Light Touch - an interactive multitouch projector with touch-screen on any flat surface

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tired of hauling anywhere with a laptop or smaller in size, but not a mobile netbook? Soon typing or surfing the Internet can be in any place and on any available surface with the help of the revolutionary miniproektora presented at the exhibition CES-2010 in Las Vegas.

British company engaged in innovative technologies, Light Blue Optics of Cambridge, set up the projector Light Touch, which transforms any available flat surface in a 10.1-inch touch screen.

The projector to simulate the touch-screen uses multitouch holographic laser projection and infrared sensors.

In the futuristic device is easy and convenient to view photos, and thanks to the support of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can connect to the Internet and go to the popular social network.

In Light Touch 2GB of internal memory expandable with SD-cards. The device can also connect to other mobile devices, such as MP3-player, communicator, etc. The developers say that their invention will be very useful and popular in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other establishments.

Currently Light Touch is still only a prototype and the company Light Blue Optics is actively cooperating with other companies to manufacture their product to market.

Principle of Light Touch presented on a video below:

Simple 12-megapixel compact BenQ W1220

Company BenQ announced a 12-megapixel digital camera W1220. According to the manufacturer, the device can perfectly fit in your pocket: its thickness is only 18,4 mm. Camera BenQ W1220 is equipped with 28-mm wide angle lens with a 5-fold optical zoom and 2.7-inch display. It allows you not only receive up to 12 megapixel photos, and videos with resolutions up to 720x400 pixels and 30 fps. A maximum level of sensitivity apparatus - ISO 6400.

Of the technology that supports the BenQ W1220, the manufacturer emphasizes recognition of individuals (up to 10 per frame), automatic capture and tracking smile blinking. Several modes with given parameters - landscape, portrait, backlighting, backlit portrait, Night Scene, Night Portrait, Macro, Twilight - will help beginners or lazy photographers. Others may set the aperture and shutter speed (or just one of the parameters) manually. A feature Love-Portrait Auto Capture, in turn, is intended to capture a good self-portrait.

In addition, thanks to the support PictBridge photos can immediately print directly from the camera. 12-Mp camera BenQ W1220 is available now, while its costs have not been announced. Judging by the characteristics of the device, it is unlikely very high.

NVIDIA and Verizon Wireless have demonstrated the possibility of internet-tablet with support for Full HD network 4G

NVIDIA Corporation and the Center for Innovation Verizon Wireless LTE conducted a demonstration of the Internet in the resolution of 1080p HD on sensory plates. Ultra tablet from the ICD (Innovative Converged Devices) was created based on the NVIDIA Tegra, a broadband wireless network predkommercheskoy Verizon Wireless LTE in 4G modem from Motorola.

The beginning of this cooperation was laid at the Center for Innovation Verizon Wireless LTE, which provides a variety of companies to work together to create products using the technology of 4G LTE. NVIDIA Tegra mobile processors for handheld devices offer Internet capabilities at full HD, such as viewing YouTube HD hours on a single charge.

The company Verizon Wireless announced plans to build 4G LTE network in the U.S. and then back in 25-30 countries in 2010. LTE Network will support the transfer of content quality and high definition. Motorola provides a 4G wireless modem and card data. ICD, a company designing and modeling of Seattle, has created a tablet Ultra in collaboration with NVIDIA, Verizon and Motorola.

Qualcomm Snaptop - a prototype of a tablet with detachable keyboard

Qualcomm has demonstrated a device called Snaptop. This is a prototype of a tablet with a 9-inch touch screen, it is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, and runs an operating system Android. The device can be set on a table with a folding support. Ibid, rear mounted keyboard, which can be removed and arranged in front of the computer. It interacts with the wireless interface Bluetooth.

Details about the characteristics of the tablet has not much. Reported only that the interface Snaptop includes widgets, in addition, supports high-definition video 720p. In the tablet has a port HDMI, touch buttons below the display and a small trackball. The same control is on the keyboard. It is not clear when Snaptop will be implemented as a commercial product, if at all planned.

Release Windows Mobile 7 may be delayed until 2011

The World Wide Web continues to expire rumors about the possible timing of release of new mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 7. Just recently, we reported that the software platform, according to the president of Microsoft Robbie Bach (Robbie Bach), will be demonstrated in February at Mobile World Congress. In addition, LG and other sources previously confirmed that the release of Windows Mobile 7 to be held towards the end of this year.

However, information on Bright Side Of News, deal with the release of Windows Mobile 7 this is not so rosy. Journalists of this resource, allegedly communicated with representatives of many companies, one way or another connected with the mobile sphere, including Microsoft, HTC, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Lenovo, Texas Instruments, Nokia and others. They allegedly confirmed the distressing fact that the release of Windows Mobile 7 delayed until 2011.

However, somewhat strangely, that this list was Finnish phone giant Nokia, which has a very remote relationship to the operating system Windows Mobile. In addition, it is argued that because of this delay in producing communicators and smartbukov designed for Windows Mobile 7, is now forced to move their products to OS Android. Since the last version of the platform has become quite popular and also is free, the choice seems logical.

Of course, there is hope that the reports of the delay with the release of Windows Mobile 7 will be just rumors, and a new mobile operating system still appears in the current year. After all, its developers are said to train users of many "goodies", including an updated user interface is much more flexible and easy to manage.

ECS is preparing a simplified version of the board A890GXM-A Black Series motherboard on AMD 890GX

We have already reported on the development of the company new motherboard ECS A890GXM-A Black Series based on chipset AMD 890GX, intended for overclockers and enthusiasts. And now the network has information on the preparation of another model from this manufacturer, is also built on a specified set of chips.

The new motherboard is called IC890GXM-A and is a somewhat simpler and less technically-equipped model, aimed at the use of standard home computers. In addition, this fee may appeal to users, constantly working with the media content.

In contrast to the model A890GXM-A Black Series, motherboard IC890GXM-A was simplified nutrition. But for her, as stated, is not a problem with the interaction of six-core desktop processors future AMD, as well as DDR3 memory with a frequency of 1600 MHz.

Addition, the new board is equipped with two expansion slots for PCI-Express x16 (one of which implements the functionality of PCI-Express x4), and also has a pair of slots for PCI-Express x1 and PCI. There is slot Gigabit Ethernet, integrated 7.1-kanany audiochip, ports, USB 2.0, external SATA 6.0 Gbps, as well as video output and DVI D-Sub. Note that the AMD 890GX chipset will be presented in April, and a motherboard ECS IC890GXM-A should appear on the market around the same time.

RCA Airnergy uses Wi-Fi signals for charging mobile electronic

At the recently concluded CES show in 2010 the company introduced the innovative RSA Charger Airnergy, capable of receiving power signals from Wi-Fi. This does not necessarily work in the network itself, just stay close to Wi-Fi router, or another transmitter signal.

How Wi-Fi signals are converted into electricity, the source does not report. Also remains in question and the effectiveness of such systems. However, we know that the energy received from the Wi-Fi signals, accumulates in the internal battery and can be used to recharge mobile devices.

Thus, the owners of cellular phones and music players could in theory do forget about the existence of electric outlets and charge your device from the Wi-Fi signals using the charger RCA Airnergy. Deliveries of the charger will begin this summer, its value is not reported.

GlacialStars IceHut 7224 - Cooler for AMD processors

The company introduced GlacialTech cooler for CPUs AMD - GlacialStars IceHut 7224. By the promise of products created for performance desktop computers new cooler IceHut 7224 is an economical and reliable solution at an affordable price.

In accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 GlacialStars uses thermal paste on the basis of nano-particles of metal oxides and macromolecules in order to maintain low temperature of the processor. This provides high thermal conductivity, low turnover and resistance to high temperatures cooler GlacialStars IceHut 7224. Model GlacialStars IceHut 7224 should appear in Russia in April 2010 at an estimated price of 170-200 rubles.

IceHut 7224 Features:

* Processors AMD AM2, AM2 +, AM3
* Dimensions - 76h77h62 mm
* Weight - 240 grams
* Fan - 70 x 70 x 25 mm, speed (rpm) 2800 (± 10%), airflow (CFM) 25 (± 10%), Noise 24 (max) dB

Canon LEGRIA HF R18, HF R16 and HF R106 - ease of location and distribution of video in Full HD

Canon has expanded the range of LEGRIA, presenting a new series LEGRIA HF R. It consists of three and lung Full HD Camcorder LEGRIA HF R18, HF R16 and HF R106, which that simplify the creation of home movies and sharing. In all series cameras realized the system HD cameras from Canon: sensor HD CMOS, 20 x optical zoom, videoobektiv Canon HD and enhanced processor DIGIC DV III. Smart Auto mode was originally implemented in compact digital devices, and now optimized for high-definition camcorders. The presence of 31 different scenes in the Smart Auto mode means that all the hard work is done automatically, without user intervention.

Technology of Canon's Instant AF complements intelligent automatic mode Smart Auto, providing fast focus to create quality films of the standard HD. Face Detection ensures automatic detection of up to 35 persons and oversees the correct focus and exposure. All models are equipped with the intellectual function of the Pre REC ( «pre-registration"), which begins shooting in three seconds until you press Record ( «Record").

LEGRIA HF R18 and LEGRIA HF R16 provide an easy way to convert video files to a posting on the Internet, and sharing with friends and relatives. Both models feature a new built-in tool for converting images from the HD format in the format of SD, which is used in a set with the function of Easy Web Upload ( «Easy loading the network") to open network access to these files. Bundled software PIXELA ImageMixer automatically detects the converted clips after you connect the camera to the computer and helps users to register and download and annotate their videos in a single procedure.

LEGRIA HF R18 and LEGRIA HF R16 equipped with Dual Flash Memory ( «dual flash-memory") - a combination of internal memory with connector for external cards. Internal memory for models LEGRIA HF R18 is 32 GB, while LEGRIA HF R16 - 8 GB. Both the possibility of increasing capacity by an additional slot for memory cards SDHC. Both new products have the function of Relay Recording ( «relay record") to prevent disruption of the shooting process due to memory overflow. In this case, the footage is automatically saved on the external card and a video camera continues to record the events. LEGRIA HF R106 cards are only compatible with SDHC.

Waterproof and high-speed memory card Kingmax SDHC 32 GB

The company introduced Kingmax Memory 32GB SDHC Class 10, offers fast write speed, high volume and protection from water. Memory card Kingmax Class 10 meets the standard set by the Association of SD, through which you can shoot in continuous shooting mode at high speed and without a professional SLR camera thanks to the speed record of over 20 Mbps.

Large capacity to store up to 160 minutes of HD video or up to 2500 photos in RAW. Memory card Kingmax 32GB Class10 SDHC meets the criteria for protection from water IEC 60529 standard IPX8, ensuring the integrity and preservation of data even in such circumstances, taken as a diving or rain. Packaging technology memory PIP (Product In Package) provides reliability and long life. Deliveries will begin in Russia in February 2010.

waterproof memory card, SDHC Kingmax Specifications:
  • Capacity: 8 / 16 / 32 GB
  • Dimensions: 32h24h2, 1 mm
  • Voltage: 2,7 ~ 3,6 V
  • Standard SD 2.0
  • Data transfer rate 20 MB / s
  • Data retention: 10 years
  • Weight: 2 grams

Motorola Brute i680: protected "Brutal clamshell for Sprint

Motorola and North American mobile operator Sprint unveiled a new mobile phone model - Motorola Brute i680, which combines the possibility of supporting network services and Nextel Direct Connect phone shells increased protection to external shocks, which conforms to military standards - 810F. This standard includes protection against dust, shock, vibration, low and high temperature, low pressure, solar radiation, salt fog, humidity and pouring rain.

This also offers its new owners to take advantage of built-in 2-megapixel camera, support GPS navigation, wireless technology, Bluetooth, high-capacity battery and of course the iDEN network operator with a package of services to Nextel Direct Connect.

Motorola Brute already available from the operator and costs $ 119.99 (not including taxes).

Other specifications of Motorola Brute i680:

  • Dimensions: 99,5 x53x26 mm
  • Weight: 159.5 gr.
  • Main display: 2.2-inch, TFT, resolution of 176x220 pixels, displaying more than 65 thousand colors
  • External Display: 1.3-inch, TFT, resolution of 120x60 pixels, displaying more than 65 thousand colors
  • Camera: 2 MP
  • Supports Bluetooth v2.1 (including the profile A2DP)
  • Support for GPS navigation and geotagging for photos
  • Built-in e-mail client and a multimedia player
  • Supporting microSD memory cards up to 8 GB
  • Battery: Li-Ion, 1750 mAh

"two-in-one" Smartphone Lenovo LePhone: candy bar and clamshell

Lenovo is presented smartphone called LePhone. It was demonstrated at the last CES, 2010, and now the company has published, and his official image. It should be noted that the device looks quite unusual: it is a thin besklaviaturnogo candy bar with rounded corners, and it can be installed in a special docking station, receiving a cot with a QWERTY-keyboard. So, in fact, a smartphone "two-in-one. The docking station also includes the dynamics and capacious battery.

The smartphone is equipped with Lenovo LePhone 3.7-inch touch screen, based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, and runs an operating system Android. Among its features - 3-megapixel camera, GPS-receiver, wireless Wi-Fi adapter and Bluetooth, microSD-slot, and support for third-generation cellular networks. Lenovo is initially plans to begin selling LePhone in China, probably in the second quarter of this year, and then a smartphone can get in other markets.

Motorola XT720 comes to Korea: another new market for Android-smartphone company

It is known that the Android-smartphone Motorola XT701, which has already appeared in China, next month will be released in South Korea. The model will be sold in this market under a different name - Motorola XT720, it's a bit different from the original, it will provide the operator SK Telecom. The device will become the first South Korean Android-smartphone. And just this year, SK Telecom plans to release about 13 models on the basis of this platform. Plans not to lag behind its main competitor in this market - the operator KT.

Model Motorola XT720, as the Chinese XT701, running Android 2.0, equipped with a 3.7-inch WVGA-touch screen, supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. In addition, the board smartphone has HDMI-port and the receiver T-DMB, and the camera at Motorola XT720 8-megapixel, but not 5-megapixel, like the XT701. Recall, according to unofficial information, the international market is expected to release a device, it is known under the code name Sholes Tablet.

BlackBerry Curve 8910 - on the way next business smartphone

The network has the first information about the BlackBerry Curve 8910 smartphone, and then almost immediately followed by a picture and device. Apparently, the new BlackBerry Curve is the successor of 8900, its sale is just not so long ago started in Russia. Judging by the photos, BlackBerry Curve 8910 has an optical trackpad instead of the usual trackball, and its design is common for a series of quite Curve - a monoblock with the integrated QWERTY-keyboard.

On the characteristics of the device while you can only speculate. He seems to have Wi-Fi modules and GPS, and a display resolution of 480x360 pixels. Supposed to be and support for third-generation cellular networks. So far no reports on the timing of BlackBerry Curve 8910, is known only that he had recently been certified by the Bluetooth SIG.

ASUS introduced the latest generation of gaming Laptops

The company ASUS, a developer and manufacturer of mobile devices, most notable for the fact that it is its Eee series, launched the global interest to the simplest and most compact notebooks, which are now known as netbooks. But, over time, ASUS has lost its dominant position in this segment, becoming only one of the manufacturers of netbooks, but because the company's management was forced to seek other means to keep the world's largest manufacturers of mobile computers. Including one of the areas of development is the emergence of portable computer game series ASUS Republic of Gamers, the latest generation of which was presented at CES this year - a laptop ASUS ROG G73Jh.

The heart of this gaming laptop has become the latest processor Intel Core i7, and to attract the attention of gamers machine was given a design reminiscent of the well-known type of aircraft stealth F-117. ASUS ROG G73Jh completed graphics adapter ATI Radeon ™ HD5870, compatible with DirectX 11, and the amount of RAM DDR3 can reach 3 GB. Hard disk storage has a capacity of 1 TB. The model also has an 8-channel HD-audio support for surround sound with EAX 4.0, and 17.3-inch screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Transcend JetFlash 300-share, store and manage your files easily

Company Transcend Information announced the availability of USB-drive JetFlash 300. Design JetFlash 300 is made under the shiny black obsidian with a bar indicating the volume of the device. Bright LED-indicator automatically shows the access to the device that makes data transfer easier and more convenient. In addition, the weight of the JetFlash 300 is only 8.5 grams. Its easy to carry and store in a pocket or purse.

Data rate JetFlash 300 is up to 18 MB / sec. JetFlash 300 is fully compatible with Windows ReadyBoost, a feature that helps optimize performance by increasing the memory available to Windows Vista or Windows 7. All the flash drive, the JetFlash Transcend's a lifetime warranty, and the JetFlash 300 is no exception. To make wireless work with the JetFlash 300 a more productive, users can download and install the JetFlash 300 free management utility JetFlash Elite. JetFlash Elite drive will turn into an automatic key to the accounts on websites or in a temporary lock, limiting access to a computer to unauthorized users. JetFlash 300 is available in three versions: 4 GB Green, 8 GB and 16 GB of purple lavender.

12 hours high-performance notebook - the reality of ASUS

Notebook ASUS UL80JT was once two graphics adapters: High-performance NVIDIA GeForce 310 and a modest internal Intel GMA, as well as the possibility of switching between them. In addition, he is able to instantaneously vary the frequency of your CPU Intel Core i7. Why all this? The answer is simple: high-performance notebook becomes able to work out to 12 hours without recharging. In economy mode, of course. Moreover, its value when it goes on sale, should make a little over $ 1000.

Laptops that have a capacity of classical computers can work out in the autonomous mode is not more than 2-3 hours, while the cost netbooks have already been identified by 8-12 hours of continuous operation. The developers of ASUS 'was an attempt to achieve a reasonable compromise between performance and survivability. Can not say that this is the first such decision, but offered by Apple in MacBook Pro Series is not so successful, because it requires a reconfiguration mode in Energy Saver, which can not be made instantly. The principal difference between the system of ASUS was the provision of computer capabilities to decide on the required energy consumption, which makes the system simple and understandable to the user at any level. In this illustrative notebook ASUS UL80JT has built-in widgets to demonstrate real-time processor load.

MOTONAV TN500 and TN700 navigator

The trip, many prefer to trust no GPS-navigator, built-in phone, and stand alone devices. However, the need to make calls on the road, too, can not refuse. Motorola has proposed to use avtonavigator synchronized with the mobile phone. That so are presented at CES 2010 model MOTONAV TN500 and TN700. The models differ only diagonal touch screen, which makes for a younger model, TN 500, 4.3 inches, while the TN700 - 5,1 inches. This increase was made diagonal by increasing the horizontal, wide screen MOTONAV TN700. Both models are capable of simultaneously displaying points of interest, itinerary, information about it and contacts from the phonebook. Furthermore navigator can be used as a device hands-free, allowing you to talk on the phone or search your address book.

Separately, it is worth noting that navigators MOTONAV TN500 and TN700 are using mobile phone to connect to the network and download updates of traffic, gasoline prices, weather forecasts and so on. Used for this platform Bing, designed for control via voice commands. This functionality is realized through service MotoExtras, which comes with a three-month period free of work.

Avtonavigator MOTONAV TN500 and TN700 appear on the market in the first quarter of this year. The exact price of equipment and subscriptions to MotoExtras There is no information.

Stand for Notebook Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 with stereo speakers, and a wide fan base soft

Swiss company Logitech introduced an interesting stand for laptops - Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700. As noted by Logitech, is the first for her accessory for notebook all-in-one ", which has a built-in stereo speakers, fan, and a broad soft stem.

Unlike most notebook speakers, Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 offers two high-quality built-in speakers with a two inch speakers. Stereo speakers are placed symmetrically on both sides of the notebook and give rich sound and deep bass. They are connected through one USB-cable, the user will not be tangled wires and problems with transportation and installation of external speakers.

However, even if the user decides to sit on the couch or bed, the viewing angle of the screen and the soft ground will sit in a comfortable position. At the same time, the fan delivers air under the notebook, and the special design helps to protect the legs from the heat generated by the notebook. Mesh fabric of the lower layer and the air duct between the base of the camera stand and the upper plane protects the fan from dust and damage and ensure a stable, free flow of air. And for easy management of Speaker Lapdesk N700 is the volume control buttons and on / off fan. Expected to stand for a laptop Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 goes on sale in Europe in March for a suggested retail price of 69,99 euros.

Smartphone Palm Pre got more memory for applications and the function of wireless modem

The company updated Palm OS Smartphone Palm Pre webOS to version The update is available for European users in countries such as Britain, Ireland, Germany and Spain. Firmware webOS for Palm Pre preserves the benefits of the two previous versions of OS - 1.3.5 i1.3.5.1, which became available in the U.S. last week, but has some differences.

Among the improvements webOS - more memory to install third-party applications to use Palm Pre as a modem for Internet access via Bluetooth, and browser support animated GIF. In addition, the upgrade was done a few fixes that have touched the duration of battery life, applications, calendar, and so on. Owners of smartphones Palm Pre above-mentioned regions can already download the update.