ASUS DR-570 - E-book with a color OLED display

Monday, January 18, 2010

The network has information about e-book produced by ASUSTeK Computer. Resource Times Online InGear reported that this unit had told him the company itself ASUSTeK. The model will be called ASUS DR-570, it will have 6-inch display. But what is most interesting, the screen will be carried out not by technology "electronic paper" that is traditional for such devices, but will be a color OLED panel. The network is already available a small image in which the screen ASUS DR-570 is visible color magazine ELLE.

However, despite the fact that the e-book display at the ASUS is not on the basis of E-ink, yet it provides enough battery life - 122 hours on one battery charge. The device is also equipped with wireless adapters Wi-Fi and 3G and can play Flash videos. While there are no data about its characteristics. Issue e-book ASUS DR-570 with OLED display is obviously closer to the end of this year.

HTC A9292 Supersonic - Android smartphone with support for WiMAX

Resource Engadget citing a credible source told some details about the smartphone HTC A9292, which is intended for the American operator Sprint and supports network WiMAX. By the way, Russia has already sold communicator NTS MAX 4G network to fourth generation Yota. Perhaps later on Russia's market will be released and an analog device, designed for Sprint. According to the source, its code name Supersonic and it runs on Android 2.1 interface HTC Sense.

The smartphone is equipped with a 4.3-inch touch screen, and, the screen is not AMOLED. Quite possibly, Supersonic built on productive chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon, although the source does not have exactly what the processor uses ustroystvo.Takzhe mentioned tipping point-blank to set the smartphone on the table and a white body color (may be other color schemes). While no precise information about when this novelty will be released for sale.

iRiver Smart HD - media player with multi-touch screen and video support 720p

The company introduced iRiver PMP iRiver Smart HD. It is easy to understand from the title, it supports high-definition video. This is the first media player that the Korean company with such functionality and the first in the world, according to her, reproducing MKV HD video without recoding. New available in four versions: the basic 8 GB internal memory (it costs 229 000 won - $ 204), with 8 gigabytes of memory and a receiver for digital broadcasting DMB (279 000 won - about $ 248), with 16 GB of memory (299 000 won - $ 266 ) and, finally, with 16 GB of memory, Wi-Fi and DMB receiver (349 000 won - $ 310). Memory, moreover, can be expanded with cards microSD.

Media player features 3.5-inch touch screen with a resolution 480h320 pixels, supporting up to 16M colors and multi-touch control. It can play 720p HD video and supports a lot of formats, audio, video, graphic and text files: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, WAV, AC3 (audio); MKV, AVI, WMV, MP4, TP, MPG, ASF ( V); JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, RAW (image); TXT, DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, HWP, HTML, HTM, MHTML (text). The battery life iRiver Smart HD is enough for 18 hours of audio playback and 6 hours - video. While the new sale only in South Korea and it is unclear when it will do to other markets.

Gaming case SilverStone Fortress FT02 went on sale

Company Meijin introduced in Russia market a new model of housing SilverStone Fortress FT02. New SilverStone Fortress FT02 is designed for the attention of enthusiasts seeking to build a quiet workstation or a powerful gaming computer. Case SilverStone Fortress FT02 has a coherent structure, the frame is made of 4.5 mm aluminum casing - from 0,8 mm steel. Inside the building lined with foam material to absorb noise.

Placing the motherboard inside Fortress FT02 assumed 90 degrees from its standard position, as it is implemented in the already well-known consumer products in Russia RAVEN RV01. Thus, all the expansion slots are displayed on the top of the enclosure. Moreover, such a situation motherboard improves heat dissipation and heating of the computer platform may be lower.

Below cravings create three 180 mm fan on top of their complement of 120 mm cooler. It should be noted and provided for in the case Fortress FT02 to install CRS. SilverStone Fortress FT02 has five 5.25-inch, five 3.5-inch bays, as well as an internal 2.5-inch drive bay. The users can hot-swap hard drives. Upper panel is equipped with USB and audio ports. Supports 11-inch motherboard size ATX. Case dimensions are 212h497h616 mm.

Auzentech is high-end sound card X-Fi Bravura 7.1

Well-known manufacturer of high-quality audio solutions company introduced its first Auzentech sound card in the coming year. Novelty called Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 and is equipped with high-performance processor, Creative, and bus connections PCI-Express x1, which makes it suitable for use in home theater systems (HTPC).

Among the functional characteristics of sound card Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 note the support for 7.1-channel surround sound in the presentation of 24 bits at a frequency of 96 kHz. At the same time in the implementation of stereo (with headphones) quality of the audio stream rises to 24 bit/192 kHz. In addition, when creating a product used premium components.

Among other things, audio card Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 has five interchangeable operational amplifiers (OP-AMP), as well as Hi-Fi headphone amplifier that supports the connection of professional models 1/4-dyuymovym Jack. Presence and support of professional microphones.

System ports Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 includes optical / coaxial connector under the combined S / PDIF interface. There is also support for proprietary technologies Creative, including the CMSS 3D, Crystalizer, EAX 4.0, ADVANCED HD, Bass Management and 10-channel equalizer, and this sound card is worth $ 130.

Pioneer XW-NAS5 - Speaker System for iPod for sophisticated users

Tabletop certified speaker system is configured and calibrated for optimal sound reproduction in a compact format. Equipped with a 2.1 digital amplifier Model XW-NAS5 guarantee the accuracy of reproduction and the softness of the sound, and long-excursion subwoofer attaches to and extends the power dynamics of the bass. iPod Digital Direct Connection provides direct access to digital music in exactly the capacity, as it retained in the iPod. Unlike most other speaker systems for your iPod or docking stations, these systems eliminated intermediate stage conversion of digital audio to analog in order to ensure quality playback. Solid construction reduces any unwanted vibrations or resonance during playback. Dual hermetically sealed package to prevent any external influence on the process.

With the optional Bluetooth adapter, the device can download music files wirelessly with phones equipped with a Bluetooth, or computers. It provides an opportunity to charge the device connected iPod while playing music, and is equipped with a remote control the size of a credit card. The new system uses an acoustic component and composite video output for playback from a connected system of iPod. In the model XW-NAS5 also includes our proprietary design features to optimize the sound, including a system to improve the quality of compressed audio signal processing Advanced Sound Retriever, as well as an automatic volume control Auto Level Control. It also features an FM radio and digital alarm clock with repeated signal, a function of wake and sleep.

ETegro Hyperion RS120 G3 - economical multifunctional server based on Intel Xeon 550

ETegro Technologies, local manufacturers of servers, workstations, storage systems and special-purpose computers, has released ETegro Hyperion RS120 G3 - a new model for server 3rd generation multi-core Intel Xeon processor 5500. New server dvuhprotsescorny ETegro Hyperion RS120 G3 as the structural U1 is specifically designed for a wide range of applications and has an attractive price.

ETegro Hyperion RS120 G3 can be used in computing clusters (HPC), in the systems of cloud computing (cloud computing). As the company, high-performance computing, such as video processing, Crypto, terminal applications, web servers, application servers - for all these tasks a new ETegro Hyperion RS120 G3 would be a good economical choice.

Platform ETegro Hyperion RS120 G3 has extensive built-in functionality. Among the useful built-in features can be noted, for example, the controller SAS drives with the ability to mirror and stripe, network adapters, Gigabit Ethernet with TOE to ensure maximum bandwidth and minimal CPU load. In addition, the server has a built-in service BMC-processor for the implementation of remote monitoring and control via web interface and specialized software (ESMS) allows you to remotely manage the entire groups of servers without installing additional software.

ETegro Hyperion RS120 G3 supports up to 8 cores Intel Xeon 5500 series up to 48 GB of RAM DDR3 ECC Reg, has 2 expansion slots PCI-E 2.0 and 2 bays for installing hard drives c hot-swappable. In constructive can have 2 SAS \ SATA 3,5-inch disk, or 4 SATA SSF drive form factor 2.5-inch. Technical Laboratory ETegro Technologies conducted the tests and ensure full support for many modern server OC, including Microsoft WindowsServer 2008 R2, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Sun Solaris 10, FreeBSD 7, 8.

LG GW620 - the first Android-communicator of the company for sale

Finally something on sale there was a first Android-communicator from LG. In the UK, two mobile network operators T-Mobile and Virgin Media has started communicator GW620

previously announced under the name LG GW620 Etna.

LG GW620 is made in the form factor "side of the slider, the module is equipped with HSDPA, QWERTY-keyboard, 3-inch resistive touch screen, 5 megapixel camera with the definition of the frame capacity 1500 mAh battery, memory card slot for microSD memory expansion up to 16GB , Bluetooth, 3,5 millimeter headphone jack. Works communicator operating system Android Cupcake.

In LG GW620 installed «Social Networking Manager Linkbook», for quick and convenient use of social networks.

According to Director of Marketing and Sales at LG Mobile, John Barton, release of the first Android-communicator LG GW620 is symbolic for the company, as signaling the end of an era of expensive, exclusive and narrowly focused application and open period "for all applications. Then the words of director: "Many people do not know at this time that the base application Android market can accommodate more than 20,000 applications, 60% of them - free of charge and their number is growing every day!"

LG InTouch Max GW620 Network T-Mobile will be distributed free of charge to those who subscribe to a contract for two years pay £ 20 a month, and for Virgin Media - from 22 pounds to the contract for eighteen months.

CH94 - a new external hard drive A-DATA

Taiwanese company A-DATA Technology introduced a new portable hard drive CH94, which looks like a pocket diary. This device has a thickness of less than 20 mm and is equipped with a built-in USB-cable.

External HDD CH94 is available in four colors: black, white, pink and sky blue. Users can personalize your calendar CH94 with stickers included.

He has a different memory sizes from 250GB to 640GB, as well as high-speed USB 2.0 interface and supports all modern operating systems with Plug & Play. All devices have a 3-year warranty.

Motorola MOTOROI: an improved version of the Chinese XT701 and sequencing of Sholes Tablet

As expected, Motorola has introduced South Korea's Android-smartphone. The model is called MOTOROI, this is the first in the Korean market the device operating system Android 2.0. Judging by the case design, an analogue of the Chinese Motorola XT701 with a number of improvements to be released on the world market, the apparatus is also known under the code name Sholes Tablet. In South Korea MOTOROI will be sold at the operator SK Telecom.

A smartphone is a besklaviaturnogo candy bar with 3.7-inch touch screen with a resolution WVGA. It is equipped with a wireless module, Wi-Fi, 3,5-mm audio connector and 8-megapixel camera with Xenon flash and supports video recording 720p.

In addition, MOTOROI became the first mobile device in Korea, equipped with HDMI-output. Also, the apparatus has a receiver for digital broadcasting T-DMB, that for this market is not a rarity. Built-in memory device is 8 GB, it can expand the cards microSD. Sales MOTOROI in South Korea start in early February, about the cost have not been announced yet.

QWERTY-slider Motorola Shadow will be sold as Google Nexus Two

Resource Mobile01 has published images smartphone Motorola Shadow in good quality. This model has not yet been announced and is now preparing to release, rumors about it had already appeared in the global network. The device is made in the slider form factor with a large 4.3-inch touch screen (resolution - 850x484 or 854x480 pixels) and sliding QWERTY-keyboard, it is equipped with 8-megapixel camera capable of recording high-definition video and supports interface HDMI. However, reports on the slider to the minimum thickness of 9 mm.

It is interesting that this model is the second smartphone for internet shop on Google, as it will be sold as a Nexus Two. It is not known on what operating system Motorola Shadow / Nexus Two will be built - Android 2.1 or new, called Froyo ( "frozen yogurt"). Recall, while Google offers on its online store only one smartphone - Nexus One production company High Tech Computer (HTC).

LG plans to sell in 2010 140 million mobile phones

Company LG Electronics has unveiled a strategy of development of mobile business, including the sale of 140 million pieces of phones in 2010. These plans also include expansion of the global smart phone market with the goal to become by 2012 one of the two leading manufacturers of mobile devices.

LG plans to sell in 2010 140 million mobile phones, a 20% increase from last year. LG plans to focus on the markets of Korea and North America, where he wants to go to become a leading provider of innovative customized smartphones. LG also plans to expand its product range - from the practical to the expensive devices.

Already we are working to attain the goals by 2012, which should bring the LG share of the smartphone market to double digits. Last year, the company created a special business unit for smartphones and increased the number of labor force employed in scientific, technical and engineering development of smartphones, to a value of 30%. This year, LG plans to announce about 20 models of smartphones based on operating system Android, Windows Mobile and Linux. Special hope the company puts on smartphones based on operating system Android, which would amount, according to expectations, more than half the new smartphone LG. In the first half of 2010 the company will focus on the production of smartphones for novice users, will be launched later in the production apparatus premium segment with trendy designs and advanced features. The result of all these efforts will create a model of smartphone, the level of sales which can reach a mark of 10 million units.

From service "3 Screen Service», whose appearance is scheduled for this year, users can view the same content on their handheld devices, PCs and TV without converting to other formats. In February this year, LG will provide a device that supports the technology tripartite synchronization "3-Way Sync», which will allow easy viewing of mobile, PC and web content through a wireless connection.

Thin Series MSI X-Slim enriched with 14-inch laptop X420

Company Micro-Star International (MSI) has announced another laptop from the fine series of X-Slim. The device is called the X420, it is equipped with 14-inch HD display. Notebook based on Intel Core 2 Duo ULV series of low power consumption. In this case, it is not equipped with the usual integrated graphics Intel, a discrete ATI Mobility Radeon HD. Of the benefits of the device manufacturer said long battery life - up to 9 hours.

Also worthy of mention attractive appearance models: brown cap Cappuccino Brown with proprietary coating Color Film Print and placement of the palms golden. In addition, special software EasyFace Autolocker and EasyFace Logon allows to use the built-in camera laptop to identify the user.

MSI X-Slim X420 Specifications:
  • Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Display: 14-inch, 1366x768 dots
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo (U7300/SU4100)
  • Chipset: Intel GS45 + ICH9M-SFF
  • Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430
  • RAM: DDR3 (1066/800 MHz)
  • Hard drive: 250/320/500 GB
  • Adapters Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1
  • Web-camera: 1,3 Mp
  • Connectors: HDMI, D-sub, 2hUSB 2.0, e-SATA (USB-combo), 2 x Audio, RJ-45, Kensington lock
  • Card Reader SD / MMC
  • Battery: 4 / 8-cell
  • Dimensions: 350x234x24, 1 mm
  • Weight: 1,88 kg

New line of notebook NEC LaVie

Japanese company NEC introduced its new range of notebooks in three series: LaVie L, LaVie M and the LaVie Light.

LaVie L Series is a model of high-performance notebook processor-based Intel Core i5 and support the new version of Interface USB 3.0.

New Models Series LaVie M is a lightweight notebooks (about 1.62 kg) with a small thickness (27 mm) and 13.3-inch widescreen LCD display with LED backlight. The main processor uses Intel Core2 Duo SU9400.

LaVie Light - a 10.1-inch netbook on the basis of the new processors Intel Atom N450 (1,66 GHz) and pre-installed operating system Windows 7.

Spring FMV Series Notebook Fujitsu

Japanese company Fujitsu introduced the range of "spring 2010" their laptops FMV, which included such series as:


Lightweight and, as claimed by the manufacturer, actually a pocket-size (204h106, 5 mm) and light weight (about 495 gr.) Equipped with support for high-speed wireless data transmission technology, WiMax, and multisensory technology Windows Touch. The new series will be presented in several colors design corps.


This series is based on the new processor Intel Atom N450. One interesting feature of netbooks LOOX M is the opportunity to connect them using a USB cable to your computer and use it as an external Flash ROM or DVD-drive. In addition, for LOOX M found a place and of wireless technology WiMax.


Performance Notebook PCs based on processors Intel Core i5-430M in a compact body with a large 13.3-inch widescreen LCD, whose weight does not exceed 1,52 kg and has the ability to work out without charge - up to 8 hours.


Laptop with a huge, on the "notebook" standards "widescreen LCD screen size 18.4-inch Full HD resolution, equipped with a processor Intel Core i5-430M, the graphics subsystem based on the NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M, Blu-Ray drive, TV receiver, three-band system of five speakers and the ability to output audio / video signal to external sources.

Smartphone tablet Archos Phone Tablet waiting for a contract with at least two operators

The head of the company Archos Krohas Henry (Henri Crohas) in his interview with L'Expansion mentioned smartphone tablet Archos Phone Tablet. This model has not been presented at the International CES, which ended not so long ago. As we already know that the Archos tablet with phone functionality is built on the Android platform and 1-GHz processor, ARM, equipped with 4.3-inch touch screen and supports cellular networks 3,5 G. In addition, the device is very thin - only 10 mm. Indirect evidence of the nearest release Archos Phone Tablet is a reference to the near immediate availability of cover for him on the manufacturer's web site enhancements Noreve.

And Henry Krohas, in turn, said that the company Archos is developing smart phone with strong multimedia capabilities. He apparently was referring to a device, known as the Archos Phone Tablet. The head of the company also announced that the release smartphone tablet on the market will be held as soon as the agreement will be signed at least two major operators.

Samsung expands presence of his software shop for Smartphones, Singapore, Germany, Brazil and China

South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced the expansion of the presence of his shop software for smartphone owners (Omnia II and OmniaLITE) in countries such as Singapore, Germany, Brazil and China, which will be available to residents of these countries since the end of this month.

As the company claims, after the successful launch application store in Britain, France and Italy, and gained experience, she made purchases there, and navigation simpler and more intuitive, where the directory store, which starts with a single click, you can browse using GPRS, 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Set "Minifon: Minifon phone with SIM-card and tariff plan

Cellular operator "MegaFon", presented in its own sales offices set "Minifon" - Minifon compact phone with a SIM-card and payment plan. When a contract for the provision of telecommunications services and making an initial payment into the account of the subscriber receives phone as a gift

Minifon TDS12-1 - a tiny phone that works only in "MegaFon". The length and width of the device is smaller than a credit card (80h49 mm) thick - only 10 mm and weight - 69, the telephone has a contrast monochrome display with LED backlight, the battery allows the device works up to 100 hours. Minifon supports basic services of the standard GSM - voice calls and SMS. The device will be of interest to subscribers as a second phone, but will also be a good solution, for example, for children and elderly people.

In phone kit "Minifon" is SIM-card with the tariff plan. When you connect to the proposed fare and making an initial payment (about 500 rubles), the subscriber receives a free machine. In the Metropolitan branch of OAO MegaFon, 500 Rubles initial payment includes 165 minutes of local calls (valid for payment 30 days). Sets "Minifon already available in most regions of Russia. Sales in Siberia and the Far East, the product is scheduled to begin in 1-2 months.

Nokia plans to release phones with flexible screens

Several years ago, Nokia has already demonstrated a concept phone Morph, having a curved screen. So, it seems, the company's engineers decided to return to the idea. The patent application from Nokia was entitled as "user interface, device and method for physically flexible device. This phone is expected to control it due to its flexibility: giving the screen a variety of bends and it will be possible to specify the desired action.

In addition, the number of potentially possible bending is almost infinite, which indicates that Nokia is able to develop a product with a view to further development. Bending and rotating the device can indicate anything: bend it like driving and the phone will search the nearest gas station, and if you will hand it to her lips, then the search engine will pick up your nearest bar. Also, nothing prevents the model to read not only to shape, but also speed, angle, etc. In many ways, such capabilities will redo touch screens, but to some extent, these devices can exceed them.

Although we already have position sensors, accelerometers and flexible OLED screens, in all probability, Nokia patent on the "user interface, device and method for physically flexible device is targeted at a distant prospect. By the representatives of the company itself - roughly similar devices may appear in 2015.

Apple tries to block sales of Nokia in the USA

The war between Apple and Nokia continues. At this time active "combat operations" took up the Americans, who want to block all imports of Finnish phones in the U.S.. The move is a response to similar action by the Finns, who in turn, back in December last year tried to ban the import of products of series iPhone, iPod and MacBook. In this case, both companies rely on the facts of infringement of patent agreements and intellectual property protection.

«Nokia will examine the charges, when the materials are received, and will continue to defend themselves. However, this does not contradict the fact that Apple did not agree to these terms of use technology from Nokia and tried to use the innovation for free Nokia, since the moment when, in 2007 was put on the market first phone iPhone, »- said the representative of Nokia, Mark Durrant (Mark Durrant).

The "account" in confronting the companies are still not open. All applications so far only taken or not taken into consideration, after which will be investigated, which will take at least 15 months.