New drives Kingston SSDNow V + - capacity up to 512 GB and support for TRIM

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Company Kingston Digital announced the second generation of SSD drives in a series SSDNow V +, which brought with it a lot of interesting and useful innovations. First of all, the new solid-state drives twice raised the limit capacity - up to 512 GB. Thus, the second generation of SSD drives Kingston SSDNow V + comes in versions with a capacity of 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB. Also greatly improving the performance of the new solid-state drives, which are made on the basis of NAND memory with a multilevel structure of the cell (MLC) and implemented in the form factor 2.5-inch.

Suffice it to say that the maximum speed of reading and writing data from the second generation of SSD drives Kingston SSDNow V + has more than doubled, reaching rates 230 MB / s and 180 Mb / s, respectively. But most, perhaps, important is that the new drives have the support functions TRIM, increasing reliability and increasing the lifetime of the device.

It is no accident's average uptime in the second generation of SSD drives Kingston SSDNow V + reaches one million hours. In addition, the new drives have the dimensions of 69,85 x 100 x 9,5 mm and weighs 84 grams, are equipped with interface connections SATA 3.0 Gbps and are equipped with three-year warranty and the cost ranges from $ 268 to $ 1,968 depending on the modification.

Compact camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2 pass through the cold, water and dust

Panasonic has been pleased with last year, fans of extreme and active recreation, releasing protected compact camera Lumix DMC-FT1. This device has a solid leak-proof body and not afraid of diving into the water, nor falls with a moderate height. And now the Japanese manufacturer introduced the continuation of his "fotobronevika" under the name Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2.

New compact camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2 protected even better than its predecessor. It can withstand immersion in water at a depth of 10 meters and is not afraid of falling from a height of up to 2 meters. In addition, the camera is protected from falling into the dust and can operate in freezing temperatures down to minus 10 degrees Celsius.

With regard to the technical characteristics of Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2, this camera is equipped with a secure matrix with a resolution of 14 megapixels and high-quality wide-angle lens LEICA DC VARIO ELMAR 28-128mm with a 4.6-fold optical zoom, and working with video.

In addition, there is a 2.7-inch LCD screen and function of shooting HD video recording format AVCHD Lite. Compact protected camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2 has dimensions of 99 x 63 x 24 mm and weighs about 188 grams (with battery), and its recommended price is 399 euros. The appearance in the sale is expected in March.

The new GX line of power supplies from Cooler Master - only for the extreme gamer

Company Cooler Master, known as a supplier of high quality and reliable computer components, formally introduced a new line of power supplies GX-Series. New BP, judging by the name of the series (the abbreviation stands for GX Gamer Xtreme), designed for real fans of video games and are versions of the models Extreme Power Plus.

New PSU GX-Series from Cooler Master are suitable for use in gaming systems, medium and high class and presented in three models with a constant power of 550, 650 and 750 watts. In addition, their efficiency at work reaches 85 percent, which meets the requirements of the certificate 80Plus.

Among other things, power supplies, GX-Series have the function of Active PFC (Active Power Factor Correction), and equipped only with 12V bus power current to 60 amps, and is responsible for the cooling fan is 120 mm. New PSU equipped with a five-year warranty, while the average uptime of them exceeds 100 000 hours. Add that PSU GX-550W, GX-650W and GX-750W should appear on sale in February at the price of 64,90, 74,90 and 89,90 euros respectively.

The first Samsung e-book - E6 and E101

Samsung Electronics Company presented in Russia its first models of electronic books - 6-inch E6 and 10-inch E101. Electronic books are equipped with a Samsung screen of electronic paper, comparable in performance with the usual paper and providing a clear image even in daylight conditions.

Electronic books Samsung supports such popular formats as ePub, PDF, and TXT, and built-in dictionaries can be employed by touching a stylus to the screen. Built-in MP3 player lets users listen to music while reading or listening to enjoy audiobooks. In addition, the function of speech processing «Text-to-Speech» allows you to reproduce the text of the book voice with the exact pronunciation. This function is useful for drivers with poor eyesight and those who often are not the most comfortable environment for reading.

Unlike some other devices, electronic books Samsung E6 and E101 has the option of handwriting recognition software to allow users to leave comments in the text, a reminder in your calendar and make notes EMR ctilusom. EMR technology avoids while typing errors caused by the accidental touching of fingers or objects. With the ability to adjust the thickness of the pen and eraser, electronic books Samsung suitable for drawing and working with text. And in the Samsung E101 model there are additional features, such as "calligraphy", the function of editing (cut, copy, paste) and a function of pressure sensitive stylus.

New models of e-books are equipped with wireless modules of the standard Wi-Fi (802.11b / g), allowing users to download books and newspapers with a computer or server, and share content with other devices.

BeBook Neo - e-book with touch screen and Wi-Fi

Company BeBook introduced the e-book called Neo. This device with a 6-inch touch screen Wacom, a display resolution of 800x600 pixels. He has no native support for 3G, but there is a Wi-Fi for access to directories of electronic books, as well as Google search and Wikipedia. The model supports such formats as ePub, PDF (as with DRM protection, and without it), and TXT for text, and also allows you to view images as JPEG. The battery life BeBook Neo enough to see the 7000 pages on a single charge, and Freescale processor delivers high performance, said the company.

To store the content in BeBook Neo provides 512 MB of internal memory. This is a little bit, but the device also supports SD card up to 16 GB and interface USB 2.0. Plus, there is also a 3,5 mm jack for headphones, which indicates support for audio. Currently eBook BeBook Neo is available for pre-orders in the UK. It costs 279.99 pounds (about $ 453), deliveries will begin towards the end of February.

NComputing U170 - thin client connecting via USB

The company introduced a thin client NComputing NComputing U170. According to the company, the world's first hardware-software complex for virtualization jobs with connecting via USB. This decision is based on the simple fact that modern PCs are so powerful that most users will use only a small fraction of their computing power. Thin Client NComputing U170 shared computational resources computer so that it can be simultaneously used by several users.

Terminal U170 connects to a standard USB port on your computer, and software virtualization NComputing vSpace (included) supports the work of a few isolated desktops. U170 is equipped with jacks for connecting additional peripheral devices user. A single computer can be connected up to nine devices U170. Thus for each user are provided with multimedia capabilities up to playing HD video. According to NComputing, easy setup makes the model U170 an ideal solution for schools, businesses, small offices, branch offices and any users who need an effective and inexpensive method to jobs. The appearance of the model U170 on sale in Russia will be announced during the first quarter of 2010.

10-inch notebooks Panasonic Let's Note R-Series with Intel Core i7

Panasonic has introduced in Japan notebooks Let's Note R-series - compact, but productive. Ultra-model Panasonic CF-R9JWACDR with 10.4-inch display built on the processor Intel Core i7-620UM vPro with a frequency of 1.06 GHz and runs on Windows 7 Professional. It is equipped with up to 4 GB of RAM DDR3, as well as a hard disk drive can be used up to 500 GB or SSD up to 128 GB. Also there are adapters for laptop wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n and Bluetooth, but the built-in optical drive is not provided.

As the number of ports Panasonic CF-R9JWACDR include Gigabit Ethernet, VGA output, two USB 2.0, as well as the PC Card slot and SD / SDHC. In addition, the laptop can be as an option based on more productive processor Intel Core i7-640UM with a frequency of 1.2 GHz, Plus, an optional adapter is invited to WiMAX. Laptop Battery capacity 3100 mAh enough for 7.5 hours of battery life. Dimensions ultraportable notebook are 229x187x29, 4 mm, and weight - 930 grams.

Novelty will go on sale in Japan from February 17 and costs 180 000 yen (nearly $ 2000). The second model line of Panasonic CF-R9JWANDR, apparently differs only in the presence of pre-installed on Office Personal 2007 + Powerpoint, it is worth 210 000 yen (about $ 2300). On the issue of laptops in other regions, except Japan, nothing is yet known.

AMP produces 1.8-inch SSD for 128 GB in line SaberTooth ZX

Submitted in September last year by Active Media Products (AMP) family of 1.8-inch SSD drives SaberTooth ZX replenished with another model. Novelty called N128G-PATAZIF-ZX, and has a capacity of 128 GB, which is quite a large figure for such a compact device.

New solid-state drive N128G-PATAZIF-ZX is based on NAND memory with a multilevel structure of the cells (MLC), has the interface to connect Parallel ATA (PATA / IDE) ZIF and is equipped with a memory controller SMI. Speed reading and writing data this SSD is 80 and 38 Mb / s, respectively.

Obviously, the new SSD drive in SaberTooth ZX series will also appeal to consumers who are looking for a combination of compactness and high capacity. Solid-state disk N128G-PATAZIF-ZX by AMP with a capacity of 128 GB is equipped with an annual guarantee and is already sold in the online store Amazon and costs $ 380.

HTC Supersonic for operator Sprint and WiMax networks

We have already mentioned in the news about the smartphone HTC Supersonic. According to unofficial information, it is productive unit is designed for operator Sprint and WiMax networks, and will be sold in the United States. Features HTC Supersonic like HTC HD2: the same 4.3-inch touch screen (according to some sources, AMOLED), 5 megapixel camera and Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset with 1 GHz processor. Only the operating system is not Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional, and Android 2.1, supplemented with interface Sense. Although, if you believe the screenshot, snared a few days ago, HTC Supersonic is based on a newer version of Android under the number 3.0.

Now resource Android Mobile OS announced the publication of exclusive "live" pictures of this smartphone. True, they are of such poor quality that may well be fake. These 'pictures' you can see the front panel of the device (the display is off, beneath it are visible a few buttons) and the back cover is white, it is placed on the camera lens and the folding "legs". You can use it to install HTC Supersonic on a flat surface. Particularly useful given the large display device: in this situation one can comfortably watch video. Also, the source reported the presence of a smartphone built-in FM radio, a more detailed description of the characteristics it has not yet introduced.

Boogie Board tablet for $ 30 - an electronic replacement of paper notepad

Improv Electronics Company presented an interesting tablet Boogie Board. This device is equipped with a touch Reflex LCD display, touch-sensitive and entered in the case of flexible plastic, its dimensions are 253x142, 2x5 mm. Such a tablet can be used to record and fully capable to replace the paper notebook. Writing can be a stylus, or in any other tool or even a fingernail. Depending on the strength of clicks, you can create a line of varying thickness. That is, use the Boogie Board almost as simple as a sheet of paper.

The advantage of this display is that it is extremely power efficient. During the creation of images and its energy conservation is not spent, it is required only for his removal, which is produced by pressing a button. Boogie Board is working on a miniature batteries for hours and it is sufficient for 50 000 cycles of abrasion. Tablet Cost is $ 29.97, you can buy, for example, the online store Amazon.

Google Chrome 4.0 is supported extensions, and the synchronization of bookmarks

Google Inc. has released a stable public version of its browser Chrome for the number 4.0. Earlier, the new browser was available in pre-beta version, presented in December 2009. Among the interesting innovations implemented in the new version of "chrome" browser, first of all, note a new support formal and informal extensions significantly increase the functionality of Google Chrome.

Thus, the users browser, Chrome 4.0 can get, for example, the ability to check e-mail Gmail. In addition, the new browser versions offer the ability to synchronize bookmarks, thereby providing users with a Google account to transfer the Chrome browser bookmarks to other computers. It should be noted, and significantly increased performance versions of Chrome 4.0. For example, markedly accelerated procedure for rendering images, and the new browser as compared to the previous stable version should pass benchmarks by about 42 percent faster. Among other things, the browser Chrome 4.0 includes support for some technologies related to Web standards HTML5, including interfaces LocalStorage, Database and WebSockets.

However, all these "goodies" in the stable version of Google Chrome, so far available only to users of Windows. However, and Linux fans can also enjoy the new functionality Chrome 4.0, however, still only in beta browser. Regarding version Mac OS X, Internet giant advises users of the software platform to be patient, because Google specialists still working on the integration of new features in Chrome for the Mac. Note that the operating system processes in Mac OS X very often requires significant changes in the process of developing applications, so there was nothing particularly surprising about the delay there.

Chip NVIDIA Fermi second generation may occur in late 2010

Despite delays in the issuance of GPUs Fermi, the company NVIDIA, seems to have already begun work on the Fermi second-generation architecture. Moreover, the information resource Fudzilla, the new graphics processors Fermi should appear at the end of this year. Thus, we can assume that NVIDIA plans to release in one year for two whole new generation of its graphics solutions. This situation is very unusual, because traditionally new video chips appear in a significant period of time after the release of the previous GPU generations.

Experts note that the timing of issuance of the mass of products based architecture Fermi will not deviate much from the original plan. Hence, there is hope for the emergence of single-chip video GT300, which is based on the video processor GF100 (Fermi), already in March this year.

At the same time as early as November, NVIDIA must be ready to announce its second-generation graphics architecture. There is no information about it to date is not available, it is assumed only that the known Fermi solutions are the first step in developing a new architecture that will remain relevant over the next few years.

Microsoft released the system requirements for Office 2010

Although before the release of Microsoft Office 2010 is still more than four months (remember, the final version of the software package should appear in June), information about this product continues to flow. For example, the blog Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering recently appeared some information about system requirements for computers, which will be installed this office suite.

According to Alex Dubek (Alex Dubec), occupying the position of program manager in the department Office Trustworthy Computing Performance, the Microsoft Office 2010 has the same minimum system requirements as its predecessor, Office 2007. This means that for the future office suite will require a processor with a clock speed of 500 MHz and 256 MB of RAM.

Of course, the more powerful computer, the higher the performance of Office 2010, but this statement applies to virtually any program. In addition, applications in the new office package will require 500 MB of disk space than in the case of Office 2007. Also reported that work with Office 2010 will increase the role of graphics, because the new software package will be able to use the computing power of the GPU for rendering images, and other tasks. However, the demands on the chart also low - need a video card or IGP that supports DirectX 9 technology and 64 MB of memory.

Music format MusicDNA could rival iTunes LP

Looks like the format of iTunes LP, presented by Apple in the past year, there was a worthy competitor. Team that played at one time a key role in the process of creating MPEG-3, announced on the announcement of a new musical format called MusicDNA. This format allows you to store not only the compressed music, but also the lyrics, the various images and videos, as well as blog entries, which are constantly updated.

New format MusicDNA was created by Norwegian developer MP Dagfin Bach (Dagfinn Bach), in the far in 1993 stood at the origins of the first MP3 player. Note also that the number of investors to finance the development of a new musical format, joined the legendary German scholar Karlheinz Brandenburg (Karlheinz Brandenburg). He is credited with the invention of the actual format MP3, without which it is difficult to imagine modern music industry.

Although the major music labels still do not show interest in the new format, a British record company, Beggars Group have already expressed interest in using MusicDNA in their work. The firm recorded albums for artists such as Vampire Weekend, MIA and The Strokes. In addition, the new format is also going to the American studio Tommy Boy. Note that the files MusicDNA, likely to be more expensive than existing digital formats used for downloading music from online resources.

Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, about the announcement of a new product and the iPhone for all U.S. operators

Apple has held a financial conference and on it, inter alia, the leaders of the company Steve Jobs and Tim Cook briefly mentioned the new products. Apple chief Steve Jobs said that this year will be released very strong products, with the first of them - the most important and, indeed, impressive - will be presented this week. Apparently, we are talking about a long awaited Tablet PC Apple. His announcement is expected on 27 January, the event has already sent out invitations. However, details about a novelty Cook and Jobs not disclosed, saying they do not want to spoil the surprise. But the publication NYTimes has made a number of predictions: in his view, planshetnik will support applications for the iPhone and iPod touch, 3G network and Wi-Fi and get a 10-inch display.

Interestingly, on the basis of an invitation to a presentation on January 27, one expert concluded that the iPhone will soon be able to sell all the U.S. operators. Recall invited different original design with the logo of Apple in the middle and bright colored strokes of paint on the sides. The analyst noticed that they exactly match the colors of operators T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel, Clearwire, and AT & T. The latter sells iPhone in 2007, presumably in the summer it will be added to the T-Mobile, in autumn - Verizon Wireless and Sprint, and the next year - Clearwire.

In 27-inch iMac is still problems with the graphics, the second patch on the way

We have already reported problems with graphics, identified on the new model 27-inch computer-monoblock iMac. Recall some users complained about the device flicker issued on the computer screen, or even a complete loss of signal. This forced the company to develop and Apple to release in late December 2009 firmware update 27-inch iMac, which was to eliminate the problems encountered. However, complaints about the annoying flicker of the users of this computer has not stopped.

Nevertheless, probably soon, users 27-inch iMac can breathe a sigh of relief. According to the Apple Discussions forum with reference to the technicians AppleCare, "fruit" company is preparing another update firmware for 27-inch iMac, will ultimately solve all problems with the graphics component of the computer.

However, some technicians AppleCare allegedly assured consumers that the decision has not just been under development, but would be born within three weeks. If this information is correct, may be understandable reasons for the recent delays in deliveries of 27-inch iMac. Sama Apple, however, insists that these events are not related to each other, and referred to the delay in the delivery of computers iMac buyers are not caused by technical problems and the most popular 27-inch model, coupled with limited supplies of components.

XClio 737 and 747 - Computer "aristocrats" in the black in the format Mid-Tower

Company XClio prepares to replenish its line of computer cases with two new models. New items were named XClio 737 and 747 and have dimensions of 480 x 190 x 440 mm, which complies with the form factor of Mid-Tower. In addition, both outside and inside the shell fully painted in black and look quite elegant and stylish.

Computer Corps XClio 737 and 747 are equipped with four external compartments, size 5.25 inches, the five landing sites under the internal 3.5-inch drives, as well as located on top panel to one port, eSATA, two USB 2.0 ports and two audio jacks.

Note also that the computer cases XClio 737 and 747 do not require tools for installation of internal components, making it easy to install in their drives and PCI expansion cards. Cooling Systems buildings include two 80 mm fan on top and one 120 mm fan on the rear panel. It is reported that sales XClio 737 and 747 may begin next month.

Nokia X6 16GB - less memory, but more color options

The network has information about the smartphone Nokia X6 16GB. This model, unlike the older version of the music smartphone with 32 GB of internal memory, equipped with only 16 GB. It has not yet been formally presented, but more capacious version of the Nokia X6 for sale since last fall. It is reported that Nokia X6 16GB will have a broader palette of colors and will be offered in black, white and pink or white and blue body. Perhaps the novelty will not be completed with the program Comes With Music, as a 32 GB smartphone.

Otherwise, the characteristics of Nokia X6 16GB, probably not undergo any changes. Should be preserved 3.2-inch touchscreen display, 5 megapixel camera with optics Carl Zeiss, TV out, GPS receiver, support for Wi-Fi, and so on. And, of course, a software platform S60 5th Edition. In this case, the cost of 16 GB version of the Nokia X6 will be less than 32 GB, 100 euro - it will amount to 350 euros. Issue new items expected in the coming months.

Acer will present its first electronic book, This year

Head of IT division Acer Jim Wong (Jim Wong) shared the company's plans for the near future. According to him, at the end of June this year, Acer will present its first electronic book. It will be equipped with a 6-inch monochrome display, met on technology E-Ink. First, this device will be sold in five European countries. Furthermore, Acer is going to open your own online store application. It can be found programs for all devices of the manufacturer, like computers and smartphones and communicators.

That is, the catalog online store can be found Acer applications for operating systems such as Android and Windows Mobile, as well as Windows and, potentially, Chrome OS. Initially there will be several hundred titles, and, most of them will be inexpensive or even free. Chrome OS will be used for netbooks Acer, which will be issued in the third quarter of this year. According to Wong, approximately 10% of the company will support netbooks Chrome OS. It is possible that they will once the two operating systems - Windows and Chrome OS.

Video: Tablet PC HP Slate in the hands of the technical director of the company

Company Hewlett-Packard (HP) presented a video in which its chief technology officer Phil McKinney (Phil McKinney) tells Shlender Greta (Greta Schlender) - spokesperson HP - on a Tablet PC is already known as the HP Slate (not a fact that is the commercial name ). It was his show during his speech before the start of the exhibition CES 2010 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Now Phil McKinney at five-minute clip showed a working Tablet PC HP Slate and revealed some details about its release.

Technical details about this product, in turn, a little. We only know that he is running the operating system Windows 7. On the screen you can see the browser. McKinney said that the device - it is not just a concept or a prototype, it expects commercial release later this year. And this decision has been developed for quite some time - more than two years ago, but decided to release it only now. According to McKinney, positively influenced the current level of development of hardware and software. He also noted that the model will be sold at an affordable price, although the specific amount is not mentioned.