ASRock H55M Pro gets overclocking chip Pentium G6950

Saturday, January 23, 2010

ASRock company is renowned for its innovations associated with motherboards. And now the Taiwanese manufacturer has released a new overclocking features Turbo 100 for my motherboard H55M Pro. This option is available through a BIOS update and allows to overclock the new dual-core processor Pentium G6950, manufactured by the norms of 32-nm process technology and related to entry-level model to high frequencies.

Thus, a simple update the BIOS on the motherboard ASRock H55M Pro allows you to overclock the chip Pentium G6950 from 2.8 GHz to 4 GHz Turbo mode 70, and Turbo mode 100, this figure increases to 4.2 GHz. This dispersal are not only the computational kernel, but also the memory and integrated graphics. For example, in Turbo mode 100 memory frequency and built-in GPU is 1600 MHz and 767 MHz, and Turbo mode 70 - 1200 MHz and 700 MHz respectively.

Recall the reference indicators chip Pentium G6950 up to 1066 MHz for memory and 533 MHz for the integrated graphics. This, of course, increases and processor performance. For example, in the 3DMark 2006 test, this CPU was able to improve its performance in 1313 up to 2277 points in Turbo mode 70 and up to 2639 points - Turbo mode 100. Let us hope that ASRock extend this function to some other models of processors.

Art MacBook Pro Microsoft Edition - signed by Steve Ballmer

It is known that the mutual "love" Microsoft and Apple knows no boundaries. Fierce competition between the operating system market, and mobile software platforms, as well as other software makes these companies are constantly pick holes in the production and actions of each other, turning occasionally verge of decency.

In this regard, dear reader, what do you think that will make the head of Microsoft Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer), if a certain college student asks them to leave the autograph ... on the laptop Apple? Perhaps we can assume that the "great and terrible Steve" innocent fling laptop against the wall and went away, cursing various bad words.

But in fact nothing of the sort happened. In contrast, when a student from Tennessee asked Steve Ballmer to sign on his MacBook Pro, the head of Microsoft with a smile, filled him with the request and left his autograph on the cover of the notebook, and the proud owner of this laptop then demonstrated in front of the camera this painting. Now, obviously, have to wait that Apple chief Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) raspishetsya on any Dell laptop with Windows inside.

Graphics Card Club3D Radeon HD 4350 PCIe x1 can be a competitor NVIDIA Ion

A few days ago the company began shipping Club3D quite interesting option low-profile graphics card Radeon HD 4350. The main feature of this adapter is that it is equipped with a tire PCIe x1. With this design, this graphics card can compete platform NVIDIA Ion in products such as nettop and HTPC.

Thus, the video Club3D Radeon HD 4350 PCIe x1 can be useful for the enthusiast compact desktop computer systems or home theaters that were able to almost the same money to buy without paying NVIDIA Ion with integrated graphics, a full-fledged discrete accelerator.

In addition, the benefits of Club3D Radeon HD 4350 PCIe x1 include passive cooling system does not generate noise at work, as well as low power consumption - only 20 watts. Among other things, this card has the RV710 chip and 512 MB of DDR2 memory with reference frequencies of 600 and 400 MHz respectively.

There is also support for DirectX 10.1 technology and video outputs HDMI, DVI and D-Sub. Of course, nowadays these characteristics do not capture the imagination, but they are more than enough to surpass the performance graphics NVIDIA Ion. It is Club3D Radeon HD 4350 PCIe x1 slightly less than 40 euros, and the only drawback of this adapter is that it takes up two slots on the motherboard and thus not suitable for compact ITX enclosures.

Vimeo also implements support for the HTML5 standard

Following the world's largest video hosting YouTube, said recently about the long-term support web standards HTML5, which will allow users to do without installing Adobe Flash plugin for viewing videos on a similar initiative and announced a competing service Vimeo.

Beginning Thursday Vimeo video service began offering its users a new option, which gives the opportunity to switch to the player with support for standard HTML5. This option is implemented as a link under each video, and, click on it quite a time. After this resource will remember user preferences and the next session will show exactly the player with HTML5 functionality.

The list of browsers that support realized on Vimeo new features include the latest versions of Google Chrome and Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer installed to complement Chrome Frame. Other browsers simply do not display a link to go to HTML5 mode. It Vimeo says the new version of the player with support for HTML5 working with 90 percent of the library videos downloaded on the service last year, and over time this number will grow.

Microsoft will announce a release date of devices on Windows Mobile 7 at MWC in February

As the resource DigiTimes citing informed sources, the upcoming Congress Mobile World Congress 2010, which will be held in mid-February, Microsoft will launch a small upgrade of its operating system - Windows Mobile 6.6. But that's not all: the greatest interest is the next new version of Windows Mobile at number 7, and it will be announced at MWC timing of commercial production of mobile devices on its basis.

The source also said that Windows Mobile 7 will do to our partners Microsoft, is releasing smartphones and communicators, in September this year. Accordingly, the device will be sold in late 2010 - early 2011. Moreover, it will first be available in the English localization of the new OS, as well as localization of other European languages. Asian version of the same Windows Mobile 7 podospeyut only by next year, said DigiTimes. Among the vendors - Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Toshiba, HTC (High Tech Computer), ASUSTek Computer and Acer. Recall we have already mentioned in the news that one of the first models would be LG Apollo and HTC Obsession.

Computer Corps Centurion 5 II - the second generation of "centurion" from Cooler Master

Company Cooler Master introduced the second generation of its computer case Centurion 5. Novelty called Centurion 5 II and executed in the same form factor Mid-Tower, but has a number of improvements. These include increased capacity of compartments for storage, improved ventilation housing and new features that simplify the installation of the system components.

Computer case Centurion 5 II will be available in two versions - with a side window or without, with the shell itself will be executed in black or black and silver color scheme. Case Centurion 5 II is made of steel and weighs 7.5 kg with dimensions of 202 x 440 x 485 mm. Building has four outer compartments, size 5.25 inches, the five landing sites under the 3.5-inch drives, as well as a special adapter that allows two drives to set the format 2.5, or 1.8 inches in a standard 3.5-inch drive bay.

Also, is there a panel audio jacks and ports, USB 2.0, eSATA and FireWire (optional). Case Centurion 5 II equipped with a special hole for ease of installation, CPU cooler and by default, has two fans - 140 mm fan with blue LED backlight, and the rotational speed at 1200 rpm on the front and 120 mm fan with the same speed on the back face. The new building Centurion 5 II should appear on sale in the near future, its value is not reported.

G-Monster2 SFV1 - new SSD drive from PhotoFast

After two months of silence, the company PhotoFast again delighted customers announcing the new SSD drive "monstrous" series. Novelty is called G-Monster2 SFV1 and is a solid-state drive in the form factor 2.5-inch one based on the NAND memory with multilevel cell (MLC).

The new SSD drive G-Monster2 SFV1 has interface to connect SATA 3.0 Gbps, and the average uptime of more than one million hours. Maximum speed reading and recording information from this drive is 260 and 160 Mb / s, respectively.

Manufacturer does not mention what kind of memory controller is used in solid-state drive G-Monster2 SFV1, but because his name contains the letters SF, experts believe that this is a decision of SandForce. The new SSD is equipped with an annual guarantee and should appear on sale next month in versions with capacities of 50, 100, 200 and 400 GB.

ViewSonic Displays - new sizes and technology ViewLED

In the first and second quarters in Europe will go on sale five new monitors from the company ViewSonic. At the end of the first quarter of the family of VX (designed for gamers and enthusiasts, adventurers) will replenish displays with a screen size of 24 and 27 inches. Shortly after them will come VX2450wm, 24-inch panels using the technology ViewLED, which will provide for a family of VX typical response time when an unprecedented depth of color and cost. It is distinguished by an elegant design and fine-resolution 1080p Full HD 1920x1080, providing a clear image. Mercury-free WLED backlight system automatically detects the image signal and intelligently adjusts brightness, providing a deeper black, pure white and distinct gray tones. Amended built-in speakers, SRS Premium Sound technology and inputs, DVI and VGA, this monitor, to comply with the Energy Star, provides high-quality multimedia playback without harming the environment.

In the family of VA (Value range ~ Economy Class) now includes large-size panel 22 inches, intended for those users who do not like to spend too much, but they need high-quality display. In the second quarter of 2010 will model V3D241wm-LED. This high-performance 3D Certified panel size 24-inch LED-backlit raises 3D-games to new level thanks to an unprecedented depth of color, contrast and efficiency.

Model VX1932wm-LED is designed for those users who require high-performance panel but with the power saving feature. As promised the company, this screen saves over 50% of electricity compared to conventional panels. The beginning of sales VX2450wm-LED and VX1932wm-LED and its recommended value will be announced.

Samsung SyncMaster 460EX, 460EXn, 550EX and 550EXn - subtle energy efficiency information LFD panel

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. introduced a new series of information panels LFD. Models LED LFD-panel Samsung SyncMaster 460EX, 460EXn, 550EX and 550EXn are the first LFD panels made using the technology of LED lighting LED BLU (Back Light UNIT), providing up to 40% energy savings compared to traditional information displays. As the producer, a new series of panels represents the finest in the world, most energy efficient and easy to install LED LFD panels with a screen size of 46 or 55 inches. Due to the fact that the panel is 70% thinner and 40% lighter than the information panels from other manufacturers, they easily can be installed virtually anywhere.

These models feature 120Hz progressive scan, which allows to achieve the perfect scrolling text or display ad content. Quality of Full HD 1080p image makes it possible to view moving or stationary images with the level of contrast 5000:1. EXn models are equipped with embedded computers with the ability to connect to the network through software solutions for managing and delivering content Samsung MagicInfo. They have a 40 GB hard drive, running Windows XP Embedded.

Main technical characteristics of the models 460EX, 460EXn, 550EX and 550EXn:

* Resolution 1920x1080 pixels
* Contrast 5000:1
* 120 Hz sweep
* Meets Energy Star 5.0
* Thickness - 39,9 mm
* Weight - 14,44 kg (46 ")

Canon XEED SX7 Mark II and XEED SX7 Mark II Medical - new high-end projectors

Line of projectors from Canon XEED enlarged model XEED SX7 Mark II and XEED SX7 Mark II Medical, which implemented the new modes that optimize the display of photographs and X-ray images with enhanced color reproduction of images and shades of gray.

The model XEED SX7 Mark II, the successor to the popular XEED SX7, the technology is liquid crystal panel (LCOS) from Canon. It provides vivid colors, good detail, brightness of 4000 lumens, SXGA + high resolution and contrast ratio of 1000:1. In XEED SX7 Mark II also introduces a new Photo mode, to compensate for the brightness and tone of light, using a number of predefined parameters. This mode is used to compensate for the lighting conditions through a set of projected colors and image transmission, close to how it would appear on the monitor sRGB.

In XEED SX7 Mark II Medical simulation regime implemented DICOM Simulation with 21 pre-installed configuration, which allows to optimize the reproduction of shades of gray according to lighting conditions, highlighting the fine details of digital x-rays that can complement any system of archiving and sharing images (PACS, Picture Archiving and Communication System).

New compact speakers Jetbalance - JB-110, JB-112 and JB-114

TM Jetbalance introduced three new compact speaker systems JB-110, JB-112 and JB-114 interface to connect via USB, allowing their use with a laptop, PC, MP3 player or other audio devices without connection to a household power outlet. New Acoustics Jetbalance easily solve the problem of lack of sound built-in speakers for your notebook, and compact size would take her along on a trip or a business meeting.

JB-110 - compact multimedia stereo with RMS output power 6 Watt. Mains with a USB connector allows you to get energy for the amplifier directly from the USB port of a laptop, PC, MP3 player or other audio devices. The included adapter also leaves the traditional connection to the household electrical wiring. Volume control is carried out a large rotary knobs on the front panel. Also column JB-110 equipped with headphone connector. Columns written in black color scheme, thanks to compact dimensions, they can be easily placed in a small office desk or take with you.

Speakers Jetbalance JB-112 is made in a compact package, it is also a model with an output of 6 watts RMS and interface to connect via USB. Dispenser JB-112 does not require additional power, but the kit also includes an adapter to connect to the household electrical wiring. The power switch, volume control knob, connector for headphones made on the side of active speakers.

Portable Speakers Jetbalance JB-114 has an output RMS 12 watts and the power cord with USB connector to connect directly to USB-port on a laptop, PC or audio device. The included adapter also leaves the traditional connection to the household electrical wiring. Controls (power switch, volume control knob, connector for headphone) located on the front of the active column.