thus, with the help of new technology the amount of data recorded on one layer, reaches 33.4 GB, which could result in the creation of Blu-ray disc capacity of 66.8 GB.

New technology developed by Japanese scientists, is called i-MLSE (Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation). With its help to better define the quality of the optical drive that allows devices to write and read Blu-ray discs to work with higher thresholds and, consequently, better read and write information.

It is interesting that this technology is mainly a policy framework that avoids the release of new equipment to work with Blu-ray high-capacity drives. Some companies, however, have to make changes to hardware components produced by Blu-ray players and other devices, responsible for the computing process, because it requires a great performance.

Sony has hoped that the technology i-MLSE will eventually widely accepted standard and is likely to propose the organization of Blu-ray Disc Association to register this technology as part of the specification format Blu-ray. This technology will allow members of BDA, which includes such well-known companies like Apple, Dell, LG and Samsung, to produce equipment, which makes it possible to record on Blu-ray media more data.

Lenovo Skylight - light and "long-playing" Qualcomm Snapdragon based smartbook

Lenovo is announced Skylight - smartbook based Qualcomm Snapdragon platform with 1 GHz. According to the manufacturer, is the industry's first ARM-based chipset smartbook Snapdragon. This is a model with 10.1-inch display, encased in original case with rounded corners. The device is very easy: it weighs only 900 grams. To store files from Lenovo Skylight provides 20 GB of flash memory. In addition, the device supports wireless standards Wi-Fi and 3G, in the U.S. it can be purchased with a contract operator AT & T. Smartbook also equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera, two USB ports, and supports memory card format miniSD.

Lenovo Skylight running the Linux operating system and interface based on widgets. On the device has 18 pre-installed widgets, they provide quick access to services such as Gmail, Facebook, and so on. Smartbuk, everything else, has a long battery life - up to 10 hours on one battery charge. He will go on sale in the U.S. in April this year and will cost $ 499 without a contract. And by the end of this year, Lenovo Skylight reaches the shelves of Chinese and European stores.

The new Dell Inspiron notebook based on Intel Core i3

Canadian company Costco started selling notebooks based on the latest mobile processors Intel Core i3. Among them - a model of a Dell Inspiron with 15.6-inch display. We have a laptop already available at Costco, and deliveries will start from 17 January. Cost based Dell Inspiron Intel Core i3 at Costco is $ 1030 Canadian dollars, equivalent to about $ 983 U.S.. This is slightly higher than the price of laptops on the same processors from other manufacturers, for example, Gateway or Hewlett-Packard, which also is available on the website of the Canadian retailer.

of the new Dell Inspiron 15 Characteristics:

* Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
* Processor Intel Core i3 with a frequency of 2.1 GHz
* Graphics Intel GMA X4500HD
* 15.6-inch display
* Winchester 320 GB
* Optical Drive DVD-RW
* 1.3 megapixel Web camera
* Communication - 10/100 Ethernet LAN, Wi-Fi 802.11n
* Ports - ExpressCard 34, 3hUSB 2.0, RJ45, HDMI, VGA
* Card Reader 7-in-1
* Dimension - 380x248x20 mm
* Weight - 2.5 kg

A pair of EVGA motherboards based on chipsets H55 and H57 for Clarkdale processors

In addition to its high-end motherboard with a two-socket LGA 1366, which we reported in the news, the company EVGA is preparing a couple of interesting, but much more affordable suggestions. A well-known manufacturer of computer components is preparing to replenish its range of two mainboards based on chipsets H55 and H57, calculated on the interaction with the recently introduced 32-nm processors Clarkdale performed by LGA 1156.

The two new motherboards from EVGA are made in the ATX form factor and have four slots for memory modules DDR3, as well as a pair of expansion slots PCI-Express x16 with support for the regime CrossFireX. In addition, there are eight SATA ports, Gigabit Ethernet connectors and FireWire, as well as an integrated 7.1-channel audiochip.

Among other things, EVGA mainboards are equipped with LED debugging, and since Clarkdale chips have a built-in 45-nm GPU, a board composed of a set of interfaces and video outputs D-Sub, DVI and HDMI. The official announcement of the new motherboard from EVGA based chipsets H55 and H57 should be held before the end of this week, probably at the same time we learn about the value of these products.

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid: laptop by day, unhinged tablet by night

The company introduced the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 - a hybrid of the Tablet PC and laptop. That is, it might look like and how an ordinary notebook computer with a QWERTY keyboard, but the 11.6-inch display devices - a touch, with support for multi-touch, it can be removed and used separately as planshetnika. Lenovo IdeaPad U1 runs the operating system Windows 7 and is built on the Intel Core 2 Duo series of energy-efficient SU. But part of the device, which operates separately as a tablet computer that uses Qualcomm Snapdragon platform and the Linux operating system with an interface Skylight.

Among other characteristics of the Lenovo IdeaPad U1 - 4 GB of RAM (in the mode planshetnika is 512 MB) Card Reader 4-in-1, 1,3 megapixel camera, and ports: USBh2.0, eSATA, VGA and HDMI. For file storage provides a solid-state drive capacity of 128 GB (16 GB for planshetnika). However, sales of Lenovo IdeaPad U1 will begin in the summer - June 1, and its cost will be $ 999.

MSI show at CES dual-screen e-book reader and 3D notebook

According to the resource DigiTimes, known for its familiarity, the company Micro-Star International (MSI) will demonstrate at CES 2010, which starts just a few days and will be held January 7-10 in Las Vegas, two new and interesting products. The first device - an electronic book, and it will be equipped with not one, as in most similar products, and two screens. This model, according to the source, based on the platform Nvidia Tegra.

In addition to the electronic book with two displays, MSI will present and a similar device in a more familiar form - a single screen, says DigiTimes. Also at CES 2010 will show a laptop with the support of three-dimensional image. Details about this product yet, it is hoped that they will appear in the next few days.