Four series of cameras Olympus μ: compact size, big zoom

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Company Olympus today announced four thin series cameras Olympus μ. These models retain inherent series μ compact size, but their zoom functionality and have grown substantially. They are equipped with optical zoom up to 10x and capacious built-in memory, most of them support HD video capture. Olympus μ-5010, μ-7030, μ-μ-7040 and 9010 in different colors will be available in March 2010.

With a resolution of 14 megapixels and built-in memory up to 2 GB, the new model series μ suit a wide range of users. The optical zoom of 5x (26-130 mm equiv. To 35 mm) and 7x (28-196 mm equiv. To 35 mm) to wide-angle 10x (28-280 mm equiv. To 35 mm) make it possible to capture a group portrait, and large plans. The new Photo surfing makes viewing images captured with a simple and convenient. And thanks to technology Olympus all shots will be grouped by events, people or places. Display with a diagonal of up to 3 inches makes viewing pictures or reading the built-in user manual more comfortable. Shooting HD video lets you record important events, and viewing can be arranged on your TV via HDMI port. Among other features of Olympus - Dual Image Stabilization, i-Auto, Continuous AF autofocus, beauty and panorama mode in the camera. They will help you get great shots without worrying about camera settings.

Key features of Olympus μ-5010, μ-7030, μ-μ-7040 and 9010:
  • 10x (μ-9010), 7x (μ-μ-7040 and 7030) and 5x (μ-5010) wide-angle optical zoom (28-280 mm, 28-196 mm, 26-130 mm)
  • Dual Image Stabilization (combination of mechanical and digital stabilization)
  • Shooting HD video connector and HDMI (μ-7030: with sound)
  • 14 Megapixels
  • 2 GB of internal memory (μ-μ-7030 and 5010: 1 GB) and a slot for SD memory cards
  • Display 3-inch (μ-7040) or 2.7-inch technology HyperCrystal II (230000 points)
  • Available colors: silver, pink and blue (μ-5010), silver, blue and violet (μ-7030), silver, blue and pink (μ-7040), gold and black (μ-9010)

Silicon Power introduced the world's first 400h CompactFlash card to 128 GB

Taiwan-based Silicon Power, known as a manufacturer of high-quality solutions based on flash memory, today announced the world's first high-speed CompactFlash memory cards at speeds 400h and possessing a capacity of 128 GB.

New Ultra memory card is designed for use by professional photographers and supports the transfer modes PIO Mode-6 and Multi-Word DMA 4 and is equipped with a built-in error correction ECC (Error Correction Code), increases the reliability of information storage.

In addition, the new CompactFlash card from Silicon Power with a capacity of 128 GB provides the maximum writing speed data at 90 Mbps and comes with a lifetime warranty. However, its cost and release date is not reported.

"Mythological" computer case Xigmatek Utgard will cost less than 70 euros

They began to know further details about the computer case Utgard, preparing to release by Xigmatek. The name of this body, like his fellow Midgard and Asgard, is taken from Norse mythology, in addition, the new product uses a similar color scheme - black inside and the combination of black with orange - from the outside.

"Mythological" computer case Xigmatek Utgard lattice has a front panel and located on top panel with two eSATA ports and four-port USB 2.0, as well as two audio jacks. In addition, there are nine compartments of size 5.25 inches, and two knob to control the internal fans.

Cooling Xigmatek Utgard includes four mounting holes for liquid cooling system and seating for nine fans. By default, the case has three fans, two of which are 120 mm device placed in front and rear, and another with a diameter of 170 mm - on top. Computer Corps Xigmatek Utgard should appear on sale Feb. 17 at the price of 69,90 euros.

Microsoft removes almost all the boxed version of Office 2007 from its online store in the U.S.

Microsoft has removed virtually all the boxed version of Office 2007 from its online store in response to entered into force Jan. 11 court order. Recall the end of last year, American courts ruled that prohibits Redmond giant to sell in the United States all the versions of the software package Office, containing customizable XML code.

The fact that the rights to the technology XML tagging owned a small Canadian company i4i, accusing Microsoft of violating its patents and the illegal use of this method in Word 2007. In this case the U.S. Supreme Court sided with the i4i and sentenced the Redmond company to a large fine, and also forbade selling or importing into the U.S. market all versions of the software package Office, which has challenged the functionality

Obeying this injunction, Microsoft has removed from sale in its online store virtually all boxed version of Office Suite, leaving only version of Office Ultimate cost 680 dollars. In addition, withdrawn from sale and a package of Office for Mac 2008. But digital versions of most modifications of the Office is still available for download. Users are also encouraged to experiment with the new beta version of Office 2010 does not contain the disputed XML functions.

However, Microsoft promises to soon provide an updated version of Office 2007, which will use technology patented i4i, and resume the sale of its software package. Among other things, Redmond corporation demanded reconsideration "of the case Word" by the full Federal Court of Appeal of the United States and hopes to review the earlier decision to recover from her 290 million dollars in fines for violating patents.

Faster and affordable SSD drives Intel will appear in the current year

It is known that the market for solid state drives has become one of the fastest growing in the past year, and with the advent of the new year, this trend is likely to continue. One of the leaders in this sector corporation Intel, naturally, will try to strengthen its position in this market and plans to introduce in 2010 a new generation of SSD drives.

In a new line of solid-state drives Intel products must enter through 2x-nm memory chips, NAND Flash, which will become more rapid and affordable solution compared to existing 34-nanometer SSD drives. Thus, the transition to a more "delicate" process technology will allow Intel to reduce the cost and increase the capacity of NAND memory, which should properly have an impact on the characteristics of finished products.

Know, for example, to develop a model SSD 320 GB. In addition, a new generation of solid-state drives will have a higher speed sequential read data. However, the new SSD drives Intel does not receive the support of high-speed Interface SATA 6.0 Gbps, at least until 2011, because the corporation will not be in the hands of the controller. Note that Intel competitors have been more fortunate in this regard. For example, the company Micron has already announced the integration of standard SATA 6.0 Gbps in their new SSD drives.

New router D-Link Rush and Touch, a portable router D-Link Wireless N Pocket Router

Company D-Link's new models of wireless routers support 802.11n protocol for the organization of high-speed wireless networks: D-Link Rush, D-Link Touch portable and compact router D-Link Wireless N Pocket Router.

D-Link Rush - is a device series 600 Xtreme N Duo HD MediaBridge, «accelerator" for a home wireless network. The main purpose of the router - increasing the speed of information transmission within the home wireless network so you can work with content of high-resolution, mainly high-definition movies, HD video, and photographs. This device is compatible with other wireless gadgets, and antenna design can speed wireless network connection up to 600 Mbit / s, and expand the area of wireless network coverage.

Router D-Link Touch - is a functional router for home and / or small office. Feature of the device is the presence of 3-inch LCD display with touch control system, which allows you to configure and change the configuration parameters of network connections. The maximum data transmission speed, which is achieved when using D-Link Touch, is 450 Mbps. Router 802.11n standard supports operation in two frequency bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band and is backward compatible with the equipment standards 802.11 a / b / g.

Compact Router D-Link Wireless N Pocket Router is an option for use in traveling. The device can be used to create a wireless network 802.11n and its connection to the Internet. Thanks to its compact dimensions it is easy to carry around. For the convenience of transportation in the sales package also provides a road case. Supported technology SharePort, providing users sharing devices USB.

Thin Nettop LM-mini20 from Mouse Computer-based NVIDIA Ion

Mouse Computer Company introduced thin Nettop LM-mini20. Nettop is made on the basis of the platform NVIDIA Ion and received the Intel Atom processor 230 with a clock speed of 1.6 GHz. On board there is also 1 GB of RAM (there is a possibility of extension up to 3 GB) and hard disk capacity of 160, 320 or 500 GB. Nettop really thin - the thickness of the device is only 20 mm. Overall dimensions are 172,5 h153, 5x20 mm. The computer comes preloaded with operating system Windows 7 Home Premium.

The nice thing about this model is that it is designed with the ability to install over any LCD screen. As the producer's idea, this Nettop is used as a home entertainment center. Nettop from Mouse Computer LM-mini20 is available for purchase on the Japanese market. Its starting price is 34800 yen, that is about 325 dollars.

Drive Kingston SSDNow V "lost" up to 30 GB and has fallen in price

It is known that one of the main obstacles to the mass dissemination of solid-state drives, is their high cost. Indeed, for the price you are asked today for the SSD, the user can easily get a standard hard drive in several times more capacity. All manufacturers have different struggling with this problem. Someone, such as a corporation Intel, plans to move to a more "subtle" manufacturing process that increases the capacity of SSD drives and reduces the cost of their production. But the company Kingston Digital, a subsidiary of Kingston Technology, decided to simply reduce the amount of storage to reduce their prices.

Indeed, the capacity of the new model in the budget series Kingston SSDNow V is only 30 GB, which is sufficiently small by modern standards. Manufacturer, however, rightly believes that this amount of memory is enough to create a boot disk, realizing the benefits of solutions based on NAND memory. Recall, SSD drives are usually distinguished by a high performance and reliability, as well as less sensitive to external influences.

Model Kingston SSDNow V capacity of 30 GB actually has a good performance. For example, it allows computer programs such as Photoshop, iTunes and Firefox, to load up to six times faster than using a standard hard drive. SSD drive Kingston SSDNow V Series 30GB Boot Drive is equipped with three-year warranty, but its delivery will begin in late February. The exact value of the product is still unknown, reported only that the price is less than 90 pounds (about 145 dollars).

Sony Ericsson is preparing a QWERTY-piece Faith with touchscreen

The network has pictures and specifications of the communicator Sony Ericsson Faith. It runs Windows Mobile and Interface Panels. The device is made in candybar with touch screen and an integrated QWERTY-keyboard.

It belongs to a line of environmentally friendly Green Heart. In the photographs the model in a silver casing, but are reported to be even and black version. On the timing of Sony Ericsson Faith information yet.

Sony Ericsson Faith Features:
  • Mobile networks: GSM / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS / HSDPA 900/2100 MHz
  • Operating system: Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Interface Panels
  • Display: 2.4-inch touchscreen with QVGA resolution
  • Wireless Wi-Fi
  • AGPS
  • MicroSD-slot
  • Multitasking
  • Color: silver, black

ZTE C76 and Huawei G7600: two simple phone approved by FCC

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has certified two mobile phones from the Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei. Models ZTE C76 and Huawei G7600 simple, they both represent a piece with a digital keyboard. ZTE C76 at the pictures from FCC - in bright orange casing. This apparatus is designed for U.S. operator MetroPCS, he works in the standard CDMA. Among the features of this phone - a platform for BREW, wireless Bluetooth interface and 3.5-mm headphone jack, and support a number of services MetroPCS.

The second device is unlikely to be released in the U.S.. Phone Huawei G7600 is designed for cellular networks GSM / GPRS. It is equipped with Bluetooth-adapter, microSD-slot, FM-radio, audio / video player and a camera (probably 2-megapixel). Issued for such a simple device is to support mobile TV. Presumably, first Huawei G7600 will be available in China. On the date of issue and the cost of both phones still do not know, but the price is likely to be low.

iPhone fourth-generation in June

While speculation about Apple's planshetnika multiply and public attention focused on this device, rumors about the next generation iPhone is paid relatively little attention. Nevertheless, the probability of occurrence of this device on the market in the near future is very high. According to the newspaper The Korea Times, a partner of Apple in the country, operator KT Telecom, expects to receive the first models of phones iPhone 4G already in April this year. The next generation iPhone should vary with the presence of OLED-display, support for video, high speed and cycle time.

Sources of the number of manufacturers indicate that the iPhone 4G will get dual-core processor and advanced graphics processor. No exact characteristics are not called, but probably it is a new processor ARM Cortex A9, which will ensure and increase productivity. Also mentioned the possibility of installing a replacement battery, which would provide for a long time. But the capability of supporting video almost certainly implies the presence of a frontal camera. You can also expect the main camera with high resolution, since most of the "competitors" have a minimum 5-megapixel module.

As for the timing of iPhone 4G, then April - a time when KT Telecom will get a few samples for internal testing. In selling the next generation Apple phone will do in June. On the possible cost of a new apparatus have not been announced.

Stealth MXP Bio: flash drive for James Bond

Although almost all modern flash drives support 128 -, and some 256-bit encryption, they do not guarantee 100% protection against hacking information. Yes, the encrypted information to obtain from them is difficult, but it is quite possible, since no hardware protection of a typical flash drive does not. Especially for those who have to deal with information that in no case should not be read by unauthorized persons even if they lose the carrier, or from whom paranoia is acting up or someone wants to feel like a secret agent, the company MXI Security offers a flash drive with three degrees protection.

Stealth MXP Bio outwardly almost indistinguishable from any other similar device, but offers advanced features to protect information. Data encryption is carried out at the hardware level system AES-256 CBC. But the transcript required only if the user was able to undergo the procedure of authentication, which includes in addition to code access is also recognition of the owner of one, two or three parameters, which may include and fingerprinting. This level of data protection has been achieved by placing inside the media processor Bluefly, which is also responsible for protecting information from viruses and malicious programs. Well, in order to have James Bond did not raise complaints to the preservation of information somewhere in the tropical jungle, Stealth MXP Bio meets standards Illuminated IEC 60529 IP57 and MIL-STD-810F.

Olympus μ TOUGH-3000: a solid camera for active users

Company Olympus introduced additions to the family of stable cameras Olympus - μ TOUGH-model 3000, which is suitable for everyday adventures. This model inherited from the received awards μ TOUGH-8000 lens with a 3.6x wide optical zoom (28-102 mm equiv. To 35 mm), and is equipped with additional functions to capture images - from a system of dual image stabilization to the Magic Filter. Camera waterproof (up to 3 m), shockproof (up to 1,5 m) and frost-proof up to -10 ° C. 12-megapixel μ TOUGH-3000 goes on sale in March 2010. The camera will be available in different colors: red, turquoise, pink and emerald green.

The camera also allows you to record HD video quality and show it to your friends on your TV by connecting the camera connector HDMI. With the Olympus you can quickly find the desired image using as a search criterion events, person, place or date. Another plus: the user will not experience a shortage of memory and does not face a sudden Grounded battery - the camera is equipped with a built-in memory capacity of 1 GB and supports battery charging via USB port. In addition to all listed, this model is equipped with such functions Olympus, as the regime of beauty and mode i-Auto, Continuous AF autofocus and dual image stabilization.

Key features of Olympus μ TOUGH-3000:
  • Shockproof to 1.5 meters, waterproof to 3 meters, frost-proof up to -10 ° C, resistant to scratches
  • 3.6x wide optical zoom (28-102 mm equiv. To 35 mm)
  • Dual Image Stabilization (combination of mechanical and digital stabilization)
  • Record HD video and HDMI connector
  • 12 Megapixels
  • 1 GB of internal memory and a slot for SD memory cards
  • Function Photo surfing and the Olympus
  • Display with a diagonal of 2.7 inches and technology HyperCrystal III (230000 points)
  • Improved Detection and Shadow Adjustment Technology
  • Intelligent Auto mode (i-Auto) and Tracking AF
  • Magic Filters
  • Built-in User Guide
  • Charging the battery via USB

Samsung announced a 32 GB memory card and 64 GB solid state drive

Quick smartphones and communicators, as well as other mobile devices are good, but only so long as the available memory is fully consistent with the system. If the memory for speed or volume does not match, then realize the possibility of the device as a whole does not work. The company Samsung, which is the largest producer of memory cards (and more recently under its own brand), today announced a new generation of media for mobile devices. They are built on the basis of a new 30-nanonmetrovoy fleshevoy high-density NAND memory. In the series includes solid state drives moviNAND up to 64 GB and a memory card microSDHC format up to 32 GB.

64-GB drive is composed of 16 32-gigabit MLC NAND chips and controller, but its thickness is only 1,4 mm. In line drives moviNAND besides the flagship 64 GB models are versions with a memory 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB. MicroSD memory card format previously produced by 40-nm technology, the transition to 30-nm has reduced the thickness of the 32-GB version to 1 mm.

According to the company Samsung, moviNAND solid-state drives are in mass production since December last year, and 32-GB memory card, the new generation will be launched into mass production next month.

Windows Mobile 7 will support only two screen resolutions

The company Microsoft is late with the release of openly operating system for Windows Mobile communicators 7. This information about its capabilities are still too many. However, senior marketing manager Greg Sullivan, Microsoft (Greg Sullivan) in an interview resource Betanews mentioned a number of interesting details about this operating system.

According to him, the corporation Microsoft, when developing Windows Mobile 7 the least engaged with issues related to the interaction with the operating system CPU and memory, the emphasis is on working with the screen. The main problem was the need to create software equally satisfied with the work on devices with different types of screens and input. In this case, Mr. Sullivan said that it is likely to happen in the future, a radical reduction types, screen resolutions: from nine to two. Although he did not specify what permissions will most likely it comes to WVGA (800x480) and FWVGA (854 × 480).

Also, a Microsoft representative confirmed that it is the communicator HTC HD2 demonstrates a new approach to the development of mobile devices running Windows Mobile, and the development of a new operating system is in close cooperation with the NTS. For the same reasons for the delay with the release of Windows Mobile 7, he called the need for careful consideration of the future operating system, due to increasing competition in this segment.

Apple iSlate tablet may not have the camera or look like a large iPod

Sazu two new hearing on the Tablet PC from Apple. The resource is the Mac Observer image details of the device which, according to the source, is the glass front of the tablet Apple. In this panel more closely resembles the increased in size iPod, which did a few extra holes. At the bottom of an opening, which can be considered analogous to the buttons Home button on the phone iPhone, and the top slot for the observed dynamics and the small hole in the top right corner for the camera. Diagonal screen size, as reported, is 10 inches.

This image raises some doubt as too wishy-washy design repeats other devices Apple. Also in the resource John Gruber, Daring Fireball (John Gruber), known for its fairly accurate predictions about the products of the company, reports that planshetnik iSlate do not have any cameras. While this information and is contrary to numerous previous reports of the functionality of a tablet, it may be quite probable.

New 14-megapixel Olympus FE camera for users with limited budgets

Company Olympus today announced four new cameras in the series Olympus FE. According to the manufacturer, the 14-megapixel model will approach those who appreciate quality, but has a limited budget. FE-5030, FE-4040, FE-4030 and FE-47 will be available in several colors and will go on sale in March 2010.

The older model - FE-5030 is equipped with 5x wide optical zoom (26-130 mm equiv. To 35 mm), which allows you to shoot as group portraits and close-ups. Creative users might like to experiment with artistic filters, you can watch the result of experiments on the display with a diagonal of 2.7 inches. Such filters, as Pop Art, Fisheye, Pinhole Drawings and photographs will give a new look. For storage of images used flash card format SD. Also, the camera is equipped with features such as charging from USB, Dual Image Stabilization, Tracking AF, i-Auto mode and improved identification of persons. FE-5030 is available in the following colors: gray, turquoise, pink or white.

14-megapixel FE-4040 and FE-4030 - subtle and stylish fitted with 4x wide optical zoom (26-105 mm equiv. To 35 mm) diagonal display with 2.7-inch, memory card slot for SD, a function of charging from USB, and options such as Witness autofocus, mode i-Auto, Magic filters (Fisheye, Pop Art, Drawing and Pinhole) and improved identification of persons. FE-4040 is equipped with dual image stabilization, ensuring sharp images, even if the user's hand is not quite firm. They are available in the following colors: gray, turquoise, pink and white.

Simple camera FE-47 c-resolution 14 megapixel has a 5x optical zoom (36-180 mm equiv. To 35 mm), provided the use of standard AA batteries. Features such as i-Auto, AF Tracking, Improved Face Detection and Digital Image Stabilization provide a good result, and Magic filters provide the creative freedom. It will appear in the body in silver, black, blue or red.