Coolink releases CPU Cooler Corator DS with the technology Gapless Direct Touch

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Company Coolink decided to renew its line of products is one of the CPU cooler. Novelty called Corator DS and created with the use of technology Gapless Direct Touch (GDT). This means that all four copper teplootvodnye tube 8 mm in diameter, make up the cooler, have direct contact with the cooled chip.

In addition, CPU Cooler Coolink Corator DS has two radiator units, each of which consists of 70 aluminum fins, and also located in the middle 120 mm fan SWiF2-120P. This PWM fan has a hydrodynamic suspension and operates at speeds from 800 to 1700 rpm, and maximum noise level at the same time is 27,1 acoustic decibels.

CPU Cooler Coolink Corator DS weighs 1,040 grams and is compatible with Intel LGA 1366, LGA 1156 and LGA 775, as well as AMD chips as the structural AM2, AM2 + and AM3. The recommended cost of this device is $ 59.90 / 49.90 euros, in addition, the bundle includes a new system catches SecuFirm 2, as well as high-end tube of thermal paste Chillaramic.

ASUS Eee PC 1005PEG - netbook with support for 3,5 G or WiMAX

With some delay in the global network of shots were made at CES 2010, which was not so long ago - January 7-10. It demonstrated many new and interesting products and, apparently, not all data made public. At this time it comes on the netbook ASUS Eee PC 1005PEG. It is easy to notice that his name is different from 1005PE by only one letter. Netbook ASUS Eee PC 1005PE built on the new platform Intel PineTrail, its characteristics are quite common. But 1005PEG model is equipped with optional WiFi adapter - 3,5 G / 3,75 G or WiMAX.

ASUS Eee PC 1005PEG based on Intel Atom N450 processor and is equipped with 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels. Also "on board" Netbook 1 GB of RAM, hard drive 250 GB, wireless adapters are Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth, plus a 6-cell battery. The device will be offered in different colors, but so far nothing is known about when it will be released and how much it will cost.

Maingear F1X - powerful gaming system in three configurations

Company Maingear Computers, known as a manufacturer of high-power gaming machines, has expanded its product line three more systems. New computers appear under the common brand F1X and available for purchase only at online retailers, Tiger, and At the same time in the series F1X includes three basic configurations - F1X 200, F1X 500 and F1X 750. The first of them is made on the basis of platform P55, and the basis for the two remaining platform is X58.

F1X 200 computer running the operating system Windows 7 Home Premium and is equipped with a processor Core i5 750, overclocked to 2.93 GHz, 8 GB RAM and 1 TB of disk space (used by HDD Western Digital Caviar Black). There are also two video cards Radeon HD 5750 in CrossFireX mode, and 22x burner drive DVD. All this wealth is available at a starting price of $ 2249.

System F1X 500 has an initial price of $ 3099. For this money you get a pre-established operating system Windows 7 Professional, CPU Core i7 950 with a frequency of 3.3 GHz, 12 GB of RAM, hard disk capacity of 1 TB, two Radeon HD 5770 graphics card and DVD burner. As F1X 750, its starting price is $ 5149 and includes a Core i7 chip 975 with a frequency of 3.6 GHz, 12 GB of RAM and hard disk capacity of 1.5 terabytes, plus Intel SSD drive production to 80 GB.

There is also an operating system Windows 7 Professional, two graphics cards Radeon HD 5870, and in the number of optical drives is 22x DVD burner drive and drive 6x Blu-ray. All three systems in a series F1X equipped with liquid cooling systems are equipped with X20 and the annual guarantee.

Saundbar LG HLB54S - stylish solution and surround sound home theater

Company LG Electronics has unveiled a multimedia device all-in-one HLB54S - Blu-ray player, built-in thin sound panel, which provides wireless connectivity. Occupying a minimum of space, this versatile home theater with wireless subwoofer delivers high-quality 4.1-channel surround sound with total output of 430 Tues

Blu-ray player with an automatic slot-loading is located on the center panel, providing easy access to the drives. The system provides a wireless Wi-Fi Internet connection, receiving streaming video from YouTube and the additional content through the profile BD Live. Surround 4.1-channel surround sound allows viewers to be in the center of events occurring on the screen, without interlocking wires and speakers. Wireless subwoofer provides deep bass, making watching movies more realistic. HLB54S system is compatible with most modern standards of digital audio, including Dolby True HD, DTS-HD, and also supports a certified standard lossless DTS HD Master Audio Essential. To ensure the best quality video and audio HLB54S connected with other peripheral devices with interface HDMI 1.3.

Connect a wireless subwoofer is easy, simply plugging it, and it automatically establishes the connection with saundbarom. Two input HDMI connector provides a direct connection to the multi-functional home theater HLB54S variety of devices (cable and satellite decoders, video game consoles). HDMI output jack lets you connect HLB54S to most TVs, including a mounted on the wall, with a single cable.

In addition, HLB54S model reproduces the audio and video files to your iPod without losing quality to it can also connect MP3 players, mobile phones, computers, digital cameras and the USB drives from other manufacturers. HLB54S can not only play music from USB drives, and convert audio CD to MP3 files and record them on USB drives. In Russia the market of a new multimedia device HLB54S Blu-ray Sound Bar will appear in January 2010.

First Garmin-ASUS smartphone based on Android debuts in February

As previously reported, this year plans to release a smartphone under the brand Garmin-ASUS, running the operating system Android. At the end of last year, Garmin announced that the device will enter into a series of nuvifone, which currently includes two models - G60 and M20. And we now know that the announcement of Android smartphone Garmin-ASUS will be held at the Congress MWC 2010, which will be held February 15-18 in Barcelona. Told the president mobile unit ASUSTek Computer Benson Lin (Benson Lin).

In addition, he said that just this year under the brand Garmin-ASUS should get 4 or 5 models on the basis of Android and Windows Mobile, and, in 2010, planned to sell about one million vehicles. Benson Lin also spoke about the new Communicator ASUS M10, which also debuts at MWC. This device is based on the new version of Windows Mobile numbered 6.5.3. Among its features - 600 Mhz Qualcomm 7224 processor, 3.5-inch touch screen (resistive, with a resolution WVGA), 5 megapixel camera and support for GPS. So far known only for its timing issue in Taiwan - it is February, the communicator will cost 13 900 New Taiwan dollars (about 434 U.S. dollars). And, returning to the brand Garmin-ASUS, Lin mentioned that under him in the fourth quarter of 2010 will model for the Chinese networks TD-SCDMA.

YouTube launches video rental service

Today's news on YouTube are not limited to the appearance of this experimental service support web standards HTML5, which allows users to do when watching videos without having to install additional applications, for example, Adobe Flash Player. The largest global broadcasts also launched in the near future a new type of service, which allows to take some movies rented for a modest fee.

It is reported that the video rental service will begin work as early as this Friday, January 22. At the same time to begin distributing the service YouTube is planning to five films included in the program of international film festivals for independent film Sundance (Sundance) 2009 and 2010, which will be available until the end of this month. In addition, the creators of the Service promised that the list of films and programs that can be hired in the near future will expand.

But what specific movies might be in the rolling list of YouTube, is not reported. Only mentioned that their number will include educational films, and films about health. Also, nothing is known about the possible video hosting partner in this project. To be able to use the services of rolling service YouTube, a user will have to create account in the service of processing online payments Google Checkout. It is not clear whether it would be to pay for renting movies to use the services of other payment systems, for example, PayPal

TeraDrive FT2 - first SSD from Super Talent controller SandForce SF-1500

The company introduced the new Super Talent SSD drives TeraDrive FT2, relating to enterprise-class solutions. Interest in new products are, above all, because they were the first solid-state disks from this manufacturer, equipped with a controller SandForce SF-1500. These SSD, according to developers, provide optimal performance and reliability in server systems, especially where you want a quick direct access to small files.

New SSD Drives TeraDrive FT2 written in the form factor 2.5-inch and include models with NAND memory with multilevel (MLC) and single-level (SLC) cells. In addition, solid-state drives have interface SATA 3.0 Gbps, and the average uptime of more than one million hours. The maximum speed of reading and writing data from these SSD reaches up to 250 Mbps. Capacity SSD drives TeraDrive FT2 ranges from 50 GB to 400 GB (figure SLC version is limited to 200 GB), and mass production will start before the end of the current quarter.

DOCOMO displays Xperia from Sony Ericsson in the Japanese market

Japanese mobile operator NTT DOCOMO announced the withdrawal of the Japanese market in April this year a new mobile phone Smartphone Xperia, produced by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, also known as the Xperia X10 outside of Japan.

Built on an open Android operating system and high-speed 1 GHz processor, docomo Smartphone Xperia with a 4-inch touch screen will move the operator as a completely new entertainment machine, from which enjoy the opportunities of mobile communications, web surfing, music and other media opportunities.

docomo Smartphone Xperia compatible with national networks and services of third generation FOMA HIGH-SPEED and DOCOMO HSUPA / HSDPA, allowing you to upload and download data at speeds up to 7.2 and 2 Mbps, respectively. This unit is also equipped with the support of W-Fi, the opportunity to upload videos and photos on services such as YouTube and Picasa, download applications from the online store Android Market, and also has a number of pre-applications from Google: Google search, Google Maps and Gmail.

docomo Smartphone Xperia also comes with a proprietary system predictive text input from the Sony Ericsson POBox Touch 1.0, for the Japanese and English languages. Also, this phone allows you to identify up to 5 faces in a frame, whose photos can be stored in phone memory, then on him, with the built-in 8.1 megapixel camera, do the automatic settings and mark these individuals.

Along with the launch of docomo Smartphone Xperia, and the mobile operator launches web portal for users of smartphones "docomo market", which will offer a variety of content and applications, including the original application from DOCOMO, thus helping, with the words of the operator, to expand the customer experience.

docomo Smartphone Xperia specifications:

  • Dimensions: 119h63h13, 1 mm
  • Weight: 139 gr.
  • Display: Large 4-inch, touch TFT, permission 854h480 points
  • Camera: 8.1 MP, CMOS (CMOS)
  • Memory: 1 GB of ROM, 384 MB RAM; microSD / microSDHC memory card
  • Connectors: microUSB, 3.5 mm audio
  • Applications from Sony Ericsson: Mediascape, Timescape, TrackID (search for songs), PlayNow (web portal)
  • Services Google: Gmail, Google Talk, Google Maps with Street View, YouTube, Android Market
  • Applications DOCOMO: docomo market, Pocket Rashinban (software that uses the built-in compass and accelerometer)

JOA Telecom LM-700r: Sky Link modem with support for EV-DO Rev.A

Operator Sky Link began selling in Moscow, a new wireless USB-modem technology to support EV-DO Rev.A - JOA Telecom LM-700r. The cost model is 3990 rubles.

The modem is a convenient and easy to use interface. The presence of internal memory provides an easy and quick to automatically install the drivers and user interface in Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. This model supports data transfer modes CDMA 2000 1X, EV-DO Rev.0 and EV-DO Rev.A, which allows you to use a mobile Internet access at speeds up to 3.1 Mbit / c in the forward link and up to 1.8 Mbit / c in the reverse channel.

Modem JOA Telecom LM-700r already arrived in the sales office "Sky Link" and dealers in the Moscow region. Also you can buy them through the online store "Sky Link".

Pantech IM-U560K: "slider" with the management of gestures and in the environmental packaging

South Korean company Pantech, producing for themselves in their own market mobile phones under the brand of SKY, introduced a new mobile phone IM-U560K in the form factor slider is designed to work in a network operator KTF.

A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of a built-in accelerometer, which could be used as a control for the phone, replacing clicking on the button shaken apparatus, and for additional entertainment functions in standby mode: for example, for catching fish on the main screen.

In addition, IM-U560K have a function for converting text to speech, including those for English Language built-in receiver terrestrial digital TV programs in a standard T-DMB, which are displayed on 2.6-inch LCD screen, music player, photo album , music player and 3 megapixel camera.

Furthermore, as the manufacturer, the phone packaging and printed materials to it are made from environmentally friendly materials subjected to secondary processing.

20-30 Android-smartphone from Motorola this year

Motorola is in the presentation DEXT smartphone in Singapore revealed their plans for the coming year. About them told the vice-president of the Asian units of Motorola Mobile Devices Spyros Nikolakopulos (Spiros Nikolakopoulos). According to him, this year will be extremely fruitful for the Android-smartphone Motorola: they planned to release 20 to 30 models. The figure is large, but apparently, this number includes the already released devices, for example, MOTOROI and BACKFLIP, plus slightly different versions for different markets.

Earlier reports have already appeared that the majority of Motorola mobile devices with touch screen, which will be released in 2010, will support multi-touch. It is hoped that the company realizes this goal. As usual, not "smart" mobile phones, Motorola planned for release this year, they will be built on either Qualcomm Brew, either on their own software company.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz: second telephone company's entertainment and communication lines and with the support of HD video

Swedish-Japanese alliance in the face of Sony Ericsson introduced another model of mobile phone entertainment, communication line of the company, which also includes the previously announced smartphone Xperia X10, with support for HD video - Sony Ericsson Vivaz, which goes on sale in the first quarter of this year.

This model is based on the operating system Symbian, has a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, support for wireless Wi-Fi technology and personalized to enhance the capacity of the phone with additional applications and service PlayNow.

Main Sony Ericsson Vivaz specifications:

  • Support communications standards: UMTS HSPA 900/2100 and GSM GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS HSPA 850/1900/2100 and EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • 107x52, 1x12, 5 mm
  • Weight: 97 gr.
  • Display: 3.2-dyuyomvy widescreen, touchscreen, TFT, resolution 360h640 points, displaying more than 16 million colors
  • Camera: 8.1 megapixel with autofocus, support HD (720p) video, geotag, the function of sensory focus, servo AF when shooting video, image stabilizer, the detector individuals and smiles
  • Entertainment features: a music and video player, 3D games, applications for social networks (Facebook, Twitter), FM radio, Java, support for streaming video, YouTube.
  • Built-in Web browser
  • Other applications: Alarm clock, Calculator, Calendar, Document Viewer, Notes
  • Nautical possibilities: A-GPS, Google Maps, Wisepilot (trial step by step navigation)
  • Communications: 3,5 mm audio jack, Bluetooth (including the profile A2DP), DLNA, Micro USB connector, Modem, PictBridge printing, TV-out (VGA resolution), Wi-Fi

EPSON will support applications for printing on the Android phone and iPhone

Of Seiko Epson Corporation has announced its support of the global set of tools for the development of open source software - library ESC / PR, to help software developers to create applications for mobile devices with support for use with inkjet printers. With this kit, developers can create one universal printer driver that allows applications to print from mobile phones on any of the inkjet printer EPSON, supporting language ESC / PR.

Make notes that the ESC / PR developer kit has been used to develop software for printing from phones and players iPhone iPod Touch (Annex "ePrint" on the company Microtech Corp. And your own application - "Epson iPrint", which can be found in the Apple App Store ), as well as devices based on the OS Android (Annex "CyPria" from the company CyCom Technology Corp., which is available in Android Market).

3 Scandinavia is deploying the world's fastest 3G network

Operator 3 Scandinavia is planning a 4-fold increase speed mobile broadband in Denmark and Sweden, from 21 to 84 Mbps. As a result, mobile subscribers will be able to fully take advantage of Internet services, like social networks, online games and videoconferencing. To significantly expand coverage, in the course of modernization will be launched Sweden's first 3G-network, operating at 900 MHz. The new network will be supplied by Ericsson, which will also ensure continued maintenance.

The three-year contract between Ericsson and 3 involves upgrading the existing 3G-operator's network using HSPA Evolution technology up to 84 Mbps (speeds in the intermediate stage 42 Mbps), as well as the deployment of new radio access network WCDMA / HSPA in the frequency range 900 MHz. In addition, Ericsson will supply fiber optic and radio-relay transit IP-based networks and related services. The project will start in the first quarter of 2010.

Navigation on Nokia smartphones will be free

Company Nokia announces its plans to release a new version of the service Ovi Maps, which will be available for owners of smartphones the company. This service will include a turn-based navigation for both motorists and pedestrians. According to representatives of Nokia, this move will allow the market to double in the future of mobile navigation. Updated version of Ovi Maps, with built-in voice control, covers 74 countries and available in 46 languages, and detailed maps are available in 180 countries. More than a dozen countries around the world can obtain information about traffic conditions in real time. However, the most important, that this version of the Nokia navigation service will be free.

Such a move by Nokia is dictated by the desire to promptly expand its subscriber base of users of their services. Announcement of the same free navigation - quite logically act as the company sees future in social services and the Internet, because people are paying more attention to this. According to research agency Canalys, at the end of last year's worldwide user navigation Nokia phones, there were about 27 million. With free access to the service number of users may increase to 50 million or more.

New Samsung netbooks - N210, N220, N150 and NB30

Russia's division of Samsung Electronics announced the new netbooks, N210, N220, N150 and NB30. N210 and N220 models offer the possibility of continuous operation to 12 hours, and the model N150 and NB30 - up to 8,5 hours and 11 hours respectively. Such results are achieved through energy-efficient LED-display, optimize the computer and high-capacity battery.

In the models, N210, N220, N150 and NB30 installed anti-glare 10.1-inch LED-display for viewing photos, music videos, or movies with detail, vivid color, and without a mirror effect under direct light source or in the sunny weather. Using the program management resolution display Easy Resolution Manager, you can easily change the resolution to 1024x768, if it requires an application or game. N210, N220, N150 and NB30 are equipped with an integrated digital camera LiveCam for video conferencing or online communication. All four models use the processor Intel Atom N450, developed on the basis of the new microarchitecture.

N210 and N220 are made in the new style - the external side is covered with a crystalline pattern, and model N150 is made in sports style. Resistant to abrasions and scratches cover and the pressure hull can reduce the risk of damage. Model Samsung NB30 also equipped with free fall sensor that protects information from damage from bumps or falls netbook. It is also equipped with a Water Proof hermetic seal, preventing possible damage to the device when in contact with 50 ml of water spilled over 10 seconds, according to test results of Samsung. Function Instant On, operating technology-based Phoenix HyperSpace, presented in netbooks N210 and N220, allows devices to quickly enter into an operational mode and access the internet, without waiting for loading the operating system Windows.

Oppo Enjoy reader: Book reader running Android

Regiment manufacturers of devices for reading electronic books have arrived. At this time the company has joined their ranks Oppo, known as a manufacturer of HD-players and multimedia players. The company announced the device Enjoy reader, a remarkable fact that it runs under the operating system Google Android. Thus all the other features and capabilities not indicate what exactly bookreader Oppo could stand out among the mass of competitors.

The model has a 6-inch screen, which, judging by the published photographs is a typical display type electronic paper. The Office is also fairly common: the trackball to the right of the screen and multiple function keys below it. Other characteristics are not known, so with equal success can assume any platform on which it is based.

According to reports, Oppo Enjoy reader will appear in the Chinese market in the near future.

Sony is preparing a waterproof Consumer Digicam

Apparently Sony is a new generation of compact digital cameras is going to implement not only the size suitable for pocket carry, but also water resistance. At CES 2010 was submitted to the compact camera DSC-TX7, has a touch screen LCD and CMOS Exmor, but in the network there is evidence that together with him to get DSC-TX5. Photos of the device were inadvertently posted on the official website of the company, and then removed.

Unfortunately, besides images no technical information was not reported, so the full features Sony DSC-TX5 unknown. Judging from the pictures, the model will be implemented in a waterproof housing, which will be the main feature of the apparatus. Also, the inscription on the body indicate the presence of Carl Zeiss optics and a four-fold optical zoom. But there is no evidence of what the resolving power of the matrix.

The appearance of images on the official site can say that the camera Sony DSC-TX5 is a high degree of readiness. Perhaps he will be at PMA 2010 in February.

The new Aspire 5740 series laptop with Intel Core i7, i5, i3 processors

Corporation has introduced a new Acer Aspire notebook series 5740, equipped with new mobile processors, Intel Core (i7, i5, or i3) with chipset Mobile Intel HM55 Express. Aspire 5740 allows faster processing of complex tasks - from dynamic games to create and edit digital video, music and photos. The notebook has a screen diagonal of 15.6 inches, a resolution of HD (1366x768) with 16:9 aspect ratio. In the display Aspire 5740 uses LED backlight technology, which allows to obtain higher image quality and reduce energy consumption.

Sound is provided by Dolby surround sound system with two integrated stereo speakers and sound system optimized Dolby Home Theater third generation combined with a six-channel audio output True5.1. Notebooks Aspire 5740 series also got a built-in (optional) drive, Blu-ray. The new laptops are equipped with DDR3 memory up to 8 GB hard drives provide a sufficiently large amount of free space to store the ever-growing base of digital content. Card Reader supports the common formats of memory cards. The range of connectivity options including 802.11 a / b / g Wi-Fi CERTIFIED supporting Acer SignalUp, Bluetooth 2,1, Gigabit LAN and modem. In the Acer Video Conference solution includes a webcam Acer Crystal Eye, Software Acer Video Conference Manager and Technology Acer PureZone, all this allows to keep in touch with friends and exercise sessions a conference call.

Aspire 5740 Series includes Model 5740DG with the ability to display 3D content. Display Aspire 5740DG equipped with a special polarization coating, covering each pixel of the surface and allows for three-dimensional visual effect. Included with the laptop are glasses with polarizing lenses. Acer Aspire 5740 Series will go on sale in Russia in January 2010. Suggested retail price for the Aspire 5740 starts from 24 990 rubles.

Android-smartphone Garmin-ASUS will present at the MWC 2010 in February

According to the resource DigiTimes, a joint venture Garmin-ASUSTek present its first Android-smartphone at the Congress Mobile World Congress in February. This was told Benson Lin (Benson Lin), president of mobile devices the company ASUSTek Computer. He also noted that the purpose of companies is the Issue in 2010, 4.5 smartphones and communicators under the brand Garmin-ASUS, they will be based on software platforms, Windows Mobile or Android. A total supply is projected to reach one million units.

In Android-smartphone at MWC will be a model of ASUS M10, running under Windows Mobile 6.5.3. This is a communicator on the basis of Qualcomm 7224 processor with 600 MHz, equipped with a 3.5-inch resistive touch screen with a resolution WVGA, GPS-receiver and a 5-megapixel camera. Communicator ASUS M10 goes on sale in the Taiwan market in early February, his value will be equivalent to $ 434. It is likely, then the device would go into other regions.