Buffalo launches TeraStation network storage capacity of 4 TB

Friday, January 29, 2010

Well-known manufacturer of devices for network storage Japanese company Buffalo has presented a new network drive in a popular line of TeraStation. The new NAS device has become part of a series TS-WXL/R1 and represents a solution in an elegant black finish, equipped with a front door with a lock and the front display panel with an LCD screen.

The new network drive from Buffalo TeraStation is equipped with two compartments, a size 3.5-inch hard drives with interface SATA, and the total amount of disk space can be up to 4 terabytes. In this default configuration supports RAID 1, also has support for RAID 0, 5, 10 and JBOD. Product dimensions are 170 x 170 x 230 mm, weight 4,5 kg. Are two connectors for Gigabit Ethernet and two USB ports, as well as active cooling system. Deliveries of the new network drive in Japan has already started, but it costs about 1171 dollars.

Fastseller: sales of the new operating system Microsoft Windows 7 reached 60 million

Microsoft has summed up the results of the second quarter of its current fiscal year. According to the data, the Redmond company's net profit for the past three months amounted to 6.66 billion dollars, which shows an increase of 60 percent compared with the previous figures.

In Microsoft particularly pay attention that such a jump performed by more than a successful sales of the new operating system Windows 7, which premiered October 22, 2009. We have repeatedly noted in news and the growing popularity of the sale of Windows 7, significantly higher than that of the previous version of Windows Vista.

Microsoft said that sales of Windows 7 for the past quarter reached 60 million copies, making it the most successful and fastest selling operating system ever present in the market. To support such a successful initiative of Windows 7 to the software package Microsoft Office 2010, which will release in June, and other products of the Redmond company.

Qumo Home - a new family of HDD media players

Company Qumo begins production of new multimedia devices called Home (Home Multimedia Entertainment). Qumo Home designed to work with embedded hard drives, USB and memory card carriers can transmit the image from 720p to 1080p on the TV screen. In each of the three lines Qumo Home was founded its own feature that helps easily navigate in the selection.

Qumo Home Base - in this series will be issued an entry-level devices and low price range. Options playback HD ready (720p) and portability will play a key role, but not at the expense of quality, but due to weak demand removal functions.

Qumo Home Medium positioned as the "golden mean", the optimal combination of price and features. Support HD video (up to 1080i) and additional formats agreed with a decent level of quality performance.

Qumo Home Pro - this category together the most high-tech devices. Along with the continual expansion of the number of formats and support for Full HD (1080p), will develop networking opportunities that will facilitate opportunities of HDD player with streaming from the Internet, local and wireless networks.

Soon, around mid-March, will be available the first models for multimedia players Qumo Home. Approximate cost of devices without the hard drive will be Qumo Home Base HB001 - 2500 rubles, Qumo Home Base HB002 - 3000 rubles, Qumo Home Medium HM001 - 3500 rubles, Qumo Home Pro HP001 - 6100 rubles

Features Qumo Home Base HB001, Qumo Home Base HB002, Qumo Home Medium HM001, Qumo Home Pro HP001:

* Format (HB001) RM, RMVB, AVI, MPG, VOB, DAT; MP3, WMA; JPG, BMP, PNG.
* Format (HB002) RM, RMVB, AVI, MPG, VOB, DAT; MP3, WMA; JPG, BMP, PNG.
* Format (HM001) AVI, MPG, VOB, MP4, ASF, DAT; MP3, WMA; JPG, BMP, PNG.
* Resolution (HB001) to 720p, (HB002) to 720p, (HM001) up to 1080i, (HP001) up to 1080p
* Networking opportunities (HP001) LAN, WLAN, IEEE 802.11 b / g / n; integrated solutions to work with YouTube, RSS, weather, news, Bittorent.
* TV connector (HB001) CVBS, YPbPr; (HB002, HM001, HP001) CVBS, YPbPr, HDMI
* Support HDD HB001) 2,5 "SATA 750 GB, (HB002) 2,5" SATA 750 GB, (HM001) 3,5 "SATA up to 1,5 TB, (HP001) 3,5" SATA to 2 TB

AirMouse - computer mouse that can be worn on the hand

Since the invention of the computer mouse hundreds of designers and engineers worked to ensure that this input device has become as comfortable as possible for the user. Invented dozens of different forms of housing, improve the accuracy of the computer "rodent", changed the principles of his work. The real breakthrough, for example, was the creation of optical and wireless mouse.

One of the most interesting developments in this direction in recent years can be regarded as the invention of professional Canadian company Deanmark. They managed to create a computer mouse, which should be worn on the hand like a glove. As can be seen in the photos, the device under the name of the speaker AirMouse stretched on the index and middle finger and wrist.

Thus, it turns a kind of gloves for work in virtual reality, on display in the science fiction films. To track the movements manipulator AirMouse uses a laser sensor, and the interaction with the computer is wirelessly. This device can operate without recharging for a week, and its activation occurs when finding the hand in a certain position. In addition, AirMouse actually allows the user to print on your keyboard and use the mouse at the same time, and sell this system appear in the next six months or a year and costs $ 129.

Vodafone 547: a simple phone with a touchscreen and support for mobile TV

Organization of Bluetooth SIG, which deals with certification of equipment with support for wireless standard Bluetooth, approved a new mobile phone Vodafone 547. His producer is a Chinese company ZTE. A device will be sold virtually anywhere in the world: at Bluetooth SIG as the target regions referred to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America. Although, obviously, it should be a market presence of the operator Vodafone.

Phone Vodafone 547 is positioned as a multimedia solution. It is equipped with touch screen (possible resolution - 400x240 pixels), but the hardware keyboard, obviously, does not. Among the characteristics mentioned only networks GSM / GPRS / EDGE and an accelerometer, in addition, on-screen TV you can see the icon. It is not clear when this phone goes on sale, but most likely it will happen fairly soon. Can assume that the Vodafone 547 will be affordable.

Wireless Laser Mouse Prestigio Wireless Racer Mouse

Prestigio Technologies announced the beginning of sales of wireless laser mice Prestigio Wireless Racer Mouse. The older model collection - Prestigio Wireless Racer Mouse - wireless laser mouse with controlled sensitivity of the sensor is made in the traditional collection Racer design. Combining an ergonomic shape and quality materials make the Wireless Racer comfortable for everyday use.

To produce the top of the mouse body used carbon fiber, and the side inserts trimmed with anti-slip polymer. High precision laser sensor allows you to work on any surfaces in either of two modes - economical 800 dpi and a maximum 1600 dpi. Sensor resolution is enough for comfortable use in modern games, as well as in advanced image editors. Has already become a classic pyatiknopochnaya layout than the standard mouse functions gives the possibility to use navigation in the Internet browser in one click. For communication with computer Prestigio Wireless Racer Mouse uses a miniature wireless transmitter. Power produced from two batteries AAA / AA.

Prestigio launches Wireless Racer in three sizes - S to a tiny women's or children's hands, M and L for the larger male. Packaging mouse makes it possible to estimate the size before buying and choose the most suitable for the user model. Manipulators Prestigio Wireless Racer Mouse became available in Russia market in January 2010. is priced at 1,090 rubles.

fring for iPhone now supports VoIP over 3G

Almost as soon as Apple has allowed third-party developers of applications for the iPhone implement VoIP over 3G, rather the creators of the popular client fring introduced the possibility of making calls through this channel. Now removed all restrictions on voice or video calls through 3G for all users of fring on iPhone. Naturally, the ability to use Wi-Fi is also preserved.

The most interesting is that in order to fring for iPhone is a new opportunity, nothing else to do. Simply start fring and enjoy. If suddenly the user still gets the message "VoIP calls are not allowed", simply close the program (menu "More" -> "Go offline"), then restart it. Also, developers are advised to ascertain that the mobile operator itself does not block (or does not prohibit the use of) VoIP within their networks before using fring. Find a fresh version of fring for your mobile device can be on the download page.

Game "netbook» Alienware - the most budget gaming solution

Dell is among other developments at CES 2010 and presented a model M11h series Alienware. This model is a curious fact that a product between a laptop and a netbook, and named the game netbook. Alienware M11x has a 11.6-inch screen, which is characteristic for netbooks and its weight is "only" 2 kg, which is considerably less than other gaming notebooks. This time its battery life is 6.5 hours. These specifications allow it to carry him to the class exactly netbooks. However, the graphics adapter Nvidia GT355M and Intel Core 2 ULV say that this gaming platform that can give 30 fps when playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

In announcing it was reported that the cost of this model is less than $ 1000, and the catalog page with this device is said that when ordering Alienware M11x will cost "only" $ 799. In the sale of "gaming netbook" arrive this spring.

Sony is not satisfied with the e-paper color quality

Previously, we reported that Sony is engaged in development of devices for reading electronic books on the basis of color electronic paper. Question about the current state of these developments referred to the Director of the Digital Reading Business Division, which is developing the bukriderov, Fujio Noguchi (Fujio Noguchi) in an interview given resource Tech-On!. In his opinion, at present, all work stopped, because none of the available models of Sony color e-paper does not have "sufficient" quality.

He noted that the quality of the products is a priority for development because the market at the moment is great competition, since the classical device for reading electronic books have to compete with smartbukami and tablets, such as the recently presented Apple iPad. But, according to Mr. Noguchi, y bukriderov have a significant advantage - electronic paper retains the ability to read much longer than LCD screens. Therefore, Sony is betting it on the device with electronic paper, because the main thing for this type of gadget is readability.

New line of Sony Xplod car audio system with support for Bluetooth

Russia's division of Sony unveiled its new range of car audio system Sony Xplod, among which there are models with support for wireless technology, Bluetooth - MEX-BT2807E and MEX-BT3807U, designed to secure control of the car during a telephone conversation and brighten up the time on the road for a car owner and his passengers.



Data CD-receivers provide the opportunity to talk on his mobile phone on the road without using an additional headset with the help of Hands-free (HFP 1.5). Built-in microphone with noise-housing-and echo-suppression allows you to communicate with the subscriber without interference. Bluetooth CD-receivers can not only make telephone calls, but also transfer music tracks from your phone (Wireless Music Streaming). On the Bluetooth receivers MEX-BT2807E and MEX-BT3807U may play wireless stereo sound from the iPhone, provided that the iPhone set a new operating system iPhone OS 3.0, the protocol supports A2DP. Receiver MEX-BT3807U equipped with USB-port, as well as three previous models, and is fully compatible with all portable devices, including the Walkman, iPod, iPhone.

Sales of new line of models in Russia will begin in February 2010.

Kingston submitted a flash drive with improved data encryption system

Company Kingston recently withdrawn from the market several models of its secure USB flash drives, which were vulnerable to hacking. And although the company was not the only flash drives which have ceased to be securely protected, namely Kingston was the first to report it. Along with the recall, it was reported that the products will be replaced by models with improved encryption system. And this change was introduced - flash card DataTraveler 5000 with certificate DoD reliability.

This model has an improved system of data encryption. She is certified at the second level of the standard FIPS 140-2, while declaring that corresponds to the higher, third level. The device has the hardware 256-bit AES encryption and cipher mode of XTS, using algorithms ECC cryptography. Organization of DoD and the U.S. government confirms the compliance level of data protection Suite B and the use of proprietary security technology SPYRUS hardware 256-bit XTS-AES encryption.

Flash Drive Kingston DataTraveler 5000 comes in 2, 4, 8 and 16 GB versions, which cost $ 111, $ 185, $ 231 and $ 400 respectively.