Sony VAIO E: bright 15-inch notebooks

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sony has announced a line of notebooks VAIO E. It includes devices with 15.5-inch widescreen display, processor-based Intel Core i5 and i3 and the operating system Windows 7. These laptops can support up to 8 GB of RAM and equipped with a hard drive up to 500 GB. And as the graphics used by ATI Mobility Radeon HD. You can select a complete set of optical drive, DVD or Blu-ray. Wireless Sony VAIO E brought Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

An interesting feature of this series of laptops is the ability to choose unusual colors. This can be a variety of colors, and there is an opportunity to combine the two bright color body and keyboard, and mouse to select the corresponding or contrasting colors. Notebook Sony VAIO E will begin selling in late February. Their value in the minimum configuration would be relatively low, and starts at $ 799.99.

Nikon COOLPIX L110: versatile camera with a 15-fold zoom lens and battery powered finger

Another novelty from the company Nikon, which was presented today, was 12.1 megapixel model COOLPIX L110, equipped with wide-angle NIKKOR lens with a 15-fold optical zoom, allows you to take not only photos but also videos with stereo sound. Photos and videos can be viewed on the large 3.5-inch LCD monitor. In addition, this camera provides the possibility of macro photography with a distance of 1 cm and 15 scene modes, and its high efficiency, as the producer says, will make more shots than most other digital cameras, to discharge one set of batteries AA.

Model COOLPIX L110 is available in two colors: black and burgundy.

Other features of Nikon COOLPIX L110:

  • Wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR lens with a 15-fold increase
  • Shooting HD video (720p) with stereo sound
  • Long battery life
  • HDMI mini connector
  • System 5-fold reduction of lubricating
  • EXPEED image processing system
  • Mode for automatic selection of the plot, simple auto, portrait of an intellectual system, 15 scene modes, Macro Mode
  • Burst Mode sporting events

Regular classic Notebooks MSI CX620 and CR620

Company Micro-Star International (MSI) unveiled two new notebook series Classic - CX620 and CR620. They are equipped with 15.6-inch displays and built on a processor Intel Core i3/i5. Notebooks enclosed in housing with sloping ends, the lid of which is protected from damage and dirt coating Color Film Print - recognizable design MSI. Specifications MSI CX620 and CR620 identical, except for one detail: the schedule they have and ATI Radeon HD Intel GMA, respectively. In general, the possibility of devices is quite common and the cost is likely to be at the middle level. On the timing of these models still do not know.

MSI CX620/CR620 Specifications:
  • Display: 15.6-inch, 1366x768 dots
  • Processors: Intel Core i3 or i5
  • Chipset: Intel HM55
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD5470/Intel GMA HD
  • Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Memory: up to 4 GB
  • Hard drive: 250, 320 or 500 GB
  • Web-camera: 1,3 Mp
  • Wireless Modules: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / draft N, Bluetooth 2.1
  • Optical Drive: DVD Super-Multi
  • Connectors: USB 2.0h3, RJ-45, microphone, headphone, HDMI, D-sub, Kensington
  • Card reader: XD, MS, SD, MMC
  • Battery: 6-cell
  • Dimensions: 374h247, 5х35 mm
  • Weight: 2,5 kg

Nirvana Phone - the phone as a laptop alternative

Citrix and Open Kernel Labs together to collaborate on a project smartphone Nirvana Phone. This device is expected to become not just a mobile phone, and be able to fully replace the laptop business class. The idea is that in order to make life easier for those who constantly have to carry a laptop, you need to create a phone that in addition to standard communication functions will be necessary to connect computer peripheral connectors. In this case, on arrival at the user only need to connect a monitor, keyboard, etc.

According to Citrix, about 70% of users have no need for a laptop on the road, so such a Nirvana Phone system would be very helpful to them. As the minimum needed to replace the PC requirements Citrix and Open Kernel Labs called Bluetooth 2.0 + with full support for HID, USB 2.0 + Host controller modules WiFi and 3G, and video output HDMI or VGA, and also, at least 528 MHz ARM processor with 256 MB ROM and 192 MB of RAM memory. If we compare these requirements with actual models of platform-based Qualcomm Snapdragon, NVIDIA Tegra or Texas Instruments OMAP4, it becomes clear that the visualization at the level of your home or business station - is quite real.

Some information about the new camera Canon Rebel T2i

In the network appeared rumors that the successor DSLRs Canon Rebel T1i will be shown next week. At the moment it became known index model - T2i. Also indicated some number of features, which will have a camera. It is reported that, against expectations of some users screen hinged at the new model appears. Although the LCD screen and will be updated - the resolution is greater than the previous model. Along with him will be a new battery LP-E8 and the handle-holder for him. Also indicates that the camera Canon Rebel T2i will be equipped with a function of speed selection shooting video.

All other information will be communicated only to the official presentation of the model.

The Apple developing a tablet with a large screen than iPad

The flow of rumors about the developments of the tablet by Apple does not waned, even when the model iPad was presented officially. According to the resource Techcrunch, he managed to get confirmation from several sources that the development of Apple tablet in progress. Sent them to correct deficiencies that were found on the iPad the fact that the device uses an operating system from the phone, iPhone. Direct development iPad difficult because the iPhone OS is aimed solely at the touch control, and therefore can use an application ported to the models of the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Perspective tablet from Apple will be larger in size and get the operating system Mac OS X, which will make it more flexible device than iPad. Details and specifications of the new Apple tablet is not known, but indicates that the model can appear on the market later this year.

Photos of the new mobile phone LG GD350

We offer you the photos of the new quad-band GSM mobile phone LG GD350, performed in a folding form factor and has the support of data transmission technology EDGE:

LG LD100: Certified LTE modem for NTT DOCOMO

South Korean company LG Electronics announced its LTE modem LG LD100, which will be sold at the largest Japanese operator NTT DOCOMO and certified a government agency for certification of radio transmitting equipment, such as Telecom Engineering Center (TELEC, Japan).

This equipment will go on sale along with the commercial launch for LTE networks DOCOMO in Japan, scheduled for April this year.

JVC GZ-HM340: new flash HD camcorder

JVC has announced the completion of its line of Everio camcorders model range in 2010 a new model with support for HD video recording on a built-in memory, 16 GB, in addition to support for recording to SD / SDHC card, and at a price lower than $ 500. New index will have a GZ-HM340 and has at its disposal functions such as the possibility of shooting in low lighting, image stabilizer and new features include automatic recording.

Among the distinctive features of its new products manufacturer emphasizes the presence in its advanced image stabilization system (Advanced Image Stabilizer - AIS), which gives users the ability to hand-held video footage, even when walking and at 5-fold increase in the image, effectively suppressing the vibration of the camera.

The consecutive shooting function (Time-Lapse) allows you to make video of still frames every few seconds (to 80), where long periods of time is reduced to a few seconds, which may be useful when shooting the cloudy sky.

Auto-record, as the company believes may be useful in situations when you need to start shooting at the moment when the frame of the subject area will change its position or brightness. Situations where this can be useful, may provide for the protection of any object, monitor a sleeping child, as well as the nature of the site.

Other Features of JVC GZ-HM340:

  • 16 GB of internal memory and the ability to capture still and SD / SDHC memory card
  • 1/5.8 "1.37 megapixel CMOS (CMOS) sensor
  • KONICA MINOLTA HD Lens with 20-fold optical zoom
  • Advanced image stabilization system (AIS)
  • Download video on YouTube click of a button (including support and HD video)
  • Seamless switching of recording on a memory card to internal memory and back
  • Options for identifying persons in the frame and Face Flow Thumbnail (automatic approximation of a predetermined person found in the frame)
  • Laser Touch control system

RICOH CX3: a new digital compact camera with ultrazoom

RICOH Japanese company has introduced a new digital camera CX3, having a wide-angle (28-300 mm) lens with a 10.7-fold optical zoom and a miniature body thickness 29 mm. CMOS (CMOS) sensor with a backlight and an innovative noise reduction function, an algorithm which was first used in the model Ricoh GR Digital III, ensure that the words of the manufacturer, exceptional brightness and sharpness even in low light and night shooting.

The company notes that its novelty noises instantly suppressed as soon as the signal enters the matrix, thus preserving the high resolution and color rendition. In addition to this algorithm output pixel interpolation reduces discoloration in the scenes of high contrast for maximum realism of the frame.

The camera has a large three-inch LCD display with a VGA-resolution (920 thousand pixels) and 100% level of relations and the transfer of red, green and blue spectra. Solid FLUORIDE coating prevents from contamination and scratches, and anti-reflective coating provides excellent visibility even in bright sunlight.

The cell provides 13 different regimes, where, for example, in macro mode you can shoot from a distance of 1 cm to wide angle (equivalent to 31 mm focal length in 35 mm camera) and 28 cm for telephoto. Special shooting mode two frames in the dynamic range (up to 12 EV) allows you to take pictures with different exposure settings, and then creates them vysokobitnoe HDR-image without installing special software. For greater convenience in CX3 added more detailed installation to coordinate the work of the dynamic range - now you can set the priority ranking of tone, using the settings "Select", "Shadows" and "Off". Multistructural Auto WB can recreate the natural colors, even when shooting portraits, it was difficult to do with the previous version of this regime, for example, when shooting contrasting frames or frames with flash and natural light (or fluorescent light, etc.).

In addition to the regime of 1:1 for square format images, like a medium format cameras with the regime, the CX3 added a feature shooting with 16:9 aspect ratio for viewing photos on a widescreen TV. In CX3 added another mode - "Pets", focusing on optimizing the muzzle of an animal in its definition: in order not to irritate the pet, flash, additional AF light and working sounds included automatically. Another innovation - HD-video with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels at 30 frames per second.

When you point the camera at the object a new function S-AUTO will automatically adjust the camera to the optimal shooting mode - portrait, sports, night portrait, landscape, night landscape, macro mode, etc.

RICOH CX3 presented in the case of three colors: black, silver and purple two-tone (a combination of metallic with a hint of "pink champagne"). Built in memory is 88 MB with expandable SD cards and SDHC. The package includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery DB-100, Battery Charger BJ-10, USB cable and AV, CD-Rom with software, armband, user manual and warranty card.

New interactive service AVTOSPUTNIK: GPS online monitoring

Company Navigation Systems introduced a new interactive service. The new service on-line monitoring via the Internet available to all users AVTOSPUTNIK devices with access to the network. Has a function of instantaneous on-line monitoring for users AVTOSPUTNIK portal Community AVTOSPUTNIK on any navigation devices with Internet access (GPRS, 3G, WiFi, WiMax), are able to observe the movements of objects using GPS-monitoring service live. Moreover, we can simultaneously track multiple vehicles.

In addition, the Internet resource allows you to add friends, choose to view online maps, satellite imagery, hybrid, OSM. Portal partially duplicates the functionality of the "native" site AVTOSPUTNIK and makes it possible to store and view the history of their movements, to get statistics and data on the length of the track, average speed, speed at the site.

To take advantage of GPS-monitoring of AVTOSPUTNIK and register for both portals and undergo cross-authorization.

Olympus E-PL1: a new family of PEN compact camera with interchangeable lens system

Company Olympus introduced its new model of compact digital camera family PEN Lens Reflex standard Micro Four Thirds, the hallmark of which, in addition to compact size, yet the lack of power mirrors, which takes place in a standard SLR cameras with interchangeable lens system.

This camera, with the words producer of high quality, easy operation and luxurious design, allowing for shooting HD video and photo shoots to use six special artistic filters, as well as use the built-in image stabilizer. In addition, accessory port and a new built-in flash is designed to make use of E-PL1 easier.

Distinctive features of the Olympus E-PL1 are:

  • Easy to use thanks to features photo guide and iEnhance
  • Ultra compact housing 4 colors
  • HD video and HDMI interface
  • Artistic filters, Multi Exposure, Wireless Flash, Various frame formats
  • Accessory port
  • High Speed Live MOS sensor with a resolution of 12.3 Megapixels
  • High-performance built-in image stabilizer
  • Comfortable viewing mode Live View with Autofocus
  • View real-time effects
  • Wide range of digital lenses
  • Unique system of protection against dust

Home sales Olympus E-PL1 identifies the manufacturer of March 2010 for € 599.

LG KF301 - a simplified version of LG KF300

Release of budget models, imitate the more expensive designs are not uncommon, but as a rule, "Facilitation" was subjected to high-tech apparatus. To call such a clamshell LG KF300, released in 2008 is difficult, although the design of the model to remember. Externally phone LG KF301 repeats his "older brother" - the differences are noticeable only in the clear. The first difference "simplified" version is the lack of shortcuts, located beneath the screen. Incidentally, the screen itself has also changed - its diagonal and resolution were reduced.

Apparatus LG KF301 has a 2-inch screen resolution of 176 x 220 pixels. The model is designed to work only in the second-generation networks and has a built-in Bluetooth 2.0. Also the phone has a 1.3-megapixel camera, FM-radio and a slot for microSD memory card format. Regarding the battery is well known that its capacity of 900 mAh, and allegedly, it provides long-term operation without recharging.

In the sales model LG KF301 arrive shortly, but its cost would be between $ 100 to $ 200.

LG KV230 - version GU230 in the form of a monoblock

LG has introduced the Chinese market for LG KV230 phone operator China Telecom. This model is a version of the device LG GU230, but differs in that is made in candybar. The device has the basic features and supports third-generation network (CDMA EV-DO Rev.0). Of the additional features LG KV230 has a built-in music player and FM-radio with the ability to record. While the phone and made of plastic, it was given a kind of polished metal.

Diagonal screen size is 2.4 inches, and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The phone has a simple camera with a 2-megapixel matrix and the battery capacity of 950 mAh. Dimensions models are 116 x 52 x 14.7 mm Weight - 95 grams.

LG KV230 device goes on sale in the Chinese market in the near future, and its cost will be quite low.

Motorola DEVOUR will enable subscribers to Verizon Wireless to use interface MOTOBLUR

Motorola and the North American mobile operator Verizon Wireless announced the availability of March this year, mobile phone Motorola DEVOUR-based operating system Android (version 1.6), which will be the first device from the operator to support the new interface MOTOBLUR. This interface provides the ability to automatically display on the phone screen incoming information, as well as to easily synchronize contacts and other personal data from various accounts, including such services and data as Gmail, as well as messages, photos and other things with social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Among the key features of Motorola DEVOUR reads:

  • Support communications standards: CDMA EVDO rev A, 800/1900MGts
  • Dimensions: 61h115, 5õ15, 42 mm
  • Weight: 180 g
  • Intuitive controls
  • 3.1-inch touchscreen (capacitance) display resolution of 320x480 pixels
  • Camera: 3 MP
  • Pre-installed applications (Gmail, Google Talk, YouTube, Google Search and Google Maps with Google Maps navigation)
  • Shop Applications Android Market
  • Widget support for the interface MOTOBLUR
  • The pull-out QWERTY keyboard
  • Battery: 1400 mAh
  • In the complete set - 8 GB memory card
  • Communications: Accelerometer, 3,5 mm audio jack, Bluetooth Class 2 + EDR (profiles including A2DP, HID, HSP, HFP, AVRCP and GAP), USB 2.0, DLNA
  • aGPS navigation

New version of Maps Ovi with free navigation downloaded more than 1 million times per week

The company Nokia has announced that since the launch of a new version of Maps to Ovi free pedestrian and car navigation Jan. 21, 2010, the number of downloads have already exceeded 1.4 million. At the same time mark of 1 million downloads was reached within one week after launch.

The success of the new version of Maps Ovi is a key element in Nokia's strategy to win the leading position in the market for mobile mapping, navigation and services linked to the location of the user. With investments in NAVTEQ, Nokia was able to eliminate costs associated with providing navigation services to drivers and pedestrians, and is now gaining user base, which the company can offer new services, content and opportunities associated with determining the location of the user and navigation.

On January 31, 2010 in the number of countries where the most actively downloaded the new version of Maps Ovi, were China, Italy, Britain, Germany, Spain and Russia. The five most popular devices Nokia, which is downloaded and installed the service included the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 mini, Nokia N97, Nokia 5230 and Nokia E72.

Starting next month, all new models of Nokia's GPS-receiver will be supplied with a new version of Maps preinstalled Ovi, loaded with regional maps, as well as free functions of pedestrian and car navigation and access to premium content from Lonely Planet and Michelin.

Maps Ovi The package includes detailed maps of more than 180 countries, with the functions of the automotive and pedestrian navigation for the 74 countries in 46 languages, as well as information about the state of the movement for more than 10 countries. The package includes more than 6000 3-D markers in 200 cities worldwide. Guidebooks Lonely Planet and Michelin contain information on more than 1000 locations worldwide.

The new compact digital cameras entry-level Nikon COOLPIX L22 and L21

Nokon company announced several new models of compact digital cameras, among which there was a place and inexpensive models:

Nikon COOLPIX L22:

And the Nikon COOLPIX L21:

Both models, with the words producer, are extremely easy to capture and allow each family member to get maximum pleasure from photography and make excellent pictures. Camera L22 has a large LCD screen measuring 3.0 inches (in L21 - 2.5). Built-in system of electronic vibration reduction, motion detection and automatically select the plot in conjunction with a simple avtorezhimom intended garantirat excellent results shooting in fully automatic mode. The system of intellectual portrait will ensure that the subject was in the frame, and large buttons and special shooting modes, and viewing should provide a better service. Both models record video and work from ordinary batteries AA.

8 MP Model L21 is available in dark brown, pink and silver colors. A 12 megapixel model L22 is available in black, red and silver colors.

12.1-inch convertible laptop Toshiba Portege M780 on the way

Company Toshiba, apparently, will soon release a notebook-transformer Portege M780. His description has emerged at the global network. This ultraportable solution with 12.1-inch touchscreen, which can be deployed and put on the keyboard. Toshiba Portege M780 running on Windows 7 and, accordingly, supports the multisensory control. Notebook is built on the new productive processors Intel Core i3 and i5, and can be equipped with up to 8 GB of RAM.

In addition, the Toshiba Portege M780 wireless adapters are Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, Gigabit Ethernet, DVD-drive, web-camera and even a fingerprint sensor (option). To store data can be used as a hard disk or solid-state drive. Source notes that the case for Toshiba Portege M780-fortified, and the keyboard can not harm the splash of water. The release of this notebook-transformer in some markets is expected in the second quarter of 2010.

Alcatel will release Android smartphone

As the French resource FrAndroid,, Alcatel intends to join the ranks of companies engaged in production of Smartphones based on operating system Google Android. In the near future the company expected to make the model OT-980, which would be a slider with a QWERTY keyboard, reminiscent of Palm Pre. The photographs of the prototype smartphone generally resemble products of American manufacturers. As an operating system for the Alcatel OT-980 is called the Android version 1.6, although not excluded, that you can install and later. As is the closest analogue competitor called HTC Tatoo, but the device from Alcatel will be cheaper.

Smartphone Alcatel OT-980 refers to the entry level, and therefore its performance does not impress: Qualcomm MSM 7227 processor with 600 MHz, the screen with QVGA resolution and a 2-megapixel camera without autofocus. RAM will be 192 MB. As reported smartphone will be equipped with modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS with A-GPS and a compass. The device will support third-generation network, but the data rate is not called. The battery capacity will be 1150 mAh. It is also stated that the device will be available in several colors.

The final version of the model will be presented at an exhibition in Barcelona, and admission to the sale smartphone Alcatel OT-980 may occur after 4-5 months.